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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Episode 14, "Beat Your Heart Out"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 14, "Beat Your Heart Out"

On this week's Grey's Anatomy, Derek's ready to move his relationship with Meredith forward — but will a phone call from Addison get in the way? Meanwhile, a ghost-free Izzie sets out to discover what ails her, Callie rocks some serious bangs and suffers through singledom, and Dr. Virginia Dixon . . . apparently works at Seattle Grace. To chat about it, just


As I said yesterday, any episode of Grey's is better with a heavy dose of Bailey, and on that count, this one delivered. It's a rollercoaster of a story, though, starting with some good news about a possible promotion and ending with a revelation about her true calling. Bailey has a job in general surgery waiting for her if she wants it, and it would get her away from all the sick kids she's been treating recently. But the inescapable fact is, Bailey is good with those kids. She knows how to talk to them. She even finds a tool that will help a little girl with a serious heart problem live like a relatively normal child — and Bedazzles it. She tells Arizona that what happened to Tuck makes her too connected to kids' cases to deal, but Arizona awesomely sets her straight: That experience makes her uniquely qualified for the job.

Meanwhile — Dr. Dixon still works at Seattle Grace; guess the board gave her that better offer she wanted. Anyway, she, Bailey, and Cristina end up working on the same case, which makes for three very interesting personalities all in one room. It's uncomfortable and a little scary to see her snap when the family hugs her, and I wonder how realistic it is — it feels a little like autism spectrum 101, like someone read a Temple Grandin book and based all of Dixon's stories on it. But, that said, it has two awesome moments: one when Bailey tells Cristina to "get over here and hug on Dr. Dixon," the other when Cristina is able to use her comforting abilities to calm Owen down after he spots a mystery woman in the hallway.

Oh, and then there's that other matter: Derek wants to propose! Which remains a secret for about 37 seconds, because he tells Mark, and Mark can't keep his trap shut, and then his patient (Jennifer Westfeldt! I like her) spots the ring box in his pocket. Meredith of course thinks that Derek's weird behavior is because she insinuated that she wants children, when obviously her children will have Alzheimer's and suicidal tendencies and split ends; little does she know that he's plotting a candlelit proposal. And she won't know for a while, apparently, because Addison calls right as Derek is done setting up his ridiculously girly room; I'm amazed he only missed one rose petal in those hasty cleanup efforts.

Some other thoughts:

  • Izzie's storyline is a) blissfully light and b) actually encouraging, as she seems to be taking some steps to figuring out what's wrong with her. Making the interns run tests on her actually strikes me as a very House-ian thing to do.
  • Related to that, George bugged me. Wasn't he the first to think something might be wrong with Izzie? I would have expected him to be concerned rather than berate her for using expensive medical equipment against protocol.
  • Callie and Arizona, hooking up in the Joe's Bar bathroom! Huh. I guess ABC wasn't lying when they said Callie would get to explore her sexuality . . .
  • Lexie's turning Mark into a good man!
  • Cristina's reaction to Ellis's affair with the Chief is surprisingly subdued. I thought she'd be all over that gossip!
  • I actually burst out laughing at the Chief's "bend over backwards" line.

So, the proposal's delayed, Addison's on her way, and Izzie's probably either anemic or dying of whatever terrible disease Sadie thinks the other woman has. Guess we'll see what happens next week. Your thoughts?

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