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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Episode 16, "An Honest Mistake"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 16, "An Honest Mistake"

On this week's Grey's Anatomy, fallout continues from Derek's surgical mistake a couple of weeks back. It was, as the episode title says, an honest mistake, but when surgeons make mistakes, they hold people's lives in their hands. This episode got pretty intense at times; are you ready to talk about it? Just


Here's one thing we know for sure about Derek: He likes to fix things. And here's another thing we know: He hates making mistakes. He probably does believe, deep down, that he's a surgical god. And, like Meredith tells Addison, losing all those patients during the clinical trial has made him care even more. But in this case, that caring backfires. It was one little mistake that caused all of Jen's complications, and Derek is determined to fix it, even when the fixes would leave her with a life not worth living. And so I'm on Addison's side for this one: Jen was already gone; the least they could do is save the baby. (Which they do? I think?) But that's little comfort to Jen's husband, who blames Derek for Jen's death. To him, Derek's not a god; he's not even a guy who tried hard. He's just a murderer.

So, um, Mark picked the worst possible time to tell Derek about dating Lexie, huh? You'd think maybe he could have been a little more aware of what was going on, but regardless, Derek ends up punching him. And punching him again. Had Owen not run in, I think the two of them could have pummeled each other for an hour. Talk about some misplaced anger. But it's a little sweet — if, OK, totally messed up — to see Lexie and Meredith taking care of their guys at the end.

The episode's other big story about the fallibility of surgeons comes from Cristina vs. "The Dinosaur" (Faye Dunaway), Seattle Grace's first female surgeon who's now slipping behind on her medicine. The two of them square off — not surprisingly, The Dinosaur doesn't like being told she's past her prime — but in the end, Cristina's right. After Owen tells her he was fired from the Army because they knew it was time for him to go before he did, she decides this is her last surgery.

Meanwhile, Bailey — who's rocking some new curly locks! — is trying to get her packet together for the pedes surgery fellowship, and the chief won't write her a letter. Or rather, he writes her a form letter, and she's mad: "I am Dr. Bailey. I am better than fine!" But he tells her no way is he going to write her a letter so he can abandon him; she was supposed to be the next chief. (Isn't pedes surgery still surgery, though?)

In other news:

  • The Dinosaur's statement about interns not learning anything gets echoed in Izzie's story. Izzie's blood sample — shock! — got messed up, and she's now playing Dr. House with the interns, giving them all her test results (anonymously, of course) and having them figure out what's wrong with her.
  • I seriously love Arizona Robbins. And I think I'd love her with Callie, because they're equally sharp-tongued: "I spend my entire day around newborns, so I try not to in my personal life." I got a chuckle out of Callie's big "I was in the Peace Corps! I cook!" speech getting stopped by Arizona introducing Callie to her date. Yeesh.
  • Izzie whining to Bailey about how the interns screw everything up is pretty classic considering how Bailey almost certainly said the same thing about Izzie.
  • I call overuse of dramatic drumbeats during the fight between Cristina and the Dinosaur. Come on, it wasn't that big a moment.
  • Owen wants to be around 40 years from now!

Were you on Derek's side or Addison's? Why didn't we ever meet the Dinosaur before? And on a scale of one to "soooooo dead," where's Izzie?

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Titu Titu 8 years
I really like this episode, but I felt bad for Derek that gay ( Jen's husband) he was so out of place with that comment about the murderer, I think it has to be terrible losing your partner, but anyway was very disgusting how he treated Derek after all what he did to avoid the death of his wife, he did not ask even about the kid. I just loved the Callie and Arizona being together al last, you can cut the air between them when they talk, the feeling is so strong, and I like Callie's hair with the straight fringe in this season.The fight between Derek and Sloan, OMG, kept me tense until finished 'cause I thought they will be falling down from that place, and how the Crocs was on the middle of the corridor just make it more believeable.I dont want to talk about the all Izzie stuff, I cant believe after I suffered the presence of Deny all this time finally when he is gone and she can start again with the adorable Karev, she is gonna die?? wrong move on the serie. I dont like Owen at all, I thing he has a weird face, and I dont like him with Cristina, like an actor better he goes back to Irak and catch some bullets instead of nursing people.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
SKCSparkle - I'd noticed that Sloane was getting really thin too. It's odd.
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
So much to say about this week's episode: 1. Why is Mark Sloane looking so scrawny? I didn't notice it until two episodes ago when my sister pointed out, after having not watched the show for a while. Now it is all I notice when he is on the screen. 2. Derek is never going to propose now! :( 3. Mark versus Derek was sad 4. Hunt and Chirstina are PERFECT! His 40 years comment was SO romantic! :faint: 5. Bailey's hair was cute 6. Why is George's screen time so short - I know there is talk about him leaving, but I think they need to give him more screen time.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Thank you graylen! I thought the nostrils were awful too! I couldn't stop staring at them. You could practically see her brain up those tunnels. Anyway, now that I have that off of my chest, that fight was intense! It was a bit too intense for me, actually, and so was the surgery showdown with Addison and Derek. He needs to go home and get some sleep ASAP. I love how as soon as Bailey thinks about peds, her hair gets perky to go with her new job choice. All in all, I liked this episode. I feel like Grey's goes back and forth between the old style and crazy, and this was more the good old days. I still don't understand why Izzie is leaving her care to the interns, but still.
Tennant_Love Tennant_Love 8 years
Owen wants to be around 40 years from now.....I actually burst out crying! A very emotionally draining episode I think, the Derek/Jen storyline was heartbreaking and at points I found it hard to watch that surgery 'cos Derek was actually falling apart in the middle of cutting into her brain.... Derek/Mark fight - felt bad for Mark, but love Mark/Lexie and it made me happy he finally told Derek, shows he is serious about her!!!
shoegirl365 shoegirl365 8 years
Loved the entire Episode... my fav part was when I saw the shoe in the middle of the fight and then realized that it was Mark's!! really made me crack up... still laughing about it :)
haydee haydee 8 years
that fight between Derek and Mark is classic! anyway, I really believe they will kill off Izzie Stevens, I would rather not have her character killed off but I guess that's the best way for her to go Im definitely on Addison's side. I miss her on Grey's. She should just come back to Seattle.
skiwi skiwi 8 years
Omg during that whole fight scene between Mark and Derek, I was so afraid that one of them would fall over the bridge thing!! And ugh I knew Addison was right but something about her really annoyed me this episode!
merie33 merie33 8 years
Loved Bailey's hair too!!! And I think Patrick Dempsey did an awesome job with this episode...Jen's husband calling Derek a murderer was really rough... Did anyone else notice Marks shoes fall off during the fight? That cracked me up..
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
This episode was okay. The husband breaking down at the end really got to me. I wish Izzie would hurry up and die off, but I imagine that'll be at the end of the season. Oh, and I loved Bailey's hair!
smileyface smileyface 8 years
LOVED Bailey's new hair! And Owen's 40 years from now remark was so sweet! This was a good episode.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
I'm glad they addressed the whole 'Izzie messed up the blood' thing because I knew she did it on purpose and that pissed me off, what 2 weeks ago? Am I the only one who thought Callie was kind of ugly this week?
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i'm surprised about 'the dinosaur' so i guess i'm not alone there. i was surprised that they would bring faye in to play the role..but ok. as for the mer/addi thing, well i wasn't surprised that there was that whole dynamic, but i think that meredith knows a part of him that addison doesn't so that's just how things had to be. that fight was AWESOME by the way. why no one else tried to break it up is beyond me, but ok.
stephley stephley 8 years
Looking at Faye Dunaway made me queasy.
graylen graylen 8 years
Forgot to mention- Faye Dunaway's incredibly surgeried nostrils were terribly distracting to me. Eeek!
graylen graylen 8 years
I really liked the episode. I love the way Owen treats Christina- no kid gloves and doesn't take her crap. I think she needs that. The 40 years comment was adorable. I'd be pretty happy if they were together the rest of the series. The guy calling Derek a murderer was rough. I think we all forget that doctors are fallible. Then again, had all of the docs not helped her keep her blood pressure down, he wouldn't of even gotten those last few days with her. Crazy how tiny that baby is. I'm glad they make it look like real post-birth babies instead of these women birthing clean, 2 month old kids ;) Bailey's hair looked so cute and bouncy. And I'm happy that Arizona wasn't all sweet and perky the whole episode.
Susanna Susanna 8 years
I wonder if Derek is going to be sued. I'm kind of surprised they haven't done a lawsuit plotline already (or have they? and I'm just forgetting). But he needs to propose to Mere already!! I thought Faye Dunaway was great. Too bad she only gets one episode. The way Owen told her it was time to go was very nicely done. As for Bailey, maybe the Chief was more upset at her sudden change of direction and the fact she didn't really discuss it with him. She's trying to get a fellowship, which would be 2 years.
shafiii shafiii 8 years
i wish they would just hurry up izzie's death. her trying to figure out what is wrong is taking wayyy too long.
alesimas alesimas 8 years
Hey!!! George was on screen for a couple of seconds!!! As for the episode, it was ... ok. I'm on Addison's side, but lets keep in mind that Jen was the one pushing Derek to do the surgery minutes after he finished taking the worms out of Archie's head. The whole fight was a little too much, and I swear that for a while I thought that one of them was about to fall down and make a splat on the 1st floor. And Izzie... oh Izzie... I just can't , can not understand why am I supposed to believe that a doctor, inside of a hospital, being aware of her condition, would rely on interns to take care of her. It's just so damn stupid. A couple of episodes ago, she worked with Derek on a case of this woman that was having hallucinations and so on... Really? On the first sign she wouldn't start questioning? And after Denny, the dead that never dies told her that she was sick, wouldn't she run and go to some of her friends, that are residents? Ugh. I miss Grey's. The one that didn't treat me like a moron.
Tulipe Tulipe 8 years
This episode was weird for me because I don't watch Private Practice and I didn't know what happened before with Jen (whose husband is played by Ben Shenkman, who was in Angels in America !! - Ok, I'm getting too excited but I just loved Angels etc.). Anyway, that didn't prevent me from noticing that once again, Derek acts like he's the best human being who ever walked this planet. Nothing new under the sun here. Addison is right, of course and I wish she was back on Grey's ; somehow, it works better when she's there. Anyway, Sloane is slowly becoming my favourite character on the show. No drama but in the end, real feelings. That's nice of him. And I didn't think the timing was that bad. I interpreted it as a "Hey, I know you're down, but I think this will take your mind off the case you just screwed up"... :-) I like the perspective of this episode. I noticed indeed that people tend to see doctors if not as gods, at least as "people who know better" and don't perceive them as human beings anymore, just as obscure figures who are there for a sole purpose : cure whatever is wrong with them. That is why the disappointment is so great when they don't deliver... Izzie is weird. And I don't like Owen. But that's just me... :-)
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I felt bad for Derek during that surgery. He so desperately wanted to save that poor girl, but he just couldn't do anything. :( But Addison was definitely right. And, aww! Owen Hunt is definitely one of my favorite characters. Him saying he wanted to be around 40 years from now, and Cristina just not getting what he was saying, was too adorable. They are such a great couple.
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