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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Can't Fight Biology"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Can't Fight Biology"

Is anyone else still having a hard time believing that Meredith is the voice of reason on Grey's Anatomy these days? While Cristina is making very uncharacteristic decisions and Lexie is being a mean girl, Meredith is doing her best to bring them back down to earth (and coping with her own medical issues).

Callie and Arizona continue their season of what I like to call "fluff drama," and Teddy tries to defy Jackson's baby blues and his Care Bear stare. It's a run-of-the-mill Grey's episode, but there's still plenty to chat about, so let's get this party started.

  • Meredith's house has become a hostel of sorts; in addition to her and Derek, we've got Jackson, April, Karev, and Lexie filling up the empty space. That's six doctors fighting over the bathroom in the morning! Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona are having their own crowding issues with lonely Mark trying to play third wheel all the time. Can't some of these guys split up? Sloane, Avery, and Karev could have a pretty sweet bachelor pad.
  • Much to my chagrin, there's no major fallout — or even a confrontation — about last week's Lexie/Mark encounter. Apparently Lexie's too busy being irritated with April; now that they're living together, Lexie can't seem to stand her anymore. She grows even more upset when she realizes that Meredith is telling April "secrets," and finally she admits that her problem isn't really with April, it's with Mere. Instead of blowing up at her sister, Mere calmly explains to Lexie that April knew about her miscarriage, and that she's not keeping secrets. She even tells Lexie that she's great! I know these two haven't hated each other for a few seasons, but it still felt like a big sisterly bonding moment.
  • As for Meredith's doctor appointment: she and Derek get a fertility check, only to find that Meredith has a "hostile" uterus. Naturally Meredith isn't thrilled with the wording of her seemingly angry anatomy, and goes into glass-half-empty mode about their future as parents. An encounter with a young patient with Huntington's disease prompts Mere to do even more exploration about her genetic makeup, and she decides to find out whether or not she's inherited an Alzheimer's gene from her mother. Derek isn't thrilled with her decision, but I thought it was mature of her, especially since she doesn't agonize about it to Cristina all day like the old Mere might have.
  • Cristina is still coping with her own indecisiveness, both in and out of the hospital. Outside, Owen tries to coax her into buying an old firehouse (talk about a fixer-upper!) and naturally, Cristina balks. At work, Bailey tries to convince Cristina to simply observe a procedure, and Cristina balks again, saying that she's not ready. Her patient epiphany of the week comes with a guy who gives her a speech about not giving up what you love, and while I assumed it would function as a work pep talk, Cristina uses the inspiration to buy the firehouse without even consulting Owen. Surprise! Luckily, Owen seems pleased with the decision.
  • Jackson's post traumatic stress hasn't been largely addressed yet (other than the reference to his nightmares), but this week we learn that he's a little shaky since the shooter. Teddy's been forced to pick up his slack, but she finally confronts him about it and boxes him out of a surgery. To get back in her good graces, Jackson shamelessly hypnotizes Teddy with his big blue eyes, and she lets him into her OR. The flirting increases during the surgery, and hits a fever pitch when Teddy walks into the locker room to find a shirtless Jackson — who stands proudly, showing off his perfect six-pack and low-slung scrub pants that hang just so they don't give away the whole farm. I fully expected Teddy to just melt and start making out with Jackson right then and there, but instead she calls him out on his behavior and makes mention of having him fired. We all know the sexual tension will probably just grow from here, but at least Teddy is back to being a tough cookie instead of the emotional mess she's been the past few episodes.
  • Callie and Arizona's problem du jour is that Arizona doesn't like Mark. I can't say I blame her: not only does Callie have a sexual history with Mark, but he does seem to be tagging along with them at all times. Still, Mark's a pretty lovable guy, and Arizona decides to give him a chance by the end of the episode — in spite of the fact that he can't seem to take his eyes off her chest.

How did you feel about Grey's this week? Do you like the idea of Jackson and Teddy as a couple? Do you think Meredith will be able to get pregnant? Leave your comments below, and swing by the Grey's Anatomy Junkies group in the Buzz Community for more fun!

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