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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 16, "Freedom"

The three words uttered most often during the season finale of Grey's Anatomy were "really big trauma." They were used in reference to a teenager who was dared to lay in a vat of cement at a construction site, after which he was encased in several tons of concrete — yeah, you can say "really big trauma" again. As is often the case with Grey's, those three little words paralleled what was happening in the lives of the doctors too.

Let's start with Meredith who was continuing the brain-tumor clinical trials with Derek. Due to medical regulations, they were allowed only one more day to succeed (following a staggering 11 deaths). To discuss what happened in this situation and with all the other residents' traumas,


Of course, in true finale style, Derek and Meredith at first failed, but then miraculously succeeded at their difficult task. Meredith's personal life, unsurprisingly, rivaled the trauma going on with work. She finally made some progress with her therapist about her mother's attempted suicide. Progress that her therapist told her she'd have to figure out for herself. Was anyone else as confused as Meredith? Her discovery at the end of the episode was more fulfilling than I was expecting it to be, and she also made some exciting progress with Derek.

The other rather traumatic plot line of the night belonged to Alex. His pseudo-girlfriend Rebecca turned out to be just as delusional as last week's episode had foreshadowed. Rebecca even tried to commit suicide, but when Izzie suggested that she needed psychiatric help, Alex got, let's say. . . defensive. In the end, Rebecca proved to have underlying borderline personality disorder. I doubt we'll be seeing her much, if at all, next season.

Christina got out of the slump that she's been wallowing in since the show returned from its break. This was, most notably, because she received the sparkle pager. The pager allowed her to take any surgery she wanted, and as a result she was able to showcase her skills on the cement boy. Luckily, she was able to save the boy's life, a feat that made Erica Hahn extremely jealous. I knew Christina's tenure with Burke would prove beneficial.

George had a big night too: He discovered that he only failed the boards by one point. He got mad at himself at first, but then asked Richard to retake the boards and thankfully, Richard agreed. Something tells me we'll be seeing George as a resident early next season.

To wrap up the rest of the episode: Izzie was handed full reign over the clinic, Richard went back to his wife, Bailey learned to juggle being a working mom, and oh yeah, Derek promised to dump Rose for Meredith! Looks like the never-ending love saga will continue on through season five. And that makes me happy.

Some other thoughts:

  • How dramatic was the cement boy story line? I was riveted. This is precisely what I was missing last week.
  • I especially loved when Miranda tried to calm Mr. Cement down with a Star Wars analogy. Who knew she would prove to have such a vast knowledge of the films?
  • I laughed out loud when the female tumor patient asked if Derek or Meredith had ever done it. "With each other?" Derek exclaimed. "He's done it and I've done it," Meredith responded. Awkward!
  • Speaking of sex, the whole Callie, Mark, Erica hypothetical threesome story line kind of bored me. But — shocker lesbian twist at the end.
  • I'm a little surprised there wasn't a big cliffhanger. Everything seemed to be tied up with a nice little bow, which is unusual for Grey's.

What did you think? Are you happy with the season finale? What are your predictions for Season Five?

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