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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Episode Eight, "These Ties That Bind"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 8, "These Ties That Bind"

Ohhh-kay. This week's Grey's Anatomy has left me confused, like I tumbled down the Seattle Grace rabbit hole and came up in a world where nothing made any sense. Whether it was the departure of Hahn, the arrival of Meredith's old backpacking buddy, the trouble everyone had relating to the new heart surgeon, or Izzie's struggles with Denny's memory, there's a lot to try to make sense of. Want to try to puzzle through it with me? Just


Gotta start with Izzie. She's still seeing the ghost of Denny, and not least because she's working on her second heart transplant patient in a row. This one, at least, is a man who knows from ghosts: He's a Native American who believes his body is being haunted by the spirit of his first heart donor. While he kicks Izzie off his case (he's got enough ghosts of his own), he also advises Izzie to get rid of anything she still has of Denny's, which is how Alex comes to burn that maroon sweater in the fireplace. And yet . . . when Izzie retreats to her room, Denny's still there, and when she touches him, he's real. Now, there was a little part of me thinking, "Denny's real! Izzie and Denny! Love forever!" But the much bigger part of me was thinking, "Huh?" Leaving aside the rumors that might have been bandied about and squarely denied — if Izzie can touch Denny, then there's something wrong with Izzie, right? She says so herself in this episode. Is she dead? Dying? Going through some kind of prolonged mental breakdown?

Then, we have our newbies. Starting with Virginia Dixon: I get that these are surgeons, not mental health professionals, but really, nobody recognizes the symptoms of Asperger's? I loved the way she sticks it to Bailey in the end, saying she knows she was manipulated. And I appreciate that Grey's is trying to do a story about a disorder that affects so many people, but I'm afraid this could be one of the things the show thinks it can do better than it actually can. And besides that, if Dixon is a character whose central trait is her inability to connect, will we be able to connect with her?

Then there's Sadie. First of all, Melissa George looks a lot like Katherine Heigl, which the Grey's conspiracy theorist in me couldn't help but focus on. Second, I do want to know what Meredith was like before she became the whiny, lovestruck surgeon we've come to love/loathe, so I'll be curious to learn about the "adventures of Death and Die" (er, I assume Meredith and Sadie). But that whole thing with her taking off her top and slicing open her shoulder? Not sure I'm liking where that's going. Also, does it make any sense that an intern would just show up in the middle of a year?

Some other stuff happened, too:

  • Hahn's departure is certainly not explained. All we really get is Callie sobbing in the ER because she's been channeling all her psychic pain into reconstructing legs for a man who will never get to use them. I wash my hands of that story.
  • Owen Hunt continues to be a redeeming factor, but he's also . . . a little scary? Talk about psychic pain. That kiss with Cristina was both incredibly hot and borderline violent.
  • The sketchy intern surgery clinic is more or less found out, thanks to Lexie's multitude of band-aids that lead people to believe she's "a secret cutter."
  • Derek's dispatched to tell Sloan not to put "Little Sloan" in "Little Grey," which is best for Mark's response: "OK, that's just creepy. And inaccurate. Big Sloan!"

Lots to discuss, so let's get to it. What's wrong with Izzie? Are Dixon and Sadie good additions? And wouldn't burning Denny's sweater in the fireplace just make the whole house haunted?

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hautemommie hautemommie 8 years
Will always love grey's even through the ups and downs... So glad hahn is gone! Her negativity was draining and her constant feeling of entitlement rubbed me the wrong way. I agree with whomever said callie is just a bad actress, she's annoyed me since her and George were together. Sloan is great! Hilarious. Mer's old friend was r a n d o m. I was like huh?!? And the moment she had with callie about the legs being like Lincoln logs and Christina telling mer she needed to learn her place, priceless. Lol
hannahsnow hannahsnow 8 years
I wanted to cry when I say Callie crying. Oh the heartache.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
best quote ever: "Shonda Rhimes, you are as crazy as Izzie. Denny has been resurrected more times than Tupac Shakur and each time, I find him less appealing." lol. i too am so over the denny/izzie storyline. was never a fan of hahn, but at least give a better explanation. stop repeating alex's pattern with the crazy girls and give the man a break. not into this sadie chick at all. sloan is the only one keeping me tuned in to grey's. i was surprised by my like for him and callie bonding - especially when he helped her out, shows the man is human after all. but hook him up with little grey and i'm done with the show.
thelorax thelorax 8 years
I'm in the "Brain tumor Izzie" school of thought. Wasn't Katherine Heigl hinting months ago that she was kind of over Grey's & wanted off the show? I think Denny is either a hallucination resulting from a brain tumor or he's her angel of death. Also, I was intrigued by the Dr. with Asperger's concept - until I watched this episode. They gave her a very SEVERE case of Asperger's. My husband & I have each had a prior roommate with Asperger's, and I had a coworker who had it as well, and both of us felt this new doc was unconvincing.
mymre27 mymre27 8 years
I can't imagine Izzy being off the show, she is the most interesting character on it. But I do have to say that they way I interpreted Denny saying "I'm here for you." Was not like he was there to help her but rather to take her with him. So, I'm thinking that Izzy is probably a goner. It also looked to me like she might be pregnant in one of the scenes last week, maybe that is the reason for it rather than the comments she made over the summer about not having a good enough story line to contend for an Emmy.
mississippigirl1 mississippigirl1 8 years
I was very thrown off by this episode... First off I missed the first 3 minutes - did they ever explain why Sadie has an accent? I also felt like I was watching cheap porn when she ripped her shirt off and cut herself. I'm in medical school (only my 2nd year, not an intern/resident yet), but I do think most of you will be pretty amused that we do actually practice procedures on each other. Later this year we have to draw blood from one another. It is required - not an option. We've already practiced dilating each others eyes and doing a fundoscopic exam. We listen to each others lungs and hearts and generally practice all kinds of things on each other. Our spouses catch the brunt of it as well :)
sweettea sweettea 8 years
Ok, I had gotten over Grey's last season, thought it had gone to crap and there was no way to save it. Then the beginning of this season and I hadn't watched but then caught it online. And I was impressed. It was getting better, Hunt I thought was an interesting addition, Izzy was getting less annoying with the whole Denny and George thing. And Meridith was finally acting like a person. But now this new heart surgeon and Melissa George, who is the most annoying actress on the planet. Just watch her ruin the 3rd season of Alias for confirmation on that one. And the whole story-line, death and die - Meridith just finally moved on and was acting like a real person I will stop watching officially forever if she gets all stupid and reverts back. And let Izzy move on. What the hell happened to this show?
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 8 years
Sucked. Shonda Rhimes, you are as crazy as Izzie. Denny has been resurrected more times than Tupac Shakur and each time, I find him less appealing. Dr. Hunt is ugly, broken and psychotic. Just what Cristina needs after a thoughtful, absolutely dedicated man like Burke. (Not.) Melissa George is acting like a fifth-rate Angelina Jolie. I'm surprised she doesn't have a vial of Meredith's blood around her neck. Getting rid of Hahn was awful only because they never did anything meaningful with her character, except make her a bitch from the start and write a shallow lesbian storyline for her. So sad and stupid. They jumped the shark when Meredith "died." It has been the looongest shark jump on TV in years. done lost it, girl.
dioraddict dioraddict 8 years
I was also really confused by this episode. First of all, I think the Chief is too busy trying to up the hospital's #12 status and not focusing on whats going on. I don't think Dr. Viginia Dixon will be staying at Seattle Grace, and it was nice that she stood up to Bailey at the end. That Deth & Die thing came out of nowhere, but I agree with Buzz and I'd like to know a little more about Meredith pre-Seattle Grace. It was funny to see Christina getting jealous of their friendship. Dr. Hunt is starting to grow on me, but judging from the way he reacted to Cristina approaching him outside the bar, it's clear this guy has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). As for Izzie seeing Denny's ghost, those were definitely :OY: moments. According to Shonda, they don't wanna get rid of Izzie's character, so I don't think they'll kill her off. I agree with others that said that Izzie is gonna be diagnosed with something, like a brain tumor, and that's why she's seeing things (or Denny) that aren't there. They had a similar case some time ago when they believed a patient with a brain tumor was hallucinating her "Prince Charming."
AmandaKrups AmandaKrups 8 years
Well, my best friend is in school to become a Physician's Assistant, and she told me that the students would practice taking each other's blood and giving each other shots in class. Granted, that was sanctioned by the professors and program, but that is how they learn.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Yeah, this episode sucked. I feel emotionally manipulated with this whole Izzie-Denny nonsense. I really miss Denny, but seeing him on the show is just a terrible reminder that he's dead. And it's painfully obvious that Izzie is going to die soon. Honestly, I hope Katherine Heigl leaves the show because she can do better and this show has gone WAY downhill. I don't think Hunt is necessarily "hot" either (I just saw Made of Honor - he wasn't good looking in that), but I like him with a bit of scruff and he seems like a good match for Cristina. Callie's crying was awful. I understand that she is upset, but there is a time and a place for things. Surgery is definitely not one of them. I think its ridiculous that they didn't even give an explanation of why she left. They didn't even talk about it...And wtf is with Sadie? I didn't even know she was an intern until she showed up at the hospital with Meredith, Cristina, and Derek.
CityStyleLife CityStyleLife 8 years
Come on, "I'm here for you"????Clearly Izzie is gonna die!, Katherine has been a little mean with comments about the show. Maybe it's her time? I dunno but clearly Shonda is ready to do way with a major character...
Bevaleee78 Bevaleee78 8 years
I think Izzy's going to become schizophrenic. Seeing and hearing things that aren't there? It sounds like something the writers would do. And it would explain why Shonda Rimes said no when asked if Izzy would develop a brain tumor. Schizophrenia is the answer!
Tulipe Tulipe 8 years
BuzzSugar, whomever is behind that pseudo, I just want you to know that in one little article, you've just synthetized everything I felt about Grey's episode while watching it. It's amazing how well you can transcribe the feelings that I didn't put into words. Thank you ! :-) PS : McArmy has serious problems and he should see to solve them before forcing him again on Christina (allright, not entirely "force him" because she was a semi-consenting adult, but still, that's how it felt).
aras8218 aras8218 8 years
Yes, I'm confused and i thought it was just me because i haven't watched in a while. The whole Izzy thing is perplexing.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
it's okay, I wasn't accusing you of saying that but it just seemed like that's what you meant. Just because she's weird doesn't mean she's a bad doctor.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
amloveaffair, I never once said or hinted that people with asbergers were dumb or incompetent. All I said was that I would NOT trust that doctor.
spacebear spacebear 8 years
when izzy was "with" denny at the end talking, i kept thinking they would cut away and it would be alex when they went back to him. i wish that would have happened instead of what did.
nikecold nikecold 8 years
I could tell the first time I saw Sadie that she would be a character I dislike, and so far so true. The Izzie/Denny things seems like such a low blow, they're trying to drag us in by bringing Denny back and therefore giving Izzie more likeability. But she kissed his ghost for christ's sake, his GHOST. Get her some other guy, don't try tomanipulate the audience with all this ridiculousness.
kafitty kafitty 8 years
i miss George... :0( the whole Izzie/Denny thing is whacky. Though it makes for some great quoteable lines, hahaha. i'm thinking brain tumor too. No wonder Alex is all messed up. But seriously, the storyline has gone from Izzie begging him to open up, to him begging her to open up, in the course of like 3 weeks. i feel like Izzie, i can't deal with him being a jerk one minute and a sweetheart the next, lol. don't like Dr. Dixon. don't miss Dr. Hahn! i still love Grey's but it's getting borderline ridiculous.
Katebeth45 Katebeth45 8 years
The whole Denny/Izzie storyline is so much like a General Hospital storyline where Nikolas had like some kind of tumor and could touch and feel his dead fiancee Emily. So my guess is Izzie has a tumor. Come on. If that is true couldn't they come up with a new original storyline. Geesh. Very diappointing and not interesting at all to me.
CYL CYL 8 years
Brain TUMOR IZZIE! Poor Alex..two psycho gfs..the man will never commit to another woman again. He really is quite sweet and caring underneath his tough exterior. And yes Dr. Hunt..borderline hot and scary that kiss. Loved Sloan and "inaccurate" about the little sloan part... I enjoy Derek and his friendship.
smileet147 smileet147 8 years
methinks someone has a brain tumor. good riddance katherine heigel.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
i agree with the people above that say that izzie might be suffering from something, either a brain tumor or some form of dementia. maybe shell go down the rebecca path, which will be so sad for alex! but this episode was too busy, with the little sloan part def being the funniest. also, i dont think a whole team of doctors will ever drop everything to operate on a homeless guy. i mean, everyone deserves medical care, but in rel life it just doesnt happen.
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