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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 14, "Beat Your Heart Out"

On this week's Grey's Anatomy, Derek's ready to move his relationship with Meredith forward — but will a phone call from Addison get in the way? Meanwhile, a ghost-free Izzie sets out to discover what ails her, Callie rocks some serious bangs and suffers through singledom, and Dr. Virginia Dixon . . . apparently works at Seattle Grace. To chat about it, just


As I said yesterday, any episode of Grey's is better with a heavy dose of Bailey, and on that count, this one delivered. It's a rollercoaster of a story, though, starting with some good news about a possible promotion and ending with a revelation about her true calling. Bailey has a job in general surgery waiting for her if she wants it, and it would get her away from all the sick kids she's been treating recently. But the inescapable fact is, Bailey is good with those kids. She knows how to talk to them. She even finds a tool that will help a little girl with a serious heart problem live like a relatively normal child — and Bedazzles it. She tells Arizona that what happened to Tuck makes her too connected to kids' cases to deal, but Arizona awesomely sets her straight: That experience makes her uniquely qualified for the job.

Meanwhile — Dr. Dixon still works at Seattle Grace; guess the board gave her that better offer she wanted. Anyway, she, Bailey, and Cristina end up working on the same case, which makes for three very interesting personalities all in one room. It's uncomfortable and a little scary to see her snap when the family hugs her, and I wonder how realistic it is — it feels a little like autism spectrum 101, like someone read a Temple Grandin book and based all of Dixon's stories on it. But, that said, it has two awesome moments: one when Bailey tells Cristina to "get over here and hug on Dr. Dixon," the other when Cristina is able to use her comforting abilities to calm Owen down after he spots a mystery woman in the hallway.

Oh, and then there's that other matter: Derek wants to propose! Which remains a secret for about 37 seconds, because he tells Mark, and Mark can't keep his trap shut, and then his patient (Jennifer Westfeldt! I like her) spots the ring box in his pocket. Meredith of course thinks that Derek's weird behavior is because she insinuated that she wants children, when obviously her children will have Alzheimer's and suicidal tendencies and split ends; little does she know that he's plotting a candlelit proposal. And she won't know for a while, apparently, because Addison calls right as Derek is done setting up his ridiculously girly room; I'm amazed he only missed one rose petal in those hasty cleanup efforts.

Some other thoughts:

  • Izzie's storyline is a) blissfully light and b) actually encouraging, as she seems to be taking some steps to figuring out what's wrong with her. Making the interns run tests on her actually strikes me as a very House-ian thing to do.
  • Related to that, George bugged me. Wasn't he the first to think something might be wrong with Izzie? I would have expected him to be concerned rather than berate her for using expensive medical equipment against protocol.
  • Callie and Arizona, hooking up in the Joe's Bar bathroom! Huh. I guess ABC wasn't lying when they said Callie would get to explore her sexuality . . .
  • Lexie's turning Mark into a good man!
  • Cristina's reaction to Ellis's affair with the Chief is surprisingly subdued. I thought she'd be all over that gossip!
  • I actually burst out laughing at the Chief's "bend over backwards" line.

So, the proposal's delayed, Addison's on her way, and Izzie's probably either anemic or dying of whatever terrible disease Sadie thinks the other woman has. Guess we'll see what happens next week. Your thoughts?

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sweettea sweettea 8 years
Spoiler Alert: About the Addison thing. She is not back, according to TV Guide, to put a kink in Derrick and Meredith's plans or to get Sloan back, her brother has worms in his brain and of course Derrick is the only one who can save him. So that is why she is back. Its a ploy to get more people to watch Private Practice which isn't doing so well I guess.
pinkia pinkia 8 years
Arizona and callie really SUCKS i thought they are done with the L thing
Phorrest99 Phorrest99 8 years
I really like Owen & Christina, they're so cute :) my fav couple right now. I'm not sure what I think about Arizona & Callie :|. And I actually kinda like Sloane & Lexie, he's making him a better man! :)
daise daise 8 years
LEXIE AND SLOANE!! - It's much more interesting - they've done the whole Sloane having chemistry with people - Lexie brings another dimension to his character - he is no longer a sexbot + it's nice that he's fallen for an kinda anti-Sloane. She's not 'Isabella freakin Rosellini' (i.e. Addison) - she's Lexiepedia and the fact that she's taming Sloane absolutlely kicks ass!!
rockstAr13 rockstAr13 8 years
i don't think that izzie knows the blood was mixed up. she's not dumb enough to purposely let an intern misdiagnose a patient. do you know how much trouble she would be in if they told that patient in the clinic that she might have cancer or worse and she doesn't? this mistake was already made in a previous episode seasons ago. and its ridick that they keep playing on the lesiban side of callie. the reason that callie & erica didn't work is because callie told erica that she wasn't 100% sure she was a lesbian which made erica think that callie wasn't 100% sure of the relationship. so what makes her think she's sure she is one now? its insulting really
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
This week really good Grey's until the call from Addison. The episode actually made up for the disappointing Ugly Betty epi before it. I for one am LOVING Sloan and Littel Grey. I didn't at first because it seemed like a huge leap that came out of nowhere but i think they are playing it perfectly. I especially liked Lexie's speech about it being a relationship. I thnk Cristina and Hunt's whole Victorian themed romance was so HOTT. I mean there was barely anything but sometimes real romance is in what's not said or shown or whatever. I'm no prude but the anticipation was just freaking awesome. I DO NOT like Dr. Dixon and I feel like they use the character just to make things so unbearably uncomfortable. Honestly I can't imagine any hospital hiring her no matter how great she is with a scalpel. I understand she is autistic but there is no attempt for her to try to reign in her feelings, which I'm pretty sure most people in her position would do. It's like she freaks out and thinks either no one will notice or everyone will understand and just accept it. I also think that bailey has been acting un Bailey like recently. I know she is a mother now but they could have transitioned her to Pediatric surgery without such a huge change in personality. I have to say the idea that she owned a bedazzler made me laugh so hard. And last but not least the Callie Arizona thing WTF? I liked the Callie Hahn story because it seemed like a road to self discovery btu then they cut that short and brought in Sadie which yuck, and now out of nowehere there's Arizona on her jock. I want them to find her a new girlfreind but jeez can they stop just inventing people for her to make out with. Oh and another minor note Izzie and the blood test... yeah it's her cancer not the patients
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
owen/christina bit was so awesome. its good to see her have a soft side for once. mere actually is growing on me, hey, it only took 5 1/2 seasons - but her lines were quirky and funny for once, and not whiney and "woe is me, i have mommy/daddy issues" so effin glad her & cristina are friends again. if addison ruins mere/d, i'm going to stop watching grey's. that's the last straw. YOU READ THIS WRITERS! DON'T DO IT! frankly, i'm not a fan of addison nor of private practice, so i could really give a rat's a$$ about private anatomy/grey's practice/lame hospital merger.
graylen graylen 8 years
The Owen/Christina music may have been cheesy, but the scene of him sleeping on her chest while she read the journals made my heart melt. She just looked so... soft.
Phasekitty Phasekitty 8 years
Forget who Hunt saw- did anyone else find that crap with the music and slow mo with Hunt and Cristina absolutely RIDICULOUS?!?!?! I had to fast forward- it was so cheesy I couldn't take it. I also think that Izzy and the patient's blood work got mixed up, for sure. I'm actually looking forward to the next half, but I still feel like the show gets worse every week.
emms emms 8 years
I haven't read through all the comments yet but has anyone been wondering who Owen saw and freaked out? Was it in his imagination or was that woman real? I don't get it.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
t and co.. i was just going to mention the mixed up blood tests it till i saw you did. i hope meredith doesnt get the wrong idea from the one rose petell can they get married already?!?! oh and i read an interview in tv guide by the greys producer that said that someone will get married at the end of the season, but they make no mention as to who it may be. prob not ever mer/der! i did like this episode tho.. im not sure if ill watch PP to see the addison storyline. ill prob just read the review here.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
So much for the big 'crossover' episode ABC was talking about. I was expecting to see Ocean Side at Seattle Grace or vice versa. Anyway... I like Lexie and Sloan too. Much better than Callie and Sloan. I just think they are cute. I'm so thrilled Cristina and Hunt are moving forward, but I think next week is going to take away any progress. Which sucks. I'm thinking Izzy's blood work got mixed up and she has the cancer. And she'll be off the show. Yay! I actually enjoyed the Derek and Meredith story line last night. I laughed so hard when Derek said, "I want your crappy kids."
Mädchen Mädchen 8 years
I'm clearly in the minority here, but I love Sloan and Lexie together! I think they're really cute. I do agree that Sloan and Callie have great chemistry, but I really prefer them as friends. I find their relationship very refreshing.
laceykk23 laceykk23 8 years
that woman who sent hunt into a panic is from his past but i dont think its his fiancee, maybe just an ex girlfriend or something. i too think the blood work was mixed up b/c the look on izzies face pretty much said it all, i bet she did it on purpose so no flags would be raised around the hospital. i also wish that sloan and callie would get together and stay together, they are best thing on the show right now and their chemistry is off the charts.
maddyme maddyme 8 years
t and co: I think Izzie's bloodwork was mixed up also. Melissa Georges' character isn't supposed to be around long, correct? If there is a mix-up, maybe this has something to do with her character leaving? I loved the victorian themed music they kept playing with Hunt/Christina, although I will be/am seriously annoyed if it is Hunt's fiancee that we saw. They have already done that storyline with Shepard/Grey. Can't they just leave the storyline with him having pretty obvious PTSD. That in itself is a big enough storyline to deal with, and a current one that many people in the country are currently dealing with. Moving on, I loved that they showed how much sexual tension can be built up with a few glances and a slight touch here and there.
mlen mlen 8 years
I was trying to decide if the bad news for the patient in the clinic was really Izzie's or not. and whether she knew it was her test and was pretending it wasn't cause the intern was there or if she didn't know. my problem with the Arizona/Callie storyline is two fold. First being that I agree, Callie and Sloane have great chemistry. and at first i thought the reason Callie was subdued when Lexie was talking to her about Sloane was because Callie realized she liked Sloane. But my other problem is first they had Hahn leave, then wasn't that other intern supposed to be bi and then that fizzled, and now Arizona is a lesbian? they've ruined the storyline already. let it die. I like Christina and Hunt. Its kinda odd and intense but I like it. So wait- did Mark ever meet Lexie out? I missed that if it happened.
karlotta karlotta 8 years
Yeah, t and co, that seemed so obvious right then and there. Pfff. I hope they're going to be better than that with the storyline... I loved the whole Cristina/Hunt dance. How lovely! It reminded me of how it feels to first fall in love...
t-and-co t-and-co 8 years
Ok, I can't believe that I'm the first one to mention this, but...I think Izzie's blood got mixed up with the patient's from the clinic. It all seemed a little too suspicious.
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
I had pretty much written off this show, but last night's episode was a welcome return to normalcy. See GA writers! You CAN have an engaging episode without hystrionics and melodrama! But I agree with LaurenG22 that Callie and Sloan make a much better pairing.
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
I liked the episode. Especially, the lunch room stuff and Hunt/Cristina. I'm hoping that the Callie and Arizona thing dies quickly, not because I don't like the lesbian storyline, but I don't think either of these characters have chemistry with women. If you're going to do a lesbian storyline, do it right. The L Word is a perfect example of how to do it properly... ugh so annoying. I can't wait for Derek to propose. That's going to be a great moment. :) Can't wait until we find out what the deal is with Izzie - and YAY for no Denny!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Oh, and Meredith has sort of been growing on me lately, now that she's been less whiny. Her comment about the Alzheimer's and split ends was actually pretty amusing.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Honestly, lately I've wanted less Bailey, rather than more. I don't really get the intense reaction to kids and it makes her do ridiculous things. Just act like a doctor already! I'd want my kid's surgeon to be a little more detached than that. But the "hug on Dr. Dixon" line was pretty hilarious. I'm getting more and more convinced that George will be leaving soon. This is like the third episode in a row where he's had one little minute of screen time. But you're right - I thought he'd want to help Izzie, rather than basically tell her that she's crazy.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i was really surprised that dixon was back - didn't she leave after just the one day? i don't know. i wonder what's going to happen with derrick and mer...i hope that addison doesn't get in the way - although i feel like there was a preview last night of add and der kissing?
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
I honestly can't see this Addison/Derek/Mere thing working out... just saying. Also, i like Arizona but why is she a lesbian and why is Callie still one too? She has way too much chemistry with Sloan. Sloan and Lexie on the other hand, NO CHEMISTRY. I loved that Christina and Dr. Hunt are together. How cute were they???
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