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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 15, "Walk on Water"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 15, "Walk on Water"

ABC promised this was the episode of "Grey's Anatomy" everyone would be talking about, and I'm pretty sure they're right. As the first of a three-part story, "Walk on Water" was a setup episode — but it ended with one of the more surprising things I've seen on TV this year (well, maybe second to Alexis Meade). Some of you might have thought the episode was over-the-top, but I thought it was pretty spot-on. There were some clunky elements, but they came together to set up a compelling story for the coming weeks. To see what I mean,

First of all, let's flash back to "It's the End of the World," last year's post-Super Bowl episode, when Meredith's in bed, saying she has a feeling she's going to die. Cristina talks her out of her funk, but by the end of the episode Meredith has her hand on a live bomb inside a guy's body. Remember how that felt?

Well. This episode starts with Meredith sinking under the surface of the water in her bathtub. Derek pulls her out and asks why she was trying to drown herself in the tub, and Meredith insists she's fine. But she later asks Izzie if she ever just wishes she could disappear — and there's our "dark and twisty" Meredith from earlier this season, back in full force.

We know a big accident is coming, so the rest of the plotlines seem piddly in comparison, but since this is "Grey's," and everything matters eventually, they're worth a mention. Cristina doesn't want Burke to tell anyone they're engaged until she tells Meredith, but Burke lets it slip to Derek, and Mark overhears (I cracked up when he drawled "You and Yang are gettin' hitched?" — that man can make anything sound dirty). Mark tells the Chief, who congratulates Cristina, who yells at Burke, who makes her go do sutures. Perky Sydney is back, and she appears to be in a passive-aggressive power struggle with Bailey. Seeing that the Chief has dyed his hair, Addison tells him she went blond after Derek moved out, and it's a fine way to start over.

So here's the meaty stuff: The Chief announces there's been a mass-casualty accident, and Bailey and the interns — minus Cristina — are sent out to the scene to help triage patients. One of Derek's beloved ferry boats got rammed near the dock by a container ship in a fog bank, spewing people everywhere. The interns spin off in different directions, and the big story is Meredith's, but the others come up against some interesting challenges, too.

One man grabs Izzie and hauls her off to help treat his friend, who's trapped under a car. Izzie says she can't do anything until the search-and-rescue team arrives, but the friends insist she try. It's definitely a test for her; now, virtually alone with this dying man, she has to figure out if she really is a doctor.

Alex spots a pregnant woman lying in the debris with a concrete pylon on her face. Alex hears whimpers and realizes the woman's alive, so he lifts the pylon. Somehow, once they get to the ER, Cristina gets reassigned to the case, which leads to one of the episode's better lines once Alex finds out Cristina has been doing sutures: "You're knitting. I pull pylons off people." George, meanwhile, treats a woman who got separated from her son. George promises to find the boy — and has a single one of these promises ever worked out for George?

But all of that feels irrelevant once we see what happens to Meredith. Early on, a little girl with blond braids attaches herself to Meredith. She's creepy and silent (I thought for a second that she might be a hallucination), but Meredith obviously relates. Let's see, a silent girl with no parents — have we ever seen a more obvious metaphor for Mere? Meredith tries to get the girl help, but the girl keeps coming back. The last time she appears, Meredith is at the edge of the dock, treating a man with an open leg wound. She stitches up the man's leg and starts to go fetch an ambulance, but the man twitches and sends Meredith backwards into the water. We end with a shot of the rippling water and the little girl — who's the only person who saw Meredith fall — walking away.

Now, the show is called "Grey's Anatomy," and that's why it feels like Meredith with her hand on that bomb — she can't die, right? But as Shonda Rhimes wrote in her blog about this episode: "I killed Denny. I blew up Dylan. I’m not entirely playing by the rules of TV here."

So: What happens next? Leave your thoughts in the comments, please, because I certainly am not going to be thinking about much else today.

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Bonfire Bonfire 10 years
I thought this episode was so good! I am so in love with the Derek and Meredith pairing but have been disappointed that it seems like as soon as they got together it hasn't been very loving. Meredith has been snapping at him, he has been snapping at her, they have snoring and bad breathe problems. No fun right away! The knight in shining armour comment was absolutely delicious though! Was anyone else bummed by the whole 'Meredith do you want to get married and that's the problem and she said no and then he smiled (like all relieved) and said no he didn't. That was such a bummer!!!!! Were other people mad about it too????????????????
esk4 esk4 10 years
I think they need to bring up that children of parents who have early onset have a 50% chance of developing it themselves.. Mcdreamy should def know this and Idk I think it could make a good s/l... but anyway the two merediths... I think its kind of setting her up for maybe an out of body experiance... idk
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
oh, and the chief comment...directed toward the characters on the show...not anybody posting here...just wanted to make that clear :)
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
Okay, so this episode was fairly gruesome. My roommate is a big fan but didn't get to see the episode right when it aired, so I had to warn her that there would be a lot of turning her head away, which unfortunately takes away from watching the episode. I didn't mind it, but I did mind Cristina being all weird about the engagement business. Is she not excited to be getting married? Because personally, her paranoia and craziness would be enough for me to say, "AAAActually I don't want to marry you b/c you need medication and therapy." And the little girl, I thought things were going well until the very end. I hate endings that leave you hanging like this. My roommate also brought up a good point on how she hopes Grey's doesn't turn into some ER-type show where every episode there is some crazy, big fiasco and all the doctors must rush to save lives. We need to keep their storylines going...we need to know more about their personal lives because that's kind of more what this is supposed to be about. Also, I was pissed at those guys with the friend trapped under the car. They need someone to help them, so they pick a girl who can't lift a car, who doesn't have any of the proper cutting-out equipment, who isn't receiving ANY help from them! I mean, come on! Don't just stand there watching one person try to save your friend. Work together! And don't take no for an answer with the search and rescue squad! They obviously didn't take no for an answer from Izzie. Stupid men. OH and why is everyone so mean to the Chief over his hair? LET IT GO. They are so rude and I felt like the chief needed a hug. Why would you act that way toward a friend or even a superior at work? GAH. This episode made me mad!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
The little girl totally freaked me out as well. I, along with the people I watched the episode with, named her Devil Child. I also thought she reminded me of the Poltergeist girl. Im guessing Meredith hit her head on her fall into the water and will have short term amnesia, paralleling what her mother is going through and by that means, Meredith can better sympathize with her mom and understand their dispute over the surgery. Izzy freezing up on this guy stuck between two cars is stupid. Cant she do anything right? Oh wait, she can. Its so lame how they keep making her play the dumb blond role. Enough already!
Luxifer Luxifer 10 years
Shonda Rhimes is kidding herself. Killing off guest characters as opposed to those who actually appear in the credits is totally playing it by the rules. That's what guest stars are for! Another obvious reason she won't kill off Mere is because it's called "GREY'S Anatomy." As annoying as her character is, it wouldn't make sense. I agree with those of you who said something about the guy climbing up the dock. First of all, did he even look wet? Second, does he freakishly strong arms that enabled him to climb while his leg was split open. Third, it would have been way more interesting if it were any other character who had fallen. Meredith has too many people hovering around her to go missing for more than a few minutes.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
esk4 -- that is crazy about the two Merediths! I listened to Shonda's podcast today, and apparently it was intentional. She didn't explain why, though, and I'm curious to see if anything more comes of it.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
If they kill of Mer now the show will suck. They know that and can't do it yet. But it was a good cliff hanger, and i LOVE the foreshadowing and imagery they work into this show. Her drowning in the bath tub and then really drowning, and last season her waking up and not wanting to go anywhere cause she said she would die that day and then she had her hand holding a missile inside someones body still.... _________________________________________________________ Why don't you wear the face you have when I am not around?
tysamson tysamson 10 years
This is gonna get really interesting! Does anyone see Alex giving up Plastics and moving on to Gynecology? I'm just wondering!
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
It's getting interesting.
esk4 esk4 10 years
if you have it recorded and go to 13:32 you cans ee two merediths... its when mer first sees the little girl and if you freeze frame you can see a second mer right behind her to the right bent over someone
kelsen kelsen 10 years
I am looking forward to seeing how this all turns out, especially with Izzie and Meredith. I agree about the little girl -- creepy!
Stef0115 Stef0115 10 years
Good synopsis but I thought this episode was terrible. Worst one ever. The plot lines were thin at best and it seeemed as if they were just trying to showcase a terrible accident and medical special effects. Alex was the only redeeming part of this episode, but his storyline was also weak. But it was the strongest of the weak. I mean seriously. The guy who's leg Meredith was treating hoisted himself over that wall. How high could it be?????? I was truly and utterly disgusted by this episode.
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
Oh, and Shonda won't kill Meredith. Her quote is completely ridiculous, because Denny and the other guy were GUEST STARS. Guest stars always bite it, because it allows the writers to have a big shocking moment without losing the cast that people have grown to know and care about. So, in fact, she is COMPLETELY playing by the TV rules. Now, the LOST guys killing of Mr. Eko was not playing by the rules.
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
I felt a little slammed over the head by the little girl being a metaphor for Meredith feeling lost, but overall, I liked this one. I kept trying to figure out what the parallel metaphor was for George with trying to find the lost boy, seeings as both George and Meredith have recently been dealing with parent issues, but I couldn't make it work. Maybe next episode.
susanec susanec 10 years
Was this on location? I'm thinking no but it's possible. I dated a guy who was a merchant marine in Seattle (and have just spent a ton of time there) and love location spotting. But I cringe every time they open the elevator doors to the Pikes Place Market sign because no.
nannychica nannychica 10 years
That little girl is not Izzie's daughter. I've read that theory from other posters in about 3 or 4 other forums but there's no way that's the case. I read on E! Online that they are currently casting for Izzie's daughter -- who is around 11 or 12...older than the little girl in this week's episode. That would just be way too weird and soap-opery if the girl who just so happens to be Izzie's daughter just so happened to be on this ferry that crashed and Izzie and the others just so happened to be put on a rescue team that was sent to help out the victims. That's insane. lol
haydee haydee 10 years
loved this episode last night. can't wait for the continuation!
kellyanne kellyanne 10 years
Has anyone wondered if the little girl could be Izzie's daughter that we heard about so long ago? I had heard some gossip that they were going to introduce that story line again...
nannychica nannychica 10 years
Yeah Alex and Addison are two of my favorite characters. Also...why couldn't that annoying Sidney be at the site so she could've been pushed over the wall?? She grates my nerves and my ears! Oooooo...the episode is coming on ABC again right now! :)
emisaurusrex emisaurusrex 10 years
Oooh-- Nanny, I think you're right! I think he's going to propose. There was that little foreshadowing bit about marriage! :) Although I don't know if they could have all of the characters on the show getting married at once. And I agree, Alex and Addison need to get together already! I can't believe I'm rooting for it-- I used to hate both of them but they've turned into some of my favorite characters. It is SO adorable to watch Alex's character working with babies and pregnany women. Awwww.
nannychica nannychica 10 years
JessNess....yeah she totally reminded me of the little girl from Poltergeist. creepy! I loved last night's episode. I almost burst into tears every time the pregnant woman would grab Alex's hand. So sad! I'm thinking that Derek will save Meredith and then propose (for real) when she's on the gurney or in the hospital. And when are Alex and Addison going to finally get together?!
redsox26 redsox26 10 years
i think the little blonde girl might be mute or something
JessNess JessNess 10 years
Am I the only one who found that blonde pigtail girl creepy as hell. She kind of scared me
emisaurusrex emisaurusrex 10 years
probably isn't probable* I can't talk/type today sorry. :_
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