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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Hard Bargain

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Hard Bargain"

It's a thunderous episode of Grey's Anatomy this week, and I'm not just talking about the weather. Derek, Meredith, Arizona, Callie, and Cristina get ready to implement some radical changes at the hospital, though none of them is really ready for what's about to happen. Bailey becomes increasingly fed up with what's been going on at work, and Owen is left in the dark when his friends drop a huge bomb on him at the end of the episode.

On the romance front, April and her paramedic discover that they have more in common than they thought, and Alex's feelings for Jo are becoming more apparent (at least to the audience). Let's break it down when you read more.

  • Like a mad scientist, Callie reports her Pegasus findings to her fellow doctors in the midst of an epic thunderstorm. She easily convinces Derek and Meredith to buy the hospital, but Arizona isn't so sure. She and Callie argue over what they should really be doing with their money (I have to side with Arizona here that they could have had a private discussion), but she saves her harshest words for Derek. Arizona accuses Derek of feeling guilty because he didn't sustain any real injuries from the plane crash, and now his guilt is affecting her family. Ouch.
  • April and her new boy, Matthew, are ready to take things out of the ambulance and out on the town, but April is apprehensive about telling him about her wishy-washy stance on virginity. She tries to talk to Jackson about it, which proves to be a little awkward — until he comes back, hours later, and confesses that all she has to do is be herself and Matthew will "follow her anywhere." (Aww). As it turns out, she doesn't even have to tell him, because Matthew is also saving himself for marriage. It's all well and good until she blatantly decides not to tell him that she's technically damaged goods. You know there's no way this secret will be kept under wraps, so how will Matthew react when he finds out she slept with Jackson — and lied about it?
  • Is it just me or is something brewing between Owen and Cahill? Though he and Cristina seem pretty blissful, I'm worried about how her involvement with project "Blind Leading the Blind" is going to affect him. First, Cahill calls Owen at 3 a.m. to "strategize," then she admits that the only reason she was able to operate was because Owen had an effect on her (and everyone). So far it doesn't look like it's taking a romantic turn, but things could get rocky in the weeks to come.
  • There's not a ton of development on the Alex-and-Jo front this week, aside from a few conversations about the pros and cons of dating someone in the workplace. When Jo asks Alex's opinion, he (and we) assume that she's contemplating a relationship between the two of them — but no! She's actually striking up a courtship with another doctor from around the hospital. You can see the wounded puppy behind Alex's eyes when he watches Jo strut off for her date, but when will he actually man up and do something about it?
  • With their backs against the wall, the surgeons decide to pull the trigger and put operation buyout in motion. Arizona is pushed over the edge when Bailey threatens to quit, so they lawyer up to figure out their options. With time running out, they decide that the only way to pull off their "heist" (as Meredith calls it) is to resign to put Pegasus at a standstill. There are only two problems: they can't tell Owen what's really going on and they don't actually know what they're doing. This should be fun.

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you laugh when Webber catches Shane in the act of defacing Derek's poster? Will Bailey quit before she finds out what's really going on? Sound off in the comments.

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