And Now, It's Time For a Grey's Anatomy Relationship Status Update

Jul 30 2018 - 6:20am

As time ticks down to the 15th season [1] of Grey's Anatomy [2], we're digging up as much juiciness as we can in terms of what lies ahead. This week has been especially fruitful when it comes to Seattle's tangled web of beautiful doctors — we've honed in on a new theme for the season [3] and a premiere date [4]. Now, with the as-expected cast [5] locked in, we're doing you a solid and putting together a Grey's Anatomy [6] relationship refresher. Here's where everyone's at by the end of season 14.

Alex and Jo: Happily Married!

At least we have one solid couple who seems to be in a good place right now, right?! Jo and Alex have really been through the ringer over the years, so we're hoping things settle down between them for once. Ah, wedded bliss.

Jackson and Maggie: Definitely Heating Up

Now that April has ridden off into the sunset [8] with her beau, Matthew, Jackson is free to really move on with Maggie. Not that he wasn't already trying to move on, but yeah, April's exit really simplifies everything. Still, we're not 100 percent sure things are going to go off without a hitch. There's still the strange fact that they're basically step-siblings, not to mention they've already had a few disagreements. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Richard and Catherine: Solid as a Rock

While Jackson and Maggie are a bit iffy at this point, at least their parents have a rock-solid foundation of love. Richard and Catherine have made it through tough fights, and it's clear their love is stronger than ever. We ship it.

Amelia and Owen: It's Complicated

Wow, this one is a mess. After Amelia's tumor made her marry Owen, and then her tumor removal had her seeking a divorce, we're really not sure where this will go. And then there's the fact that Owen just adopted a baby, and Amelia's helping the very same baby's mother get sober, and they're all living under the same roof. What could go wrong? Oh, literally everything.

Teddy: Pregnant

As if Owen and Amelia's situation isn't complicated enough, they'll also have to contend with the return of Teddy Altman [9]. Obviously, Teddy and Owen have been very on and off, and old habits die hard. But there's also a very strong chance Teddy is pregnant with Owen's child. Woof. This is a doozy.

Miranda and Ben: Still Married? I Guess?

Listen, I'm not calling their marriage into question, but Ben's off being a firefighter on Station 19. I assume this just means we won't see as much of Miranda Bailey's at-home life. It'll be like she's married to a ghost. (But not Denny's imaginary sex ghost, OK?)

Andrew DeLuca: Single as F*ck

Poor DeLuca. He's still mending after Sam Bello's seemingly permanent departure [10]. Hey, there's always a chance he'll find someone new to fawn over. Don't give up hope, DeLuca!

Carina DeLuca: Also Single as F*ck

Speaking of heartbroken DeLucas, we're also pretty sure Carina's bummed as well. Arizona's departure [11] has left her on her own, so we're not even sure what that means for her character arc. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

The Interns: ???

Is it just me or is this round of interns strangely lacking in the sex category? Yeah, yeah, Bello and DeLuca had a sex storm in the hospital, but what about everyone else? So far, only a couple of things have happened: Dahlia has had an obvious crush on Jackson that didn't go anywhere, and Glasses (aka Levi) has slept with Jo. And sure, April had downward-spiral sex with Vik. But those are all pretty much one-offs! And Taryn and Casey haven't gotten into any exploits at all, really!

All I'm saying is the original interns (Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, and George) had lots of sex in the first few seasons. Come on, people! It is the "Season of Love" [12] after all!

Meredith: Dating Dr. Marsh (in Our Dreams)

We're going to seize every possible opportunity to ship Dr. Marsh and Meredith Grey! We will die on this hill, Grey's Anatomy [13]! We will die on this hill! Truth be told, Marsh has not been booked for a return (yet), so this will have to remain, for the time being, in my Word document titled "MarshedithFanFic.doc." Please respect my vision.

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