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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Episode 15, "Losing My Mind"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 15, "Losing My Mind"

The second-to-last episode of Grey's Anatomy began with Meredith uttering the words "the only problem with being a resident is, you feel crazy all the time." It just happened to be the perfect setup for the rest of the episode aptly titled "Losing My Mind." Case in point, Crazy Resident No. 1: Meredith. First, she attempted to fire her therapist (most likely because last week she called her a coward). But regardless of how Meredith feels about it, she is a coward! It's annoying week after week how she covertly pines after Derek but then says things like "that's where love exists, in delusional fantasies." It's as if she's trying too hard to prove that she can't — or won't — love him.

For other Crazy Residents and to weigh in on this second-to-last episode of the season, just


Crazy Resident No. 2: Cristina. The first sign of her madness was the scene with her cleaning her apartment, something so not Cristina, but hilarious nevertheless, especially when she tries to vacuum Callie's belongings. But even more telling is her demonic attitude. It's one thing for her to be rude to Lexie (nothing new there) but it's another to see her anger directed at George. Clearly she's still working through some Burke issues. Regardless there was no resolution last night.

Crazy Resident No. 3: Alex. Alex earns the crazy card for defending Rebecca when Izzie clearly warns him that she's not pregnant. Despite the warning, he defends Rebecca but then quickly discovers that she is, indeed, not pregnant. Even weirder is that it seemed like Rebecca truly did believe she was pregnant with Karev's baby. I thought that Grey's would go the deception route, but delusional won out.

Yet despite all of this "craziness," Grey's still seemed a little dull to me this week. Probably because there were no nail-biting surgery scenes, or steamy love affairs (even McSteamy himself seems to be celibate). The dramatic highlight would have to have been the kiss between Callie and Erica and all I could think was "eh."

Some other thoughts:

  • I love that Lexie finally stood up for herself and called Meredith out for being a bad sister. That was long overdue.
  • The whole Walter Tapley storyline bored me. Sure, he may have mentored Richard, but demanding that he and Erica perform a life-threatening surgery should have been riveting. It wasn't. Especially when he survived.
  • Then again, the sap in me got a little teary-eyed at the patient who imagined a boyfriend as a result of her tumor. Shocker when he proved to exist!
  • I loved this line: "Don't wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don't."

What did you think? Were you underwhelmed, too? What do you think about Derek and Rose? Finally, do you think that next week's season finale will end with a bang?

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annemadariaga annemadariaga 9 years
I think Rebecca has a brain tumor. And she will be the last test case for Meredith and Derek.
lily8206 lily8206 9 years
I'm hoping this episode was setting it up for something big to happen in the finale. The Cinderella story was so sad. I can't believe that Rose bought Derek's story and is willing to not only be Derek's rebound, but a casual rebound at that. It doesn't seem to fit the character they initially introduced. I think something is going to happen between Alex and Izzie again.
dasilver dasilver 9 years
I agree with you maryjay..this season is all about how selfish Meredith is and how McDreamy is still in love with does feel kinda slow and and empty....and what's up with Callie's character? The only likeable charcter for now is George's. I want to believe that these past few sorry episodes have all been due to the writer's strike. They better shape things up for next season because the ratings are plumbing ...this is not the Grey's Anatomy i used to know.
maryjay maryjay 9 years
This whole season, with the writer's strike and everything, seems to be missing what i loved about the show to begin with......good medical drama. Now is all about how selfish Meredith can be, and how much Mcdreamy can put up with. This season feels empty and slow, unless the finale is impressive I doubt I will stick around to watch.
gayleadl gayleadl 9 years
Agree with loving the line: "Don't wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don't." Can be applied to so much.
Mary_Sofi Mary_Sofi 9 years
I don't watch Grey's for Meredith or Derek. I watch it for the rest of the characters, who are much more entertaining than the main couple. The writers seem keen on stretching out the Mer/Der storyline and because of it it's gotten old and exhausting to watch. Erica's "It's a love that dare not speak its name" line made me laugh out loud. Hahn was awesome in this episode. Knowing that she goes to the hospital shrink, too, says loads about who she really is. Mark was great, too. I love that he's getting more onscreen time and getting to know him has been fun. Callie is another favorite. The last scene made me reconsider my dislike for Meredith. I think Ellen Pompeo nailed it. Good for her.
dasilver dasilver 9 years
Anyone know the name of the actor who played Andre?...thanks
steveoleo steveoleo 9 years
Oh my god thats so like yesterdays show . Grey's anatomy is so ba ba ba ba boring!
r85 r85 9 years
nothing really happened in the episode...i felt like it went in a circle and at the end we were back to the beginning. it just had little snapshots of everyone, which meant nothing really significant happened, they developed all the storylines but nothing got sorted out and nothing new happened! And i think that meridith should have got to that point with the therapist before now!
hokiepokie hokiepokie 9 years
cupcake central: he is definitely telling her she's the rebound girl and she doesn't have any sort of problem with it ... probably because she's delusional & thinks he'll get over that ... come on, that girl is crazy for him ... and just plain crazy, actually. at the end, when andre showed up, that was so heartbreaking. and then meredith goes off to confess this big secret & derek goes off to be an ass. he pissed me off the whole episode. he's so screwed up & no one ever seems to notice. the man has serious issues. i really, really hope it doesn't end with mer going to derek in the last few minutes and telling him she's ready & blah blah blah. honestly, she deserves so much better. derek's a whole lot of talk & none of the walk. he acts like he's this great guy, but its completely superficial. and now he's doubting that he ever really loved mer? the reunion is going to be forced & i'm actually not going to want them to be together. the show has gone so downhill. ugh.
cupcake-central cupcake-central 9 years
oh and anybody else thinks that when derek tells rose that he doesnt want the fairy tale story with her, and he only wants a simple, not complicated relationship with her is sort of telling her she is the rebound girl? i mean, no proper relationship is not complicated.
cupcake-central cupcake-central 9 years
i thought this episode was only so-so, was expecting more since it's the second last episode of the season. really felt bad for cristina coz she's just stuck. even though it was way harsh for her to let it out on other ppl, even for her standards, you can tell that the things she said to the other ppl are in some ways things she is telling herself too. like how george was burke's guy and so was she; and when she told lexie that she should fight to be better than others. the fairy tale really got me though. it's typical that mer doesnt believe in it but derek does. it was really sad when andre did show up! but i wonder why there was no picture or trace of him for the past few months that they were dating. it was great that dr wyatt identified mer's problems.. and it's even better when they start to acknowledge that mer's problem isn't only about derek - there are issues with her mom as well. cant wait to see how things turn out in the finale.. though i'm very sad that it's ending so soon!
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
I thought it was a good episode :)
graylen graylen 9 years
I think it is so wrong that people think things can only be dramatic when people die! The poor patients! I, personally, am happier when they live. I loved the episode, so I obviously was having a different opinion on it. Loved the scene of Karev dressing Rebecca. So tender.
bluesuze bluesuze 9 years
Rose is way annoying. I already said I hate seeing her ugly brown furry coat each week. I love George, but he's starting to act like the chief's secretary, and is going to miss out on actual surgeries. Christina is so cold hearted. Why does she have to act like that? What was up with Alex having to dress Rebecca in the last few minutes? Is she unable to dress herself? Then she needs to be in a psych ward. Looks like they are getting ready for her to go off the deep end soon...
elle619 elle619 9 years
Other then the tears I shed for the Cinderella story and how she didn't get to say bye to her love, this episode was ehh. I am so-- beyond over Meredith. I was happy McDreamy left her for Rose, she played him like a yo-yo far too long. Alex is such a good guy when it comes down too it but I wanted to smack him last night for snapping at Izzie. I'm still wondering if Hahn is into Callie... As much as I was geared up to hate George for cheating on Callie, I am starting to love him once again. And I think he should end up with Lexie. I think they would be cute together. Finally a round of applause to Lexie for going off on her big sis and Cristina, it was about time!!
Allyace Allyace 9 years
I didn't think it was underwhelming at all. There was really a lot going on in that episode. Chief saving his mentor, McSteamy trying to not be McSlutty, George trying to get away from being an intern...and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Two things, though. First, I think that Katherine Heigel wants to jump ship. Izzie is barely on the show anymore. Second, Rose needs to go. I'm not all for Derek and Mer getting back together right now, but Rose could not be less interesting.
Green Green 9 years
it's like the writers are still coming back from the sabbatical.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 9 years
The 'Cinderella Story' broke my heart!
Melo-D Melo-D 9 years
Just finished watching the episode (I don't get to actually watch when it airs so I'm left to viewing it online). I thought it was good. It did it's job as the second to last episode. You save the drama for the finale. Now, I highly doubt they'll tie all the loose ends next week but I think they have so much ground to cover. It'll be a worthy Grey's finale. Things are happening to everyone and I'm feeling that. I must say that nothing makes my heart melt like a man crying! Lol. Have mercy. And when the nurse came in to say that he was there, I yelled at the screen "I knew it!" Lol. Darn you Meredith and the sister! Ugh! I can't wait to see what the therapist is going to do with Mere. Bailey, it just got real with Tuck. Alex, he needs to get it together. Christina, she needs to get a hold of herself! Callie, she needs to talk to Hahn and stop the madness! Derek, I'm not convinced that he's really trying to work it out with Rose. Rose better watch her back. Sloan, keep working on the new leaf.
kellyanne kellyanne 9 years
I was on the same page as Buzz. I don't know what it was exactly, but a lot of this episode seemed lethargic to me. The scene posted above with Derek and Meredith having the exchange on the landing seemed completely flat and dull when it should have been a moment. George was fantastic, and the Andre plot was bittersweet. There was just some magic missing for me.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I didnt find it UNDERWHELMING at all, I found it quite whelming. Cristina is so obviously rotting from the inside with bitterness she admired burke (who was a brilliant surgeon just like Hahn, Just like Tapley) and now because of his blatant snub of her she is lashing out at anyone who thinks they can move up in the world by assisting Hahn or Tapley, its why she didnt care about doing that surgery, if she sits there and fills out charts all day she isnt putting her neck, her feelings and ultimately her heart on the line again. Tapleys story was significant because he was there, to guilt the chief into performing a risky surgery. Do you put your rep on the line for someone who helped put you where you are? This ties into cristinas storyline, because she did for burke and it burned her. Chief and Hahn risk it and it turns out for the better, which shows that it doesnt always end up badly (like cristina and burke) Meredith is a coward, but I think of her more of a gigantic pessimist. Everything with her is negative, her mom, her dad, lexie, derek, therapy, her friends, her future, her choices, her past. Asking cristina "are you in your dark place" proves that she is constantly in the dark, the negative, the depressed. She isnt cowardly, because the girl takes chances!! the clinical trial, sleeping with derek in the first place, her suicidal bravado. and admitting that her mother tried to kill herself is a big first step, imagine being raised by someone who is a psychiatrists wet dream, just try and be a normal adult...
alysun alysun 9 years
I agree with you Buzz that was my favorite line too.
Jesstagirl Jesstagirl 9 years
Everybody just seemed really angry last night, it was depressing in a way. Lexi has turned out to be my favorite character this season - the other ones just need to snap out of their funk and get back into the groove that we started watching them for in the first place.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i'm still grasping at this show. the tapley plot line wassoo pointless since there was no drama...he lived end of story... i guess we're all hoping for something to be interesting in the finale. it looks like there's going to be some reandom major catastrophe in the ER so we'll see what that happens. won't live up to the bomb...but maybe it'll jar meredith and derek back together.
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