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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode Seven, "Rise Up"

On this week's Grey's Anatomy, lots of (mostly metaphorical) ghosts start floating around Seattle Grace. There's the ghost of Izzie's relationship with Denny, possibly preparing to start haunting all of Seattle Grace as well. There's the ghost of Denny himself, not letting Izzie go. There's the ghost of Meredith's mother, still present in those journals. And that's just the beginning, so to talk about it, just


When this episode ended, I felt angry. Not because it hadn't been good, but because that's the way they chose to say goodbye to Brooke Smith's Erica Hahn: by giving her the kind of compelling medical story that she should have had all along. Exploring Izzie's role in Denny's death from the perspective of Hahn and the patient who should have had Denny's heart is a great story, and a necessary one. It always seemed odd that Izzie's suspension was the only punishment. Hahn wants more, and she plans to stir up trouble by reporting the deeds to UNOS. That fight with Callie — with Hahn saying this is a matter with clear right and wrong, and Callie arguing that without being in that room with Denny, there's no way to know — is the last we'll see of Hahn, right when her best story was starting. I wonder how they'll explain her departure, because the Hahn we know would never flee from a little fight like that. She'd embrace it.

Without even knowing how Hahn plans to take her down, Izzie feels haunted all episode, because the person who should have had Denny's heart is in Denny's old room and she keeps seeing Denny just . . . sitting there. It nearly means she can't talk her patient through surgery, and it definitely wreaks havoc with her mind (to Meredith: "When your dead mommy teaches you things, do you see her?"). I was actually getting a little tired of Ghost Denny — until the end, when Izzie tells him to leave, he's replaced in her view by Alex, and then Denny pops up elsewhere, just trying to make sure she's really OK.

Meanwhile, the story that really almost made me lose it was Derek and Bailey operating on the woman with the perfect marriage. Despite what they'd talked about before, the man can't let his Rosie go. And then Bailey can't, either, because that would be like killing the conception she still has of true love. Finally, Derek steps in — he who knows all too well that marriage isn't perfect — to let Rosie die the way she'd wished.

In other news:

  • I love Owen Hunt. I love that we have a character who can say that these interns are immature, rude, too preoccupied with their personal lives, and not prepared to be doctors. I love that Cristina manages to shake up his conceptions of her by revealing the very personal story about her father that led her into medicine. Love!
  • The Chief and the surgery robot is obvious comic relief, but man, did I love that it's George O'Malley who gets the worst of it.
  • Speaking of comic relief, Mark hitting on Cristina Yang? Is there a worse potential pairing in the history of Grey's? So many great lines, including Cristina's shocked giggles and everything related to "single-malt Scotch."
  • The weird underground surgical intern IV practice circle makes me uncomfortable, but so did Lexie stealing the cadavers. It's a good excuse for some speechifying from Bailey, in any case.

Are you on Hahn's side or Callie's? Are you still moved by the appearance of Denny? And can you think of a worse pairing than Mark and Cristina? Discuss!

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dioraddict dioraddict 8 years
My favorite quote from the entire episode was when Izzie said "It's like a bouquet....of corpses!" LOL.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Great episode! I cried several times...whenever Denny popped up on screen, and when the old lady died. It was so sad to watch her husband try to resucitate her :( Derek's plan to get Cristina laid was stupid, but her reactions to Mark were funny. I love her chemistry with Owen Hunt, and it was nice that she really opened up to him about why she got into medicine. I didn't like Hahn, but the way that she left the show was terrible. I hope Callie will be able to find someone better though.
mlen mlen 8 years
yep old couple made me cry. loved mark hitting on christina- hysterical. especially when he finally told her and she just laughed in his face. so funny when hunt went in and talked to the dummy.. or chief lol and george caught on. hunt is growing on me a little- i liked the moment with christina and i'm glad she knew the patients name and shut him up- good for her. didn't like hahn but didn't like the ending. that was finally a good story line for her. and if they wanted to break her and callie up it was a good way to do it- let this issue come between them- but at least give it a chance to- don't just write her off that way! i do like callie and mark's chemistry though. i watched two episodes in a row this week on my dvr so i can't remember which one it is when she invites him to the bar- maybe the other one- but i like their friendship.
limelindsey limelindsey 8 years
Loved Major Hottie and Cristina's little talk at the end...watched it at least 5 times! I am just loving their storyline. Good stuff. Also, George vs the dummy was hilarious!
Fab-in-JA Fab-in-JA 8 years
My two cents on this episode.....McArmy...he is my new fav member of staff at SGH!!! He totally rocks...he is a no nonsense kinda guy and I think this is what the show needed cause,..tbh, Bailey was getting a little soft..just in my opinion Denny has got to stop popping up...he is hot and really good to look at and I'm glad the whole drama with Izzy got dragged out in the open once more but Denny himself appearing and disappearing has to end..... ok on to why I'm happy that the whole Denny drama got out...Erica Hahn...I'm sad to see her go because of her treats towards the hospital and Izzy..I really wanted to see where it would could she leave after saying all of just doesn't add up.. on the other hand, I'm not too sad to see her go because now Callie and McSteamy can get back to the on-call room....they have chemistry... Hilarious parts...McSteamy hitting on Cristina....his bewildered looks to her giggles was just fantastic....George and the robot...badass.."I'm bleeding out"....and all the cracks at Alex and his bedside was the chiefs' time to have some fun...McDreamy and McSteamy - Operation "Sleep with Cristina"...Not the best idea Derek has had... And the old couple was heartbreaking...their story about saying Goodbye before surgeries and then Hello when she wakes up...made me cry...its so sweet...Hurt when they didn't get to say Hello again...and his determination to get her to wake sad.. Can't wait for the next episode....
menthadict menthadict 8 years
This was such an incredible episode. I teared up at several intervals and believe me I only cry if it's GOOD. I loved the old married couple- they were so sad and I felt so bad for the husband and I hate Shepard a little bit for stopping. Denny and Izzie are so sad- I'm starting to like her a little more again and she really showed her skills again this episode. I loved that opening scene when Alex puts his arm around her- they're so incredible together and he's so hot. Cristina's story about her dad was so sad, and I was actually quite shocked she knew the patient's name. I love her though...still miss Burke. I agree with the above in terms of the resident's ability to teach. They are truly horrible. They managed to have the best resident and have not passed on those skills at all! I feel so bad for the interns, once they finally found cadavers to work on they were stolen away and then scolded by Bailey!
luckyP luckyP 8 years
McArmy is all handsome but I wonder if McArmy will suffer from PTSD, he kinda seems like he has some major issues from Iraq, though who wouldn't. Hate, Hahn, and glad she's gone, but terrible send off. And as much as I don't really like Izzie, or the actress who plays her, I just couldn't see the show without her. Can't see the show without any of the main characters, so I hope the organ stealing/UNOS thing doesn't really go anywhere. And Denny... one word awww. Though the storyline is overused sometimes, every time he shows up I can't help but swoon. Mark flirting with Cristina and the George/Robot/Chief surgery thing, hilarious. The gang seem to all be bad residents. They are still acting like interns. Forgetting that they have people that they have to teach. Always worrying about getting time in the OR. Bailey never forgot she was teaching them, heck she still does it now, and they aren't her interns anymore. Hopefully they'll get their heads out of the asses soon. And those poor interns are going to get themselves into trouble I thinks. But great episode, this season is so much better than last season, and some of the season before.
nessa17 nessa17 8 years
Loved this episode, statred crying at the older couple story.i loved sEeing denny again and mark hitting on christina was hilarious. I also like the new doctor, i still want him and christina together.
coachluvr33 coachluvr33 8 years
I seriously sobbed during the older couple storyline. That stuff just tears me up. Denny and Izzie always make me cry. She kinda annoys me sometimes, but their romance was
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 8 years
i was sobbing during the scene with the old guy and his rosie. :( i want that kind of relationship. denny...i love denny..i would love a man like denny...sorry rambling. this episode was interesting. the story with christina and dr. hunt excites me and i can't wait to see where it goes. erica hahn's story ended far too quickly and needs to be explained more....izzy and alex..izzie and denny...death and love what mix. i seriously was sobbing this whole show. i don't know if i was just pms'ing or because i'm having my own issues with my marriage and love but it all really hit very close to home. i love this show. denny ducette or marc sloan can haunt me any time....
clooneywoman clooneywoman 8 years
i miss Denny but being a ghost is kinda annoying to me :( , have not seen the episode yet..............:(
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
You know, I liked Denny when he was alive on the show and all, but I'm with the others on here who want that storyline left alone. C'mon writers, let's move on now. It's gotten to the point where his appearance just doesn't do anything for me anymore.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
Really Indielove? He seems like he'd be a sweet guy but sometimes he just makes me gag, sometimes he is cute though.
graylen graylen 8 years
I forgot- I also loved the scene with McDreamy and Sloan in the elevator when he goes- "I'm not your stud horse" and McDreamy goes "You slept with my wife." Sloan- "Yeah... I'll do it." That made me laugh pretty hard. I'm really glad they are friends again.
Stephabbey Stephabbey 8 years
Oh and I'm glad Hahn is gone. Never liked her. Thought she was cold and never fit in with the rest of the gang. However I do wish her departure had been handled in a better way. Don't know in what way since I am not a writer but I thought it was too hasty of an exit. Maybe it will play out better in the weeks to come. I loooove Callie and I just think that Hahn is not the right person for such a sweet sensitive (yet very competent) and bold character.
Stephabbey Stephabbey 8 years
Oh Grey's how i love thee this season. First off I loooooved the robot. At first I couldn't figure out how it came coming out with such spot on responses and then to see the chief and the tech! It was classic. I also loved George cuz he kept going no matter what...and that's the kinda awesome doc he is going to make:) I thought the basement IV grp was weird but I used to work with nurses and they told me they practiced on each other in school. So there u have it. Sloan--I love him. And i loved seeing him get shut down and Christina walking away laughing. Owen-Geez i cant get enough of this man. Just when I am getting irritated that he is being too harsh he has a moment of vulnerability and I just melt completely. And he sooooo has a thing for christina--a major thing! cant wait til he makes his next move. Hope he isnt too traumatized from Iraq so I can see him get it on with Yang ASAP. The old couple--perfect love and when he let go and let bailey do the chest pumping...god we should all be so lucky to have someone love us as much Oh God and Denny. I don't think I ever got over his death b.c I was bawling by the end of the episode. Every time he came up on last night's episode all these scenes of him and Izzie flashed through my head and the scenes of her in her beautiful dress going to see him b4 he died...I was destroyed when Shonda killed him (You hear that Shonda!). Like bawling like it was my love who died. And to see him again last night was hard but therapeutic. I still cried but it was a crying of letting him go. (Yes i realize this is a fictional show...but some things hit very close to home to me...if u love someone deeply u prob understand) I did think it was good for Izzie to be confronted with the other heart patient. she needs to confront her actions and the consequences so she can heal. Cant wait til next week!
sylviamcdanyel sylviamcdanyel 8 years
McArmy? I love that nickname AND him! Can't wait to see him and Bailey tie up about something!
BuffBabyD BuffBabyD 8 years
I loved that they brought Denny back...and I think the new doc is soooo AMAZING <3 <3 <3
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
I loved that old couple. And the way Bailey said "I know YOU can't" I about lost it. That was the most touching moment of the whole episode for me. The second most was Izzie telling Denny to leave her alone. I can imagine the turmoil her character was dealing with, and that had to be hard, but she's right! It's time for her to move on. Denny can be her "guardian angel" but she can live without "him" now. I felt for her during the surgery. Again, that had to be SO difficult for her. I think though it was exactly what needed to happen for her to move on. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TO HAHN! I'm glad she's gone. I didn't like her OR her character and I hope they find another woman for Callie who is MUCH more worthy of her. Callie's character is a funny, quirky, sensitive girl that needs to be with someone KIND of soft, but that will ground her. Hahn was just a mean and nasty b***h in my opinion and I didn't like her from day one. (Probably because she wanted to let Denny die LOL) I am curious though how they're going to explain her sudden disappearance since she didn't tell Callie "I'm leaving this hospital if that's how it's run" or anything along those lines (unless I missed it) so they WILL have to give an explanation. I do agree though that this story had to happen. Had Izzie done any of that in a REAL hospital, it would have been the end of her medical career, no matter how much her superiors liked her. She couldn't have been saved from it. I'm going to be extremely interested to see how that pans out. I love Mer's "My Dead Mommy taught me" LOL I was about dying when Izzie asked if she sees her. hehehe Overall, I thought the acting was superb and the writing was outstanding. It was everything I've come to expect from Grey's (With the exception of the hahn thing)
bluesuze bluesuze 8 years
If that is how they ended it with Hahn, it is terribly dissapointing. My favorite line "I"m bleeding out!" from the robot/the Chief! :ROTFL: The old couple story was so sad and sweet! Maybe I'm the only one, but how many times are they going to bring back Dead Denny? I'm just not feeling that storyline anymore. I can't wait for a real McArmy/Christina hookup
Phasekitty Phasekitty 8 years
It's a huge testament to what Grey's used to be that they created a character that the mere site of can make me tear up. I cried like a baby at the end of Grey's last night when Denny asked if Izzy was really OK. I was really looking forward to last night's episode and it didn't disappoint. I really think the show is starting to look up.
meeshee meeshee 8 years
the old couple made me CRY LIKE A BABY! no joke.. i just couldn't hold back the tears!!!! i too hate hahn's character.. she infuriates me! i'm sort of glad to see her go, but that ending was much too abrupt. i also loved the scene between yang & hunt in the little room. i love christina's character and sandra oh is an amazing actress!
Tennant_Love Tennant_Love 8 years
I forgot to mention the Bailey/McDreamy storyline. It was just so so so sad, I'm still upset about it now. What a tragic love story. When the guy walked out of the hospital by himself, I broke down. He never got to say "Hello" again :(
Tennant_Love Tennant_Love 8 years
STOP BRINGING DENNY BACK SHONDA!!! My heart cannot take it, it's like I have to say goodbye to him over & over again, it's not nice. BUT I love JDM so I guess the tears will just have to continue as long as his hotness keeps appearing. I love JDM but I hate seeing Denny over & over again knowing that he's gone and him & Izzie will never get married or kiss again or anything :( I loved that Alex was there in that end scene! Yang/Hunt FTW!!!!! Is that the only personal story Yang has EVER told? And she told Owen??? God I love Owen, he is becoming my favourite character already, he acts all tough & angry but then he will crack & you can see the tears. Mark hitting on Cristina has to be the FUNNIEST thing ever!!!!! The Chief and that dummy was hilarious, poor Georgie!!!!!
bluestar bluestar 8 years
I did like this episode and I do like Denny, but I hope it's the last time they show him. I'm sick of him showing up randomly, he's dead!!!!! Let's let it go now. I'm glad Hahn is gone and the chief told her off. She seems really unstable..and a b*tch. The rest was good though.
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