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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 23, "Testing, 1-2-3"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 23, "Testing, 1-2-3"

Well, that felt ... normal. It was nice to have "Grey's Anatomy" back as its own show after last week's jumpy, jumbled mess, and for the most part, I thought it felt like old-school "Grey's." While I'm dreading next week's finale, I enjoyed the setup, so to talk about it,

It’s test day for the interns, as well as the day before Burke and Cristina’s wedding, the day of Susan’s funeral, and the day George finds out he's gotten into the surgery program at Mercy West. Sounds like a perfect setup for disaster, huh?

Early on, Ava — who has teeth now! — slips and reveals a memory to Alex. She ultimately admits she remembers her life: She was in a lousy marriage, and she'd come to Seattle to get away. All I could think about was Alex telling her last week that some people would kill for the ability not to remember; how awful it must have been for Ava to realize she liked the blank slate better. Alex doesn't understand why she won't tell people she's alive, and she refuses to tell him her name.

A grieving, angry Thatcher shows up at the hospital and tells Meredith she's not wanted at Susan’s funeral. "She trusted you, she came to you for help, and you killed her," he shouts. Just before the interns' test begins, Richard tells Meredith she's not to blame for Susan's death. "Just because you slept with my mother does not make you my father," she says. In the test room, she stares blankly into space.

Derek asks Meredith how the test went, but she pushes past him and sits alone while the interns try to figure out how to help. George tells her that when your parents die, you make terrible decisions that you'll have to live with for a long time. Eventually, the interns convince Richard to let Meredith retake the test; she again says he’s not her father, but she cries in his arms anyway.

Meanwhile, Addison is being stalked by pregnant women. First, Joe and Walter show up with their potential surrogate mom and ask Addison to check her out. Then Adele comes in after a fender-bender and tells Addison she's pregnant — at age 50+! — with another man's baby. Addison whines to Callie that maybe she could get pregnant if she were gay, or a teenager, or a member of the AARP, and Callie admits that she's been thinking about getting pregnant herself.

Which is perfect timing, given all that’s going on with George. Bailey gives George a dressing-down, telling him he'd be a fool to transfer out of the most prestigious surgery program in the country. George says he simply can't see Izzie every day — "I'm a married man," he says, nice of him to realize — but Izzie tries a last-ditch effort to keep him from going. "I know you think I have feelings for you,” she says, “but I don't, so you can stay." Liar!

Now that we know how the interns are doing, let’s talk about the mountain climbers. This was one of the more adept medical-cases-as-metaphors this show has done. Three climbers who were tied together get injured on a mountain; they’ve left their fourth friend behind to die. The way I see it, Burke and Cristina are climbing the mountain, hoping the pain will be worth it; Izzie is the climber getting her hands amputated; and Meredith is the climber left behind to die. But the interns have saved her by getting her to take the test again, right?

Well ...

Everything explodes in the final few minutes. Callie tells Bailey — who's been almost assured of her spot as chief resident — that she's in the running, too. Burke tells Derek that he has no idea if Cristina's written her vows; Derek tells Burke he has no idea how Meredith's doing at all. Joe and Addison briefly talk babies, until Walter comes back with the surrogate mom, who faints in the bar. And Ava tells Alex her real name: Rebecca.

Richard runs into Adele, who slips into the bathroom to avoid him. He starts shouting through the door: "I've moved on! OK, I'm not actually dating, but I intend to!" Finally, he walks in — and finds Adele passed out on the floor.

Cristina attempts to write her vows, whining about how the whole "love and cherish you every moment of every day of my life" bit is stupid. Izzie says that if she couldn't be with the person she loved, hearing something like that would be all she could ever think about. "You're talking about Denny, right?" asks Meredith, while Callie gives Izzie the death stare.

Derek runs into a random woman at the bar who asks to buy him a drink. He says no, but when she says that's a shame, he wonders aloud if she's right.

And in the final scene, in comes the last hiker — with an axe in his head. "What the hell happened up on that mountain?" Bailey asks. So, girl in the bar = axe in Meredith's head?

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Join The Conversation
katygirlthing katygirlthing 10 years
i heart greys anatomy!! just thought it put my one cent in...
DeaconP DeaconP 10 years
i thought that was merediths sister too! - at first i actually thought it was the sister we saw earlier in the episode because they look so much alike. i'm also sick of the whole double meaning when izzie and callie were doing the amputation how they made it all about them. this whole george/izzie thing has gone too far - i hate the storyline and i don't think it makes any sense...all of a sudden they're in love?? oh and i hate meredith - but this was the first time i ever felt bad for her.
SUGAR-addict-x SUGAR-addict-x 10 years
i actually really liked this season, even through all the ups and downs. im enjoying the whole ava jane doe memory thing, but if mer/der splits up, i will never watch this show again. derek is an idiot, becuase they showed in the preview for next week how he said to mer that he met a girl last night. she was like, should i be worried and he said yeah, you should be. i know its not going to end well....and waht happned to all the good scary medical cases? the other seasons were packed with really good stuff. now its all drama..
krampalicious krampalicious 10 years
i am so pissed at this show. 1) cristina better marry burke. 2) george better stay will callie. 3) addison's show better be good. and why the HELL does everyone love meredith so much? she is lame, whiny, and weak, and i don't blame derek for wanting to get away from her, even is he is a pompous self-righteous turd himself. i just wish i could quit this show.
Bonfire Bonfire 10 years
SMARLER, What a smart theory! You could be onto something! If that girl turns out to be Meredith's sister I hope the plot between her and Derek doesn't continue and she can become a real sister to Meredith. I want to see Meredith get some strength and backbone. For the first time this episode I think we saw a little about what Derek has been talking about when he has complained about Meredith not letting him in. But I totally agree with ASARWAN he is making no effort at all really. He is almost relieved to have an excuse to get out of the relationship. If she has intimacy problems,he has them too but worse! Geez after all the woman has gone through, and tolerated from him no less, you would think he would get that she was shell shocked. He does not act like a person in love at all- he is basically reacting to her shutting down with threats to leave and/or be unfaithful. Her friends are the ones who really care about her and are just there for her even if she is silent. Boo Derek! Sorry guys, I am liking the Izzie George thing (yeah yeah Izzie is annoying with her lectures but she is so beautiful you can ALMOST overlook them). Would love Meredith or Izzie to be pregnant at the finale. Thatcher is a real jerk- the guy has some nerve. I think that what he did to Meredith is unforgivable- screw him with fathers like that who needs enemies! I think Meredith wishes the Chief was her father.
rach2020 rach2020 10 years
I agree that the girl in the bar is Meredith's sister -- I recognised her as the girl in the hospital trying to stop Thatcher from yelling at Meredith. Which makes it all the more likely that something will happen between them. Poor Meredith.
dropstar dropstar 10 years
I admit I teared up during the scene with Meredith's dad. Honestly, it's not a stretch. There are people, in various circumstances, who say such hurtful things. I agree with samshrew--I thought there was a lot going on, too. But today on I read a Newsweek article that detailed a typical weekend in an ER in Atlanta. Grey's is on par with real life! It reminds me of when Boston Public was on. I always thought it was overly dramatic. I have a cousin who works in a rowdy school and she said that the BP stories were never a stretch, and sometimes tame compared to the wild or horrible things that happen in real life.
samshrew samshrew 10 years
I agree that this episode did feel more "normal", although it was like too many things were going on at one time. I'm really starting to wonder what NEXT week will be like where even more is going to happen... Italygal, I'm with you, I'm giving up if it's another mer/der cliffhanger. When it happened last season I remember asking myself "Wow, are they really going to do this at the end of EVERY season?" and now it sounds like I'll be getting my answer to that question very soon... sadness...
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Hey KEG, wasn't that crazy? We've got the Kate/Ellen clip here:
KEG KEG 10 years
kate walsh was on ellen yesterday and it was pretty much announced that the spin-off was going to go through. BIG MISTAKE! did anyone else see that ellen? it was kind of weird... ellen called the president (?) of abc and talked to him about it and he said that the kate was "in good shape" or something like that... i'm kind of surprised it's not being reported.
menthadict menthadict 10 years
this episode was just soooo so great =) i'm so sad for hte next epidosde though
CM213 CM213 10 years
smaler omg i was thinking the same thing. i said the same exact thing to my niece who in retured called me twisted and asked what has meredith ever do to me that i would ay such a mean thing. anyway, i did think she looked abit like molly. omg, omg!!! i read at another message board, maybe it was Grey Matter that they're going to have her back in a story arc for season 4. i hope not. i feel so bad for meredith last night. my niece is wrong. i have nothing against meredith. i actually want things to go right for her.
Running-Bunny Running-Bunny 10 years
Thanks Buzz!! I did see her in Reunion, weird that I remembered her!
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
The actress playing the woman in the bar is Chyler Leigh, who was in "Reunion" and "The Practice," among other things. And smarler, that's a really interesting theory!
Running-Bunny Running-Bunny 10 years
Smarler, that is an interesting idea about that woman hitting on McDreamy! I was asking about the actress, BUT I like what you had to say about the character! That would be messed up! The whole thing with Mer and her dad makes me sad. When he hit her last week tears just started rolling down my face, same as last night with the way he was talking to her. I am sad that the season finale is next week, BUT that means for interesting cliff hangers!
redsox26 redsox26 10 years
this episode left too many cliffhangers. But it will make next weeks episode unforgettable.
I heard they AREN'T gonna do the spin off! The critics didn't like so much! Watever! I cannot believe Merideth's dad blamed Susan's death on HER! And I seriously hope George isn't gonna go to Mercy West! And what happened with Adele! THAT was NUTS!!! I don't think Christina and Burke are going to get married...hmmmmm??? I wonder if Callie is gonna find out what's been going on with Izzie and George... NEXT WEEK IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!! xoxo ♥
jes24 jes24 10 years
it's the SEASON FINALE next week??? NOOOOOOOOOO : (
jes24 jes24 10 years
i cried on this episode. i liked it. it moved me when the chief takes care of meridith on the biggest and hardest day of her life. i agree that izzie and george should just GET OVER IT! i can't wait for next week -- Cristina's Wedding!
smarler smarler 10 years
Running Bunny, my first instinct on the girl hitting on McDreamy is that it could Meredith's other sister, Lexie, the one in med school. Think about it--she resembles the younger sister Molly, she said she was having a bad day, and she was wearing black. Maybe it's a far leap, but it could happen. (If you're asking about the actual actress, I have no idea.) That's just my thought, though.
Running-Bunny Running-Bunny 10 years
Really liked the episode last night!!! Great recap is my question, and it is very random. Does anyone recognize the girl who was hitting on McDreamy in the bar? If so please let me know!
asarwan asarwan 10 years
OH yeah and what's his face was mad at "AVA"? Anyone want to explain why? DO SOMETHING. moron. he makes me angry!
asarwan asarwan 10 years
All i know is they shave off her eyebrows. i almost DIED! that was so funny.
asarwan asarwan 10 years
Oh wow. I dont' even know what to say. Yeah issy and george heart wrenching. but is she over losing Denny? So now it's on to your best friend? Is it me or was George lookin extra cute this week? Poor Burke. Next poor Christina. Mer is shutting Derekk out. but he's not really fighting to get back in. It's hard for her. It's not like she told her friends. They were there they saw. I feel bad for both. but his stupid pride. i want to hit him in the head. WAKE UP! Random things in there were throwing me off.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Great recap, Buzz. It did feel almost "normal" last night. Bailey is still the scene stealer; her looks and actions when she discovered that Callie was also in the running for chief resident were perfectly executed. For once I felt real sympathy for Meredith when her father confronts her; what a heartbreaking moment. Even though there was a lot crammed in, I did start to care about the characters once again, something that I haven't experience in a long time. Next week's finale should be explosive--at least I hope so; I fear though that we will be left with a Mer/Der relationship up in the air again. Wonder if Christina will walk down that aisle?
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