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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Episode 22, "What a Difference a Day Makes"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 22, "What a Difference a Day Makes"

The 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy has all the elements of a classic: there's a big tragedy that brings a lot of the doctors together, a few sweeping speeches, and a wedding that makes me cry despite lots of lapses of logic. It's not my favorite Grey's of the season, but if a measure of a good episode is whether I was a weepy mess by the end, then "What a Difference a Day Makes" is certainly good. Ready to talk about it? Just


I'm the first to admit I should have seen the Izzie/Alex wedding twist coming from a mile away. Meredith and Derek don't actually need a wedding, but Izzie does. She planned it to be exactly the wedding she'd want if only she'd live long enough to have a wedding, and Meredith and Derek (and Alex) ensure that she gets it. Sure, if I look too hard, there's a lot that makes no sense (like Meredith's dress fitting Izzie, or the church being full of Meredith and Derek's guests). But I don't really care, because Izzie gets a moment of happiness in an episode that's full of signs of death, and Alex gets to give that speech about becoming a man. We've watched Alex cope with so much tragedy — and watched Justin Chambers grow so much as an actor through those scenes — that his "I become accountable to you" speech rings true. Really, the biggest reason I want Izzie to live is that poor Alex deserves a break.

Meanwhile, the nice, light-hearted plotline we get to go along with Izzie's predeath wedding is . . . a car crash that kills a bunch of college kids on their way to graduation. Oof. I'm still really enjoying the whole George-as-a-trauma-surgeon story, but I think it's going to be a while before George believes he's cut out for it. Not surprising for a guy who started his career branded 007, he takes it personally when patients die. It's going to take a lot of coaching on Owen's part to get George to believe that saving some people sometimes requires losing others. Also, while it was a little too on the nose, the graduation speech — with the kids being zipped up in body bags — also made me cry. Dammit, Grey's.

I'm a little confused about why Arizona thought the middle of a huge trauma that her girlfriend was running would be the best time to confront Callie about the weirdness of their date. Her whole "So I'm not fun? You can get enough of me?" speech made me want to slap her, and I have to imagine that the only reason Callie didn't is that she was too tired from, you know, saving lives. The resolution was fine — Callie's money troubles are out in the open and she and Arizona have happy, pizza-eating naked time — but wow, Arizona was a pest.

Some other thoughts:

  • Denny Duquette's appearance didn't bother me much this time around, mostly because Izzie now knows what it means and can talk about it with people. (Though I keep thinking that maybe if she'd realized that hallucinating her dead ex was a Very Bad Thing from the start, we wouldn't be in this situation.) The moment when she asked Denny to please step aside so she could spend some time with her husband was sweet.
  • Yeah, Katherine Heigl's still pretty bald. (Or, I know, "bald.")
  • You know what was really making me lose it in the episode? The way Bailey kept almost losing it. When Bailey's crying, you know it's bad. Same with Derek basically giving up on Izzie with "She's one of the good ones."
  • Love that Derek's wedding present to Meredith is a solo surgery.
  • Do you think Derek and Meredith will ever actually get married now? I could see them just going to the courthouse — but would it drive you crazy to never see their day or hear their vows?

One more episode till we know better what the Grey's cast will look like next season. What are your hopes for the finale?

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fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
ok as much as i was annoyed with the whole izzie/cancer deal, alex does deserve a break. and yes, i will go crazy if mere/dere don't get married. it has gone 5 seasons too long. LET THEM GET MARRIED ALREADY CUZ I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
I think the whole point of the college graduation story line was that it was timely, that story line simply wouldn't have made sense in the fall/winter etc. Besides all the other character tie ins, it also gave Alex a perfect speech/vows. I'm not worried about going to my law school graduation because of this--hopefully I'll appreciate it more!! That is terrible that Mer/Der fans are being nasty--true Grey's fans should be happy for Izzie and Alex!!
Deehamza Deehamza 8 years
I think that now Izzie and Alex are married, Izzie won't die. Alex will then feel trapped because he got married to Izzie thinking she was going to die anyway. Anyone thinks the same?
shans99 shans99 8 years
I loved Izzie making Cristina the maid of honor: "You tried to save my life. That makes you honorable." That was when I got teary.
catstarr catstarr 8 years
even though the alex/izzie wedding was no surprise (come on, who hasn't seen it coming since day one of wedding planning??) it was still so sweet and I cried so much! Of course, I always cry at weddings.
pss pss 8 years
well I think th college kids story line is becuse they give a lesson to our guys. I mean cristina realizes she wants to be with owen no matter if fate doesnt want them together, and thats what the boy which the girlfriend is dead said to her; or alexs vows are a part of girls graduation speech.
biancapj biancapj 8 years
This was such a beautiful episode. I am so happy. I've been rooting for Alex and Izzie from the very start. I want them to get their happy ending. They both deserve it! Kudos to KH and JC... acting was superb!
roboholic roboholic 8 years
what a heart wrenchingly beautiful episode! loved it! it made me cry half the time! but i m also wondering if Katherine actually shaved her head?
laceykk23 laceykk23 8 years
yes i think Buzz is wearing a different outfit!
cordata cordata 8 years
P.S. Is Buzz wearing a different outfit?
cordata cordata 8 years
Ok, this episode was ridiculous. If you want to see a good wedding scene, watch the finale of Scrubs - and that was just a fantasy montage! I hope the finale is better because the writing for this episode was so piss poor that a twelve year old with a my little pony fetish could've subbed for Shonda as head writer and NO ONE would have known the difference.
NiceDriveway NiceDriveway 8 years
People on the Grey's writers blog are being so nasty--well, I should say some hardcore MerDer fans are being totally nasty, saying how terrible it was that MerDer didn't get married, how angry they are, that it's ethically immoral to link to an Alzhiemer's charity when MerDer didn't even get married. Actually, some of their comments are disgusting. Like Shonda mentioned, Mer has grown so much. I loved her giving away her wedding--it shows how much she's changed, how whole she is. What could be a better MerDer moment then them doing something so beautiful for a friend? All the characters out for this moment--it was a beautiful ensemble moment.
CM213 CM213 8 years
i actually figured it would be an izzie/alex wedding since she was planning the wedding. the whole thing was so not mer/der at all. all the preparation was too extravagant for mer/der. i think they'll get married at the cliff where mer built the house of candles. simple yet it's so them. i mean, you saw how they spent together after the non-wedding... they were in mer's living room floor just like the very first episode. love the mer/alex and christina/owen scenes. alex's vows made me cry. it was just so... sigh!
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 8 years
Residents only make 27k a year? Wow.
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 8 years
I didn't cry until George stepped up and walked Izzie down the aisle. At that point, I lost it and sobbed for the entire rest of the show.
laoff laoff 8 years
I actually cried in this episode!! So beautiful and sad. Alex crying because of Izzie made me want Izzie to survive. And Owen and Cristina... they have to be together! On the other side Arizona was SO annoying, there were a bunch of kids dying there and she just kept bugging Callie about their relationship! Also, how could Callie have no money? She still has job. Well, I can't wait for next week's episode I think it'll be great.
hokiepokie hokiepokie 8 years
I asked Shonda Rhimes on twitter how Callie is broke because I thought she'd have saved the money she earned since she didn't need to spend any of it and Shonda said, "Residents make about 27k a year. Callie probably living a 100k life. Without dad's money, she had credit card, rent, car..." and I followed up asking how long she had been cut-off/how many years she had been a resident because if she had 1 year's salary saved, she could go for 3 months without being "broke" spending that much & that's enough time to cut-back on spending, but Shonda answered another person who asked what happened to Callie's money that she earned and Shonda said, "ever notice what nice clothes she has? or maybe she gave a ton to charity? or whatever it is rich people spend money on?" which just sounded to me like "Just go along with the storyline. Callie spent all her money on whatever rich people spend their money on even though she had a trust fund and could have easily saved all her money and still spent money on whatever rich people spend their money on." Not surprising coming from the same person who said she has no idea where the show is going and is making it up as she goes along.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
Oh I also loved the moment when George helped Izzie down the aisle, I just wish she had asked him all along.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
I called two weeks ago to my friends that Izzie/Alex were going to get married. I had heard Chandra say that the wedding was NOT Meredith's, so I said that would be the only acceptable conclusion. It was good and so moving, buttt I think more time could have been devoted to that story line?
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
I sobbed throughout this episode - it was sad and beautiful at the same time. The collage kids dying was particularly hard for me because the one girl who kept saying she hadn't started living her life yet. I don't know how I felt about that because to me, what you are doing right now is life, but she was so convinced that her life would start after school. It just seems like a sad way to grow up. Izzie and Alex's wedding was beautiful, and George stepping up and helping Izzie down the isle made me lose it. Why did Izzie only become a lovable character when she starting dying? I don't know if Alex will be able to handle it if he loses her - I think he'll spiral out and become the bad boy again...And as for Mer and McDreamy - I think a courthouse wedding is more their style. Can't wait for the 2 hour episode.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
this episode was just soo good... i def was crying throughout the entire episode! and we all saw the alex/izie wedding! aww, i dont know how theyll end the season, but wow, my eyes are red just from this episode, if izzie dies then i wont be able to function the next day!! and arizona was ANNOYING! and callie has been living with cristina, so i cant imagine where her money is going. shes a doctor, not a poor intern! and i felt so bad for those college kids..
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