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Grey's Anatomy Recap "This Is How We Do It"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "This Is How We Do It"

After a short hiatus, Grey's Anatomy is back to doing what it does best: an hour of relationship drama with a cliffhanger ending. The final scene isn't much of a surprise considering that the cast has been implying that something traumatic is what triggers next week's musical event, but it's still pretty jarring. But before we get to that, let's rewind, shall we?

Lexie and Jackson are hot and heavy (which means Mark's out in the cold), much to April's chagrin. Unfortunately for the hospital's resident virgin, she's just not that into Dr. Stark, which means she's not getting any either. There are also breakthroughs for Alex and Teddy, and problems for Cristina and Chief Webber, so get into all the goodies when you


  • Lexie and Jackson's sexy shower was definitely not a one-time thing. They're still totally hot for each other, and they're certainly not trying to hide it from their housemates (April even comments, "Is there anywhere you don't do it?"). Mark, on the other hand, is another story. At Callie's baby shower, Lexie finally clues him in that she's seeing "someone else," but dodges the question when Mark asks if he knows the guy. It doesn't take more than a few minutes for Mark to see Jackson with his arm around his ex, and he puts two and two together.
  • Alex steps up his game for Chief Resident by moving into a trailer in the hospital parking lot. Being Chief isn't the only thing on his mind though; when Lucy calls him out for pocketing finger foods at the shower, he calls her out on having feelings for him. Lucy blows him off, but then consults Meredith about whether or not she's missing out on something great, and Meredith assures her that his Neanderthal behavior is just a "well-executed act." Lucy takes Meredith's advice and approaches Alex in his new digs after work — then seizes the opportunity to make a move on him.
  • Maybe Meredith's right, but I wanted to strangle Karev for the way he taunts April about her relationship with Stark. Lest we forget that Karev basically left April half-naked and in the lurch when she was ready to sleep with him, and now he's airing all of her dirty laundry to the rest of the surgeons. The Seattle Grace docs have always acted like high schoolers, but my heart went out to April when the entire table was making jokes about her giving it up to Stark. April eventually tells Stark she just wants to be friends, which begs the question: is she actually not into him, or did she let the other doctors get in her head?
  • Callie's pregnancy is moving right along (when did she get so huge?), but Arizona and Mark can't seem to bury their hatchet. They fight about everything from finding out the sex of the baby to whether or not Callie's shower should have a scrapbooking station. As it turns out, Callie is all about being the center of attention for a big pastel baby shower after attending so many other ones around the hospital over the years. After her elaborate party, (which includes some really impressive onesie making skills by her friends), Callie offers to steal Arizona away to a Bed & Breakfast as a thank you for her party. Unfortunately, the romantic getaway lasts around five minutes before the couple starts arguing. During the whole scene I was just bracing myself for a crash, but it doesn't come until after a big milestone — Arizona wants to marry Callie. Callie's taken aback right before the crash, which should make next week's episode even more emotional.
  • Henry returns to the hospital, and this time he's packing confidence. After coming into the ER with a possible heart attack, he has quite a few things to say to Teddy before getting a CT. After taking some painkillers Henry adorably calls Teddy his "hot wife" and says he thinks they should be together, much to Teddy's chagrin, as Cristina and the Chief can hear their entire convo. Teddy chalks it up to the meds, but Henry later reiterates that he wants to try a relationship. Teddy agrees that it would be a cute fairy tale-esque story, but that she doesn't have feelings for Henry. I'm calling her bluff: I think she's just scared to get attached to someone who's so sick. Can't these kids just get together already?
  • In other relationships around the hospital, my heart broke into a million pieces when Adele insists to Richard that she doesn't have Alzheimer's because they need to grow old together, especially since Derek was poignantly eyeing Meredith during the whole scene. Meanwhile, I can't believe Bailey lets Eli get away with his "I'm the man" power trip speech outside of the hospital, and Cristina might be out of the race for Chief Resident now that Owen will be doing the picking. (Seriously though, couldn't they find a more impartial judge?)

Do you think Karev and Lucy make a cute pairing? Were you shocked when Arizona's car crashed or did you see it coming? Are you excited for next week's musical? Sound off in the comments!

Photo copyright 2011, ABC, Inc.

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tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
I'm the man? Dislike, even though he is super super hot. I saw the crash coming too, and was thinking the same "put your seatbelt back on" and "watch the road" type thoughts. And I'm trying, really, but I still don't like Arizona all that much. I hope Callie doesn't marry her.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
I think Callie will lose the baby and Cristina will find out shes pregnant.
Beth-F Beth-F 6 years
I could tell that something bad was going to happen in the final scene: 1. I kept thinking to myself "Callie put your seat belt back on" when she reached in the back seat to retrieve her phone. 2. Arizona took her eyes off the road for way too long. I understand that this is a dramatic show, but the dramatic pause and stare after she asks Callie to marry her is extremely unrealistic.
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