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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Adrift and at Peace"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Adrift and at Peace"

Grey's Anatomy is officially on Winter break, but boy are we left with plenty to talk about for the next few weeks. Though Christmas is in the air, there are more arguments than warm fuzzies, but I guess that's to be expected with the ongoing somber tone of season seven.

It's not all harsh words though; before the episode is over, one beloved couple takes a big step forward, another takes a step back, and there's one jaw-dropping surprise that should bring some serious changes come January. Let's break it all down after the jump.

  • Derek and Owen play their own version of Wife Swap, with Derek taking Cristina fishing and Owen and Meredith working together in the OR. Thing's don't exactly work out swimmingly: Cristina's bossiness and inability to sit still detract from Derek's peaceful day on the lake, while Meredith and Owen butt heads at the hospital.
  • Meredith can't help but bring her anger about the way Owen treats Cristina to the OR, and eventually Hunt kicks her out of the room. They square off and throw down fightin' words: Owen tells Mere that she's reckless and doesn't want her around Cristina, Meredith fires back that Owen just let Cristina fall apart and that Cristina needs to be working. As for Cristina herself, she catches the biggest fish of the day and starts crying when she has her picture taken. Though she's a long ways away from back to work, at last Cristina seems like her old self when she's asking Derek to quiz her and feeling proud of her achievement. So how much longer is she going to avoid the hospital (and Meredith)?
  • After their tryst last week, Mark and Callie come clean about their sexual encounter: Callie misses Arizona and Mark misses Lexie. Once they realize they're thinking about their exes during sex, it's clear that their one-night-stand isn't going any further. On the contrary, Mark puts all his energy into trying to get Lexie back again, telling her point blank that he misses her. He convinces her to get a drink with him in exchange for a favor, and Lexie reluctantly agrees. When they get to the bar, Lexie tries to protest one last time, but Mark just goes in for the kiss — and it's all gravy from there. (Sidenote: Jackson gets burned again. How is it that a doctor that hot still hasn't really gotten any action on this show?)
  • Speaking of doctors that don't usually get much play, Teddy really shakes things up this week. When she meets a patient named Noel Henry who can't afford to pay his medical bills, she commits herself to do something "good" and help him out. When pleading with the Chief doesn't work, she refuses to give up — and offers to marry him so that she can help him. So uh, it's not insurance fraud if they inevitably fall in love, right?
  • While Mark's off making out with Lexie, Callie's at home wallowing yet again. She gets a knock at the door and — surprise! — Arizona is back! (Well that was fast.) She manages to croak out that she was miserable in Malawi without Callie and decided to come home. Callie doesn't exactly welcome her with open arms, and chooses the slam the door in her face instead. Ouch. I know Callie's hurt about getting left at the airport, but she seems to be forgetting that she was kind of acting like a brat on Arizona's last day at the hospital.
  • Christmas bonus: Bailey makes headway in solving her fistula problem and scores a date with the hot nurse!

What are your thoughts on the mid-season finale? Is Callie being too stubborn? Are you glad Lexie and Mark are back on? Sound off and weigh in at the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group!

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