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Grey's Anatomy Guest Stars

34 Actors You Forgot Were on Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has been on for 14 seasons — that's two short of ER and one more than Supernatural. Over the course of those many, many episodes, we've seen a ton of memorable guest stars pass through the hospital doors. Some big names even had longer arcs on the show, but we wouldn't blame you for forgetting about them. After all, so much happens on the series. With the season 11 finale rapidly approaching, we thought we'd take stock of who has appeared on the series over the years. Check it out, and when you're done, sob to these infamous Grey's Anatomy hits.

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1. Keke Palmer

Episode: Season 10, episode 16: "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"

Scream Queens star Palmer appeared as Cheryl, a pregnant teen with a heart condition.

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2. Mae Whitman

Episodes: Season 3, episodes 11 and 12: "Six Days: Part 1" and "Six Days: Part 2"

Parenthood's Whitman played Heather, a girl with a syndrome that forces her to walk at a 90-degree angle.

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3. Seth Green

Episodes: Season 4, episodes 9 and 10: "Crash Into Me: Part 1" and "Crash Into Me: Part 2"

Green portrayed Nick, a guy who gets a tumor removed from his neck, only to die after busting his artery open by laughing to hard. (Rough life.)

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4. Abigail Breslin

Episode: Season 3, episode 3: "Sometimes a Fantasy"

Breslin starred as little Megan Clover, a girl with a genetic condition that means she can't feel pain.

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5. Scott Foley

Episodes: 15 total, between season 7, episode 10: "Adrift and at Peace" and season 8, episode 10: "Suddenly"

Foley, who went on to appear in Shonda Rhimes's Scandal, played Henry, a man plagued with medical issues who Teddy marries so he can have insurance.

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6. Clea DuVall

Episodes: Season 4, episodes 12 and 13: "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Piece of My Heart"

Jennifer (DuVall) is attacked by a bear, thanks to her new husband whose brain tumor makes him carry out impulsive decisions. (Like touching a bear.)

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7. Kyle Chandler

Episodes: Four episodes between season 2, episode 16: "It's the End of the World" and season 3, episode 17: "Some Kind of Miracle"

Chandler's character is introduced on the same episode as an ill-fated bomb squad leader named Dylan. He later reappears as one of Meredith's hallucinations. He's also now known as the one character Shonda Rhimes regrets killing off.

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8. Zach Gilford

Episode: Season 5, episode 23: "Here's to Future Days"

Chandler's not the only Friday Night Lights star to make an appearance; Gilford turned up as a soldier with a phantom pain in his leg.

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9. Sarah Chalke

Episode: Season 9, episode 19: "Can't Fight This Feeling"

The Scrubs star turned up as Casey, a mother desperate for a doctor to figure out what's wrong with her son.

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10. Michaela Watkins

Episode: Season 2, episode 21: "Superstition"

Watkins, who has starred on everything from Trophy Wife to Casual, played Nikki, a woman who doesn't want to have surgery because she's so superstitious.

Image Source: ABC

11. Katie Lowes

Episode: Season 7, episode 22: "Unaccompanied Minor"

Before she became Quinn on Scandal, Lowes played a blood donor on season seven.

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12. Edward Herrmann

Episodes: Season 4, episodes 3, 4, and 5: "Let the Truth Sting," The Heart of the Matter," and "Haunt You Every Day"

Gilmore Girls star Herrmann played Norman, an intern who is a little bit older than his peers.

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13. Vanessa Marano

Episode: Season 8, episode 20: "The Girl With No Name"

Marano's character, Holly, is found unconscious in a ravine. It's slowly revealed that she had been kidnapped years earlier.

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14. Sarah Paulson

Episode: Season 6, episode 15: "The Time Warp"

The future American Horror Story star played Ellis Grey (Meredith's mother) in a flashback to 1982.

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15. Mandy Moore

Episodes: Four episodes total, between season 6, episode 24, "Death and All His Friends," and season 7, episode 7, "That's Me Trying"

That tragic case of Mary Portman (Moore). She comes to the hospital for an operation on the same day Gery Clark shoots up the joint, then when she returns months later, she doesn't wake up from the procedure and is taken off life support.

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16. Sara Gilbert

Episode: Season 6, episode 18: "Suicide Is Painless"

The former Roseanne star played Kim, a cancer patient in the final stages of her disease. She opts for physician-assisted suicide, causing the doctors to think about the morality of her decision.

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17. Laurie Metcalf

Episode: Season 2, episode 22: "The Name of the Game"

Another Roseanne alum! Metcalf played Beatrice, a woman who lies to her daughter about the severity of her cancer diagnosis.

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18. Liza Weil

Episode: Season 5, episode 23: "Here's to Future Days"

Weil played Alison, one of Izzie's friends during chemotherapy. Alison initially responds to treatment, but ends up dying anyway.

Image Source: ABC

19. Theo Rossi

Episodes: Season 4, episodes 9 and 10: "Crash Into Me: Part 1" and "Crash Into Me: Part 2"

The former Sons of Anarchy star is in the same two episodes as a paramedic who is fatally wounded when another ambulance crashes into his.

Image Source: ABC

20. Maggie Siff

Episode: Season 4, episode 4: "The Heart of the Matter"

You may recognize her as Tara from Sons of Anarchy, but Siff also appeared on one episode of Grey's Anatomy as Ruthie, a woman addicted to exercise.

Image Source: ABC

21. Christina Ricci

Episodes: Season 2, episodes 16 and 17: "It's the End of the World" and "As We Know It"

Way back on the second season, Ricci played Hannah, the girl whose hand is on a live bomb inside a person.

Image Source: ABC

22. Danny Strong

Episode: Season 8, episode 18: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Strong, now best known for creating Empire, played a victim of a lion mauling. Just another day.

Image Source: ABC

23. Constance Zimmer

Episodes: Five total, from season 9, episode 12: "Walking on a Dream" to season 9, episode 16: "This Is Why We Fight"

UnREAL's Zimmer played Dr. Alana Cahill, a harsh consultant brought in after the plane crash.

Image Source: ABC

24. Neve Campbell

Episodes: Season 9, episodes 8 and 9: "Love Turns You Upside Down" and "Run, Baby, Run"

Campbell played Dr. Lizzie Shepherd, Derek's sister who donates a nerve to her brother after his hand is injured in the plane crash.

Image Source: ABC

25. Rosanna Arquette

Episode: Season 2, episode 11: "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

Arquette starred as Constance, a prisoner who is taken to Seattle Grace after swallowing several razorblades.

Image Source: ABC

26. Monica Keena

Episodes: Season 2, episode 6: "Into You Like a Train" and season 3, episode 17: "Some Kind of Miracle"

Remember that episode about the horrific train crash? Keena, who starred on Undeclared and Entourage, is the girl who is impaled with that other guy. She reappears in one of Meredith's visions later.

Image Source: ABC

27. Faye Dunaway

Episode: Season 5, episode 16: "An Honest Mistake"

Dunaway shows up as Dr. Margaret Campbell, an experienced doctor who clashes with Cristina.

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28. Melissa George

Episodes: Eight total, from season 5, episode 8: "These Ties That Bind" to season 5, episode 15: "Before and After"

George had a longer arc on the show, playing Dr. Sadie Harris, an old friend of Meredith's.

Image Source: ABC

29. Eric Stoltz

Episodes: Season 5, episodes 11, 12, and 13: "Wish You Were Here," "Sympathy for the Devil," and "Stairway to Heaven"

Stoltz played William, a death row inmate who is brought to the hospital after being shanked.

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30. Josh Malina

Episode: Season 5, episode 9: "In the Midnight Hour"

The future Scandal star played Seth, the husband of a hypochondriac patient.

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31. Matt Lanter

Episode: Season 4, episode 4: "The Heart of the Matter"

90210's Lanter turned up in the same episode as Adam, a football player with a serious spinal cord injury.

Image Source: ABC

32. Bernadette Peters

Episodes: Season 5, episodes 1 and 2: "Dream a Little Dream of Me: Part 1" and "Dream a Little Dream of Me: Part 2"

Peters (Mozart in the Jungle) played a woman who gets into a car wreck and discovers that not only has her husband been lying to her about having a job, he's also been cheating on her.

Image Source: ABC

33. Demi Lovato

Episode: Season 6, episode 22: "Shiny Happy People"

Lovato memorably played Alex, a girl who Alex discovers has a tiny hole in her inner ear, which has been causing her to hurt herself.

Image Source: ABC

34. Dylan Minnette

Episode: Season four, episode five: "Haunt You Every Day"

The 13 Reasons Why star appeared as a young boy who is born without ears.

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