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Grey's Anatomy Recap, "Heart-Shaped Box"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Heart-Shaped Box"

The doctors of Seattle Grace take a stroll down memory lane this week on Grey's Anatomy when George O'Malley's mother, Louise, returns as a patient. While it's been awhile since George's mere name was uttered through the hospital halls, as Alex so insensitively points out, her presence brings forth tender memories that most of the doctors would rather not think about.

A miracle also arrives in the form of a box — a pumping heart in a box, to be exact. The live organ is harvested for transplant but becomes sort of a career whisperer for Cristina and Jackson. With Mama O'Malley back in the mix and the powers of the heart in the box, I thought this episode lightly tugged on the heartstrings but could have been way more emotional. Though, I really loved how Callie "came out" to her ex-mother-in-law. Ready to break it down? Just keep reading.

  • First it was George's dad, then George, and now his mom is on the operating table. Man, their insurance premium must be steep. But Mama O'Malley brings a certain nostalgia of Grey's early days, commenting on how proud she is of Meredith, how George would be so happy to see all his friends doing well, and how she's missed Callie. Callie, on the other hand is uncomfortable breaking the news about her new family, even going as far as introducing Arizona as Dr. Robbins. Realizing how important it is to be at Mrs. O'Malley's side when she wakes up from surgery, Callie comes out, or rather blurts, every significant change since she has last seen her. It's so endearing to see George's mom accept the news with open arms and a sincere excitement for Callie and her new life. I'm now a devoted fan of Mama O'Malley.
  • Alex cavalierly dismisses George's memory and impact at Seattle Grace (Hello! Where would season one be without 007?), only to be brutally reminded of the time Karev choked during a procedure in an elevator and George had to save the day and, oh, that time he gave George syphilis. Oh, the good times.
  • After last week's softball drama with Lexie, Jackson finally feels the paranoia of suspicious boyfriend syndrome . . . to the point where he's avoids an important surgery with the plastics posse, the newly coined term Mark creates for the Mark-Avery (Mavery?) duo. Meanwhile, Mark is feeling the insecure pangs of Avery's absence. And, it just so happens that Lexie ends up transcribing her patient's novel, featuring a love triangle where the leading lady chooses the man who she constantly bickers with over the other handsome, kind guy, making Lexie realize perhaps Avery is not her leading man. Really? Could the parallel be any more obvious? But in the end, it's Jackson who realizes that his girl problems are not worth his career, and literally chooses Mark and the plastics posse over his relationship with Lexie. I can't say I blame him: he can't let the plastics posse's catchphrase, "kicking surgical ass and taking names," go to waste.
  • After Cristina gained some ground with Teddy last episode, she thinks she's back to baby steps when Teddy leaves Cristina babysitting the heart in the box. But as she babysits and compiles an entire surgery wish list of procedures to do, Webber, the voice of reason as usual, directs her to listen to the heart in the box. It's the key, he says. Cristina, and eventually Jackson, are inspired by the all-knowing, almighty heart in the box to become better doctors. I know the heart in the box is supposed to be a miracle, but the idea of a glorified magic 8 ball is a little ridiculous.
  • Teddy and Henry's marriage is too cute for words; she even lets him observe her surgeries from the gallery. That is, until he professes his desire to go to medical school. As a result, the couple get in their first fight, and when Teddy comes home to resolve the issue, she sees her man bloody and hemorrhaging. Oh no! How do you think Henry's relapse will affect Teddy this time?

Between Peds prospect Polly and the plastics posse (they sure love their alliterations), what did you think of this week's episode? Will Teddy stay strong? Will Lexie and Mark finally get back together? Leave your comments below!

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