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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 17, "Some Kind of Miracle"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 17, "Some Kind of Miracle"

Well, there's nothing I can say about this week's "Grey's Anatomy" without it being a spoiler, is there? So let's briefly recap what's happened so far: First, Meredith tried to drown herself in the bathtub. Then there was a ferry crash and Mere went tumbling into the water. Derek pulled Meredith out, but she flatlined at the hospital. And the big question going into Thursday's episode was whether Meredith was actually dead.

Well, now we know, so if you want to talk about it,

Meredith's alive. Meredith's alive, and I am angry.

It's not that I really wanted her to die; I never sat around and said, "Wow, this show sure would be better if that stupid Grey girl weren't in it."

It's that Shonda Rhimes, Ms. "I-Don't-Play-By-The-Rules" ... played by the rules. Yes, it would have been tough for the biggest drama on TV to kill off its main character. But it would have been gutsy, and no matter what happened, I would have respected the risk. Instead, Meredith's alive, her mom's dead, they had a freakin' conversation in limbo, and everything's going to be fine. And because most of us suspected Meredith would come back, it was hard to care about her "death," which sucked most of the tension out of what should have been a strong episode.

Now, I do believe "Grey's" can still redeem itself. It is intriguing to find out that Mere, who I always thought was just whiny, was actually vaguely suicidal; she didn't want to kill herself, exactly, but she also didn't see the point of living. Shonda has said on her blog and in her podcasts that this is an important journey for Meredith, and so maybe Mere will change as a result. But if the show just moves on from here, assuming Mere has now learned her lesson, I will be even angrier than I am right now, and trust me, nobody wants to see that.

Before I go much further, I should point out a couple of things I actually liked about "Some Kind of Miracle":

  • Denny and Dylan bickering in Meredith's afterlife. Their banter was funny, not to mention smokin' hot.
  • Cristina. Burke was right; the most important thing in this episode was the relationship between Cristina and the woman she calls "her person." And learning that her dad died in front of her when she was 9 helps to explain why she's so tough.
  • George and Callie finally telling off Izzie. I've been a defender of Izzie's, but I'm honestly glad someone finally told her to shut it.

We spend most of the episode flipping between Afterlife Meredith and actual Meredith, who's dying on the table as the episode begins. Dylan and Denny are there to greet Afterlife Meredith, but they're not the only ones: Doc the dog shows up, too, along with Liz Fallon, her mom's former scrub nurse, and Bonnie, the girl who died after being impaled in the train wreck. I think the idea was to bring back patients who had meant a lot to Meredith, but I thought Liz was more of a learning experience for Cristina, and I had to look up who Bonnie was.

Anyway, they tell Afterlife Meredith that she's a little too happy to be dead and ask her to explain what happened in the water. She keeps insisting she fought, and finally Denny asks her about the bathtub. (Mere: "You see me in the bathtub?" Heh.) Dylan reminds Meredith that he died saving her, and Denny tells Meredith she has to decide to live: George needs her, and Izzie needs her. Once you're dead, Denny says, there are no more moments with the people you love.

Back on earth, the chief is trying to save Meredith like she's his own daughter, which I suppose she almost was. Cristina can't handle the possibility of Meredith's death and instead goes shopping at the dollar store, ending up drunk at Joe's bar with a stash of hand lotion and tiny plastic chairs until Burke finally convinces her to be there for her "person." Izzie gets snotty with Callie, and Callie tells her that she has a choice: accept that George wants Callie around, or become "that person George used to know." And Derek yells at Ellis, saying everything good about Meredith happened despite Ellis.

Afterlife Meredith decides she's ready to go back. "I had intimacy issues!" she says. "You know how stupid that seems now?" But the peanut gallery of patients tells her she might be out of time. The one who's really out of time, though, is Ellis, whose heart fails while Burke is downstairs trying to save Meredith. Ellis and Afterlife Meredith meet in the Afterlife hallway, Ellis tells Mere she's anything but ordinary, and Mere runs back toward the land of the living.

The doctors are about to give up on Meredith when Cristina bursts into the room and yells at the doctors to try again. And of course they do, and of course soon there's a heartbeat. Cristina pleads with Mere to say something, to prove her brain works, and when she eventually does, Cristina blurts out that she's marrying Burke.

Derek and Meredith's reunion is pretty dull by comparison, but Addison watches from the hall and says aloud that Derek never loved her that way. Mark says he did, and Addison says maybe she'll give him another shot if he can go 60 days without sex. He says Addison has to go without sex, too —

— and speak of the devil, there's Alex! He spent the episode bonding with the Jane Doe, who can't remember anything from before the crash. He's been very gentle and kind with her, and I hope they don't just leave that story in the dust.

Meanwhile, Izzie tells George she knows she's let him down, and George just walks away. Richard says his final goodbyes to Ellis. And Izzie stops still in the hallway and the camera takes a little spin around her, showing that Denny is there.

Were you satisfied with this arc? Are you baffled as to why "Grey's" thought it needed a stunt like this, or did it teach you something big about Meredith? And where does the show go from here?

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addison_rules addison_rules 10 years
yeah the whole izzy vs callie thing came up out of's kind of weird watching it, like it doesn't make sense. and does anybody else feel like meredith has no real personality? other than being kind of 'me, me, me' all the time. the show is so great cuz they have great side characters, and focusing the whole time on meredith and how she was so necessary to other people's lives didn't make a good episode. shondra rhimes keeps saying she doesn't play by the rules, but she TOTALLY does! (it's strange to hear the writer bragging about how great the show is...that is what PR people are for.) oh well. hopefully the writers come to their senses and go back to the usual kind of grey's episodes after this.
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
I know the show's called Grey's Anatomy but her story lines are a bit disappointing. I hope they focus more on the Addison, McSteamy, Karev storyline and it was sweet to see Karev with his Jane Doe. Isn't Addison going to be leaving since she's signed for her own spinoff? When I was watching, I was wondering why Izzie was being such a b!tch but reading all the previous comments explain why... Since it is true that the people close to her are all paired up, married or engaged to be married and that she did lose her fiance. I wish they'd make that a little more apparent on the show rather than making her seem like a b!tch for no reason.
MissVecchio MissVecchio 10 years
seems like almost everyone feels the same way but i'm just gonna say it again: disappointing and lame! Sure there were some highlights (which already have been mentioned by all the other comments!) but yeah, i sincerely hope there is no more of the whole limbo-dead patients thing. To me, that was not necessary at all!
Elsa2 Elsa2 10 years
Luxifer, I thought the same thing about the doctors giving up on any other patient ! All and all, a very predictable episode... And I found it really hard to believe that the dead persons that were the most significant for her were these persons. Hello, grandfather, grandmother, uncle ? anything ? I also don't understand why they make such a big deal of Dylan... We only saw him for 2 episodes. Sure he was an interesting character, but c'mon ! That being said, I loved McSteamy/Addison's "deal", George and Callie telling Izzie off (she's really getting on my nerves) and Christina, who's probably my favorite character.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
PhatE - SOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!! Love your comment. Couldn't agree more.
tysamson tysamson 10 years
I am just so sick of George! I've never been a fan, but this is just getting to be too much! He needs to stop being a little baby and move on.
SaraSmile SaraSmile 10 years
I wonder if this whole limbo-filled-with-people-who-died-at-the-hospital will reappear in another episode....?
Luxifer Luxifer 10 years
I agree with the general thoughts here but would also about George being such a wuss. I'm glad he told Izzy to shut it. I can't stand Izzy like this. Why is she being such a biatch? It's not even like she just hates Callie. She disses her to her face and the her friend/the man dating her. WTF? If my best friend ever treated my boyfriend/husband like that, she'd be in trouble. I really only like the first episode of this trilogy. I knew they wouldn't kill the title character. And I think the brought back Dylan, Denny (who Crispet was right about, she didn't even know him) and the Pole Girl because they were favorite guest characters. Pole girl was stupid though. What's with the constant "I'm upset now so I'm going to start bleeding." I wish this show was more about Addison, McSteamy, Bailey and Callie than the annoying interns(except Christina and Alex). What's funny though is how long they tried helping her. Any other patient, they would've given up hours before. haha, that was like five posts in one.
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
That was an interesting episode. It's sad her mother died. I love the scene when Meredith was in limbo between life and death. And the bantering between Denny and the bomb squad dude was pretty amusing. When Christina went to the bar and showed the bartender the things she bought at the 99 cent store was hilarious.
la_clique la_clique 10 years
ARGGG. The worst episode I've ever seen...the lamest, most predictable one ever. When she flatlined I got so excited, I have really grown to hate Merediths character. It was so obvious her mom was gonna die. I expected Marley's ghost to walk down the corridor of the hospital to tell Meridith about how Seattle Grace would have been without her. Christina's little side story was good. That was it. I'm giving it a few more episodes and then I'm over it.
JessNess JessNess 10 years
BORING!!!! Although Christinas shopping trip was hilarious
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Could Izzie be jealous that George loves someone else and has moved beyond needing her as a soul mate? Whatever is going on, she is really getting on my nerves. Like most everyone else who has posted, I was disappointed with last night's episode. The ending was anything but "devastating"--predictable, maybe, but certainly not devastating. Wonder if Derrick will tell Meredith that his harsh words to her mom may have been the cause of her heart failure? Oh, well, he did try his best to save her in the end. I had hoped last night's episode would have moved beyond the ordinary; guess I was expecting way too much. I just mostly wanted the hour to be over.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 10 years
oh yeah i also liked the part when denny said you only get moments with the ones you love, and meredith said she didn't want just a whiff of derek, etc. the episode was disappointing and so expected
popculture-whore popculture-whore 10 years
i agree with most of you guys. i loved the part with denny and izzy.. made me almost cry. christina is one of my favorite characters, so i loved that she came back for her person. i loveeeee alex. ahh. he's sweet underneath it all
lms lms 10 years
I thought the episode was very strange. Meredith should have had some kind of problem after waking up even for a little bit. I like Cristina the best. I totally missed whatever happened between Izzie and Denny.
GirlC GirlC 10 years
That's what I was thinking but not sure, thanks! It's a bit of a strange character trait to give her.
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
She doesnt think it will work and possibly i think she thinks George is too good for her?! (izzy)
GirlC GirlC 10 years
Maybe I missed something but can anyone tell me why Izzie detests Callie and is against the marriage?
pnkprncss032 pnkprncss032 10 years
I have loved Grey's since the beginning, but I don't think I have ever been more disappointed with a particular episode than with this one. Every time a commercial break came on I would just sit there thinking that it couldn't get worse and then it did. I knew Meredith wasn't going to die but by the end of the episode I was hoping she would. And then when she woke up just fine with no brain damage, it ruined all the credibility the show had. I honestly think that if the show doesn't do something quick they are going to loose a lot of fans, myself included.
Brynnifer25 Brynnifer25 10 years
I think the best parts of the show were Denny and Izzie. I love that guy. He is a great actor!! I feel bad for Izzie. She is driving everyone away from her. Also, I liked Derek's story. Breaking down and believing that she killed herself was totally believable. I hope my man has that kind of emotion about me if something happened.
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 10 years
I'm happy Meredith is still alive !!!!! OK another thing that was great is George and Callie telling Izzie to shut it !!!!!
SaraSmile SaraSmile 10 years
Thanks for correcting me, Dream and Buzz. I can't keep my Chief positions straight. I remember the Richard quote now - the point is, Bailey will finally get her due and I will be a happy girl.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 10 years
I think I spent most of the episode rolling my eyes and muttering "predictable" in my head. To use Meredith's favorite word...Seriously! I expected so much more. Please, Grey's, don't turn into another ER with a more pointless disaster/tragedy nonsense every week. I felt like the only real part of the show was Richard talking to Ellis after she's died.
phatE phatE 10 years
this was the dumbest episode i have yet to see. i mean, they have sunk to the level of ER.. all VERY unrealistic, and because of that, it blew the entire thing.. lets remember, meredith was in the water without o2 for HOW LONG?! from the episode it seemed like a REALLY long time, she was then DEAD for how many hours after that? they should have at LEAST had her in a coma, to wake up, breathe on your own and actually talk and know whats going on around her?!! i mean COME ON!!! how impossible and chessy could that get?! and the the pole lady, seriously.. how heavy was that pole that was ON HER HEAD!! then, she is coherant, awake, and able to move it???? seriously.. that and hearing of a possible spin, oh and then having re-runs for the next 2 weeks has sunk greys in my mind.. just call it ER with better looking people.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Right, Dream -- Chief Resident, not Chief of Surgery. She and Sydney (and maybe Callie) are in the running for it. In an earlier episode, Sydney made it clear that she wanted it, and Bailey kind of shrugged it off like she didn't care. But last night Sydney said Bailey was going to give her a run for her money, and Bailey said "Yes, I am" — so it looks like she's ready to compete for the job now. There was foreshadowing earlier that Richard wants Bailey to be Chief of Surgery eventually, but she's still several years too young for that.
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