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Grey's Anatomy Recap For "Get Up, Stand Up"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: "Get Up, Stand Up"

Saddle up, everyone, because it's time for another Grey's Anatomy wedding! Literally, it takes place in a barn, so you should probably saddle up. April's gearing up for her big day, and, in true Grey's Anatomy style, nothing really goes the way she hopes. Her bridesmaids are either bickering or breaking down, Matthew sees her in curlers, and someone interrupts the wedding with a jaw-dropping confession.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Alex comes to terms with the emotional scars administered by his father, and Shane is pretty much spiraling out of control. Keep reading to find out what happens in the Winter finale.

  • With the help of a well-meaning father who accidentally may have caused permanent spine damage to his son Cody, Alex realizes that it was probably for the best that his dad left. It's nice to see Alex opening himself up to forgiveness, but you know what's not nice? The part where he says, "I was the dad. I was a kid, but I was the dad. You were nothing. You were gone." Chills and tears.
  • A man named Dalton comes in to see Jackson because of his chronic bad breath, a throat issue with an easy fix. Sadly, a pesky blood clot in Dalton's head causes an unforeseen and massive stroke. Upon witnessing the devastation of Dalton's wife, Jackson realizes that he has to live in the moment, causing an inner turmoil he just can't keep to himself.
  • In more positive news, Bailey's all better now, thanks to her medication! It's unclear whether this is a permanent fix, but it's nice to see a new and improved Miranda Bailey on the scene. Helps me sleep better.
  • Finally, the tension between Meredith and Cristina comes to a head, and they both realize they don't really hate each other. What Meredith hates is that Cristina became the surgeon they both set out to be, and Meredith became something neither of them had anticipated: a mother. Turns out you can't really work these issues out at April's wedding, though. Also, I'm really curious to see how Derek's research plays into Meredith's work now that the president has personally asked Derek to proceed. Did anyone else think that was totally out of left field?
  • Speaking of bridesmaid nightmares, Arizona has a meltdown in front of April, frustrated that she can't fix things with Callie. Arizona recognizes that Callie is trying so hard to make things better, but it always comes back to the amputated leg. I'm just happy they didn't forget about that storyline altogether.
  • Shane spins out of control in the hardest and fastest way you can imagine. We learn that he's been going way over his hours but tinkering with the digital system that would prevent him from working more. This is prime time for Alex's dad to start flat-lining, and Shane decides to go rogue. Cut to a complete meltdown, a very blood-soaked Shane, and the possible loss of Alex's dad. It had to come to this eventually, right?
  • If you didn't already guess, April's wedding starts out on a pretty bad foot. All of her bridesmaids are in shambles, and she spends the day trying to wrangle her bridal party, accidentally running into Matthew and fretting about attendance in the process. That's not the craziest part, though. During the ceremony, Jackson stands up and professes his love to April for all to hear, leaving April to choose between the man with whom she's standing at the altar, and the one who (almost) got away. I have to say, even though I haven't been too thrilled with this season, my jaw dropped.

What did you think of the midseason finale? Who is April going to choose?!

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