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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Episode 15, "Before and After," and Private Practice Recap: Episode 16, "Ex-Life"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 15, "Before and After," and Private Practice Rundown: Episode 16, "Ex-Life"

With a special crossover event comes a special crossover recap! On this week's two-hour Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice combo, Addison and Naomi (and eventually Sam) take Archer to Seattle Grace in the hopes that Derek can treat the parasites in Archer's brain. The old med school friends reminisce about the lives they used to have, before divorces and children and those other complicated things.

Meanwhile, Cristina learns about Owen's mystery woman, Alex starts to suspect something is really wrong with Izzie, and — back in Santa Monica — Violet faces one of her biggest fears about motherhood. Ready to talk about it? Just


When Grey's was just starting out, it was about two very distinct groups of people: the interns, who mostly acted like children, and the attendings, who were occasionally sloppy messes but were ultimately still adults. Private Practice, I always thought, was meant to put the spotlight on people in the "adult" phase, and the jury's still out on whether that experiment will be successful, but for these two episodes, the focus on the older crowd worked for me. I actually felt somehow cheated that we'd never gotten to see Addison, Derek, Naomi, Sam, and Mark interact before. Hearing the song Derek wrote for Addison and performed at their wedding, watching Addison test Derek's medical skills and having Derek rise to the challenge, hearing Archer list off all the sins he'd perpetrated on Addie's friends over the years — I guess it felt like what might have happened if Shonda Rhimes had decided to move all of Addison's favorite people to Seattle for the spinoff rather than take Addison away.

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Addison and Naomi arrive at the hospital (followed in short order by Sam, who says he has no idea what he's doing there; that makes all of us) with Archer in tow, and Addison essentially asks Derek for a miracle. He doesn't think he can pull it off — and, for what it's worth, Archer hates Derek and so doesn't think he can do it, either — but for Addison, he'll try. Addison says she made Derek very small in her mind after the divorce so she could move on, but now she needs him to be the great and powerful surgeon she always pumped him up to be. And he is; he gets all the worms out (despite one dicey moment) and Archer's back to being an ass in no time.

But Derek's brilliance doesn't last: Performing Jen's aneurysm surgery right after Archer's procedure, he nicks part of her brain, and things go terribly wrong. Addison ends up involved, trying to treat Jen's sick son, and this time, she's the one who needs to be the surgical goddess. It's an interesting flip of the tables to see Addison up against the wall with Derek relying on her to save a life. And again, all seems to have gone right — until the final few minutes, in which Jen starts babbling nonsensically.

The medical stories are fine, but honestly, once Archer seemed to be stable, I stopped focusing on the medicine and started paying better attention to the relationships between these old friends. I loved Sam reconnecting with Derek, Sam saying he got a midlife crisis earring and Derek assuring Sam that Meredith isn't a midlife crisis girlfriend. I chuckled at Addison talking to Mark, having Mark respond in a professional manner, and Callie immediately stepping in to explain that Mark's met someone and thus wouldn't be responding as his typical lothario self. And I loved them dancing and drinking at the bar, like it really was the afterparty of some school reunion.

But beyond their stories, a ton of other things happened, too; here's a quick scoop:

  • Owen's mystery woman turns out to be his ex-fiancee, whom he dumped in a two-line email and then hadn't told he was back from war. In fact, Owen hasn't told anyone he's back from war, even his mother, because he doesn't want them to see the hardened person he's become.
  • Izzie's game for the interns is cute and clever — and makes no logical sense, but I'll ignore that — but it's mostly useful because it gives Alex another indication that something might be really wrong with Izzie. In addition to that whole dead-boyfriend thing, she now doesn't seem to be seeing very well. Alex loves her, but he really wants to run.
  • George helps get Sadie kicked out of the program! Or she quits — whatever — because she's exposed during the game for knowing nothing. She tells Meredith she'd hoped Mere would pull her through, and Mere tells her to grow up.
  • Sam has an asthma attack, and his friends theorize it's because he's freaking out over Naomi being with another man. But it's actually just because Bailey gave him an inhaler he was allergic to. Um, whoops?
  • The moment with Addison and Callie in the chapel is sweet: Callie offers up a prayer that serves to tell Addison she's kissing women now, then switches gears and assures Addison that "you're an amazing doctor who saves babies. God knows who you are."
  • I'm relieved that Charlotte finally gets why Cooper's moved in with Violet, even if she still doesn't completely agree with it. When Violet starts worrying that she, too, could develop postpartum depression, Cooper sweetly lists off the things he'll do to keep her rested and sane.
  • Addison: "We called Meredith the 12-year-old. What do we call Lexie, the preschooler?" Mark: "She's a woman."

Overall, I think the smaller moments in these episodes worked best for me, the ones where we got to see the friendships that brought Addison and Derek together and led Sam and Naomi to marry and form their practice in the first place. I'm relieved that Meredith didn't freak out over the rose petal and that Archer didn't die, big things that could have potentially thrown the whole story off course. I'm a little worried about the promos for next week, with all the "Surgeon . . . or God?" stuff, but we'll cross that bridge in a bit. For now, tell me: How did the first real installment of this crossover work out for you?

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gaga-alice gaga-alice 8 years
I liked these crossover episodes. I really hope Shonda Rhimes does this again in the sixth season or has Addison visit Grey's Anatomy again. I like it when the different characters that haven't interacted before do. Although I like Private Practice, it will never be as good as Grey's! Derek and the others knew each other from medical school in Colombia or something- it's on wiki.
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
ElizabethRae, I didn't think that Callie showing Addison how to pray was mocking God in any way, it seemed more like the point was that there's no special technique to prayer and that you just speak what's in your heart.
LOVErickii LOVErickii 8 years
i loved it :D they should cross over more often i love the old friends and their moments of conversation and reminiscing the greys episode was better in my opinion
prada08 prada08 8 years
I love both shows. I love that Naomi and Sam could talk about their private lives. I love the way Sam behaves when we she talks about her sex life. I kinda hope later on they come back together. But, for now, it's also cool that she is having fun with Archer or shall we say going steady. lol Addison is cool. I like that she has her own show. But, it's very cool how they made the shows come together. I felt like she would be totally missing out on Grey's chemistry. But, she is not missing on anything. However, I want to see her in a new love interest that works for awhile. I love Derek and Meredith together. I love Yang and Owen. Very hot couple. I love how owen was very firm with his ex and did not allow her to make this grand "I Miss You" scene in front of Yang. I like seeing the soft side of yang really understands him. Izzie drives me nuts. I wish they would help her character find herself. Bailey is always cool to me. I love the demand lexi made to Mark about having to come out in public if he wants some of that. lol Go Girl... snap snap and a twist. It's going to be interesting when it comes out. Now, TR needs a love interest. It's a shame he passed on Lexie. Overall, I enjoyed both shows and the addtional Characters jen and her husband. I hope she makes it next week. :)
mndmay mndmay 8 years
I really like the episode, but I am confused on one thing: How are Addison, Archer, Derek, Mark, Sam and Naomi all friends? School? Derek said that he lost contact with Sam after he left. . . were Sam and Naomi in New York with the others until recently?!
GirlC GirlC 8 years
This just proves Addison should come back, best episode this season.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I really love Sam - it was so cute how he fist-bumped Bailey when he was right! Tehe! He's such a big kid sometimes, I love it. And Archer breaking down and admitting all this stuff he did, then being told he's not dying - LOL! Really great. I really liked these episodes.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that the Greys episode was better than the PP one but i guess they were really intertwined. i love derek's opinion and reaction to archer - that was really fun to see him actually hate someone, and the fact that now meredith and christina feel like they are on the outside of something bigger - well that's kind of nice to see. i'm really sad though that there was no real tie in with meredith and derek when the episode prior was SOO much about it. i guess the finale of the cross over.
ElizabethRae ElizabethRae 8 years
Okay... I'm fine with the crossover, but I really felt that they were mocking God and Christianity at some points and it irritated me. I'm not typically too sensitive to this sort of thing, but Callie 'showing' Addison how to pray by asking God to help her get over the butterflies on her potential girlfriend's surgery hat thingy seemed flippant and mocking. And asking a person to be god... IDK, I just thought it was a bit much. For the rest of it, I fastforwarded through the parts of PP that didn't deal with Grey's characters because I didn't care very much. In a way I liked seeing Addison back again, but I didn't like her character any more. Maybe Kate Walsh was just overacting? Loooove Mark and Lexie! I hope they 'come out' as a couple soon. And I thought Izzies game looked fun, but the 'hints' about her health seemed way too contrived.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Graylen - I'm with you on that line. It was so funny! Archer really brought out his jackass side this week.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Worms = ewwww. I did like the interaction between the adults from PP and Grey's. It really was kind of high school reunion-ish, but in a good way. I'm really glad that Sadie is gone from the program. I'm not entirely sure why they brought her into the show, because she never got much of a storyline beyond just being another stupid intern who gets in trouble with their secret cutting club. And her departure gave George a semi-storyline, and I've missed him lately. Private Practice, on the other hand, annoyed me this week. I don't know why, because I get their friendship, but Violet and Cooper are really annoying me with the co-parenting stuff.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I thought it was an okay episode, it was nice to see the old friends (Derek, Addison, Sam, Naomi, Mark, Archer) reminisce. I really hope that Jen and the baby survive, I feel so bad for her that she has to go through so much.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
Yes, I'm worried too about 'surgeon...or god?' - I also thought it was funny how addison kept calling derek a god, over and over again. then when he wouldn't run a second ct on archer, she called him out on his god-complex...uhhh, he probably has a god-complex because YOU gave him one! Thought that a silly mistake on the writers' part. I really liked this a lot - I agree that Sam and Bailey were super cute. And the post-partum thing scared the crap out of me! No wonder Violet freaked out too!
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
I don't watch Private Practice so the 2nd episode lost my interest. I think Grey's is getting it's 'groove' back though!
billyart101 billyart101 8 years
I just loved it. I was thrilled with every moment. I found the interactions between Sam, Naomi and Miranda to be a RIOT! These shows are so therapeutic. I want Charlotte and Cooper to get over it, but at the same time she is so right! She SHOULD be his best friend. arghh! Life imitates Art imitates Life imitates...
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Wonderful recap, as always, Buzz. Last night's episode really worked for me. I loved seeing the interactions between all of the doctors and learning more about their past personal and professional lives. Those two hours made me remember why I loved Grey's from the start. Looking forward to watching next week as well.
mlen mlen 8 years
i really enjoyed the cross over episode too- i agree that addison never should have left grey's. i like the scenes with miranda and sam because there was chemistry between them- not necessarily in a flirting way but more in a they seemed like instantly comfortable friends way. i was also glad meredith didn't freak out over the petal. i'm glad alex is finding out something is up with izzie and i thought it was sweet he kinda was trying to get advice from addison.
clarabelle98 clarabelle98 8 years
Last nights episode felt like that first season of Grey's. Where the attendings had their own patients, but were still "teaching" the interns as a separate entity, which they are. First and foremost the attendings had seemed to forget for a while that they are there to practice medicine and not sleep with everyone. It really feels like my favorite show is getting back on track now and I LOVE it!
superstar2780 superstar2780 8 years
I have always liked private practice because it seems more adult than grey's, so it was nice to give so much of the stories this time over to the adults. it was nice to see all these characters interacting. but there was so much going on during the two hours I don't know what to comment about. I didn't realize the crossover continues on to next week!
graylen graylen 8 years
I forgot- my favorite line was definitely Bailey's: "I've always liked Addison- she smells nice and saves babies. What happened to her brother?"
graylen graylen 8 years
I liked it. Sam and Bailey together cracked me up. I, too, was glad that Meredith acted completely like an adult the entire time. I hope that next week doesn't make me really dislike Derek. He's so tentative to me. Love Owen and Christina together. Really hope that Derek and Addison's patient and her baby makes it. I don't want a depressing story next week!
laceykk23 laceykk23 8 years
after watching this episode i wish that addison would come back to seattle along with some of PP people. im still wondering when owen is going to have a huge freakout from PTSD, i said it before that i think a story with a soldier maybe would be good.
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