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Grey's Anatomy Recap, "Golden Hour"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Golden Hour"

This week, Grey's Anatomy takes a page from 24 with Meredith standing in for Jack Bauer. As Meredith steps up to run the ER for the night, we get a glimpse at what an hour in the hospital looks like in real time. It's all about "golden hour" AKA, the most critical period that could determine whether a patient lives or dies.

This time around, the hour includes drunk guys, a stroke, and an unexpected visit from the Chief's wife. Meanwhile, the doctors and patients are buzzing about a big college basketball game (that turns out to be Jackson and Lexie's first date!). Let's break it down when you


  • I loved the little nuances that came with the special style of the episode: Meredith and Teddy's tension-filled silence in the elevator as they prepare for surgery; the length of time Bailey spends in the on-call room, etc. Though there's not as much personal drama as we usually see, the urgency that comes with the patients kept the episode moving at a good pace and engaging from beginning to end.
  • While Meredith is running around trying to keep her head on straight, Cristina is contemplating a proposition from Callie. Callie's asked Cristina to be godmother to her unborn child, but Meredith tries to reserve Cristina for the baby she's trying to conceive with Derek. First of all, hello, a woman can be godmother to more than one kid. Secondly: Cristina? Really? As it turns out, Meredith is afraid that if Cristina accepts Callie's offer, her own chances to have a baby will be jinxed. It's an immature request (especially as Callie's friend), but the fact that Cristina agrees without much protest is a true testament to their friendship.
  • Teddy's trying to get out of the hospital and off to dinner with William, her hot date. (Fun fact: actor Josh Randall is also currently appearing on Greek as Casey's professor.) It couldn't be a worse time for Henry to show up unannounced (and looking better than ever, I might add), but he ends up keeping William company and regaling him with tales from his pro baseball days while Teddy continues to help out in the OR. When she's finally all glammed up and ready to go, Henry sweetly tries to talk Teddy out of the date since he wasn't impressed with William (or his usage of the word "shan't.") Unfortunately, Teddy ruins what could have been a cute moment by turning on her heel and heading off to dinner. Perhaps these two really aren't the next Denny and Izzie after all?
  • I don't think I'll ever tire of watching Bailey take a break from being her typical hardass self and soften to the charms of a man. Eli uses his cute dimples to flirt his way into Bailey's pants — literally. He convinces her that she should have sex in one of the on-call rooms for the first time, and she eventually agrees (mostly because she's strapped for time). Of course, the plan backfires when Derek accidentally walks in on them, much to his own personal delight.
  • Karev stops in to Seattle Grace en route to a Huskies game, but of course he doesn't get out of there on time. The hour does prove to be eventful for him though; he and Lucy bond over a mutual love of basketball. They flirt as Lucy helps him with his paperwork, but she plays him hot and cold, first inviting herself to the game, then telling him that she's was just trying to see if he'd ask her out. Even though they don't get to hook up this week, Lucy's rejection prompts Karev to surrender his floor seats to Jackson, who finally gets the date with Lexie he's been waiting for.
  • Can we talk about "Stu-ball" for a second? He has to be mentioned solely for the sheer amount of entertainment he brings to the episode. Though his grand entrance, knife in head, made me cringe, the guy has some of the best lines of the night. My personal favorite: "you're wasting it!" when Lexie pours out his beer.
  • On a sadder note, it looks history may be repeating itself for the Chief. Though he's in denial of his wife's memory lapses and confusion, it certainly seems like she's showing early stages of Alzheimer's. Think she'll end up as one of Derek and Meredith's case studies?

Did you like the special format of this week's episode? Think Jackson and Lexie will hit it off? Sound off in the comments, then check out the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group in the Buzz Community!

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