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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 19, "My Favorite Mistake"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 19, "My Favorite Mistake"

Would these last couple of episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" have annoyed me so much if the ferry boat crash had never happened? On the one hand, I — like a lot of you — think George and Izzie sleeping together would have seemed lazy no matter what. On the other hand, the little things about this show that I used to shrug off now bother me in a much bigger way, and I can't blame that on anything but Meredith's "death."

The overbearing metaphors in the medical cases really bugged me on Thursday — seriously, a dollhouse? — but I didn't hate everything about "My Favorite Mistake." For one thing, at least someone is dealing with the fact that Meredith almost died. For another, I loved seeing how completely ruthless Mark can be. To talk about the episode, spoilers and all,

The episode picks up just seconds after last week's ending, with Izzie naked in bed. She slips away to the kitchen, where Meredith and Cristina joke about her and George "going at it" last night — but of course they're just talking about the drinking, not the sexing. George, meanwhile, remembers nothing. He has enough troubles, though, as he has to drag his hungover, pukey self to lunch with Callie's dad.

It's a big day in the race for chief, with the candidates scheduled to make a presentation to the board. Marlow shows up with a 10-year plan for Seattle Grace, which sends the other attendings into a tizzy. Mark decides to make his impression by giving Jane Doe her new face, and he offers Meredith a chance at a tricky part of the procedure. Derek thinks Mark is using Meredith: If it goes well, Meredith will remind Richard of Ellis; if it doesn’t, Mark can step in and be a hero.

Callie, George and Izzie — of course — work with a patient who has a rare disease that turns her into a human statue. She's presided over by an incredibly overprotective daughter who is hard at work on an elaborate dollhouse, just in case we couldn’t figure out that she’s a control freak. Cristina, meanwhile, treats a diabetic man whose foot needs to be amputated — the foot, naturally, being a metaphor for Burke.

Derek asks her how bad the pain is today. It was a little moment, but I liked it, because it showed that Meredith is actually in some degree of pain, even though it still seems to be all about her mom's death and not her own. Izzie, meanwhile, confesses to Addison that she had sex with the wrong person, though at the time it felt like something good was falling into place. Addison: "What am I, the go-to person for adultery?" Addison tells her she has to stop.

Mark tries to solicit ideas for improving Seattle Grace, and Bailey snaps that she doesn't have a 10-year plan for the hospital, she has a right-now plan for the guy who's losing his foot. Alex sweetly helps Jane Doe pick her new face. And George's memory returns smack in the middle of lunch, and he storms out, saying he can't take any of their family's money.

George races back to the hospital and pulls Izzie into a linen closet, where it seems like they're either going to kiss or scream, but instead they're just silent and awkward. Callie's dad, meanwhile, interprets George's outburst as standing up to him and welcomes George to the family. Callie then apologizes to George for their fight and says she wants to take back about 90 percent of the previous night. George: "Me, too."

Derek frets to Richard about Meredith, saying that he often thinks about the way she gave up in the water and sometimes listens to her breathe just to make sure she's not stopping. Meredith pulls off her procedure, but the statue woman isn’t so lucky, and she dies as her daughter drops a piece of the dollhouse and watches it shatter on the floor. Oh, please.

George, meanwhile, tells Izzie that what happened between them has to be their secret. Mark impresses the board with his "right now" plan for Seattle Grace. Cristina tells Burke she’ll get married, but only if it's a small wedding. Meredith tells Derek that she let Mark use her, but it's exactly what dead mommy would have wanted. And Izzie and George attempt to pretend like nothing ever happened, with George lying next to Callie (obviously wanting to disappear) and Izzie balling up the sheets from their bed of sin.

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