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Grey's Anatomy Recap, I Was Made For Lovin' You

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "I Was Made For Lovin' You"

As the title of the episode suggests, there's a lot of focus on the couples (or semicouples) of Grey's Anatomy this week. As Bailey tries to figure out how she feels about Ben's ideas for a Christmas wedding (complete with elves on the invitations), Cristina and Owen are at a major impasse about whether or not they're going to keep their own marriage alive. Oh, and did I mention that one couple learns that they're pregnant?

Meanwhile, the plane crash lawsuit continues, and there's a very big reveal when Owen sits down to chat with the lawyers. Ready to discuss all the major moments? Just read more.

  • Arizona is back, and not just in the literal sense. Callie prepares Alex for the worst for Arizona's first day back at work, and makes sure to have an intern on standby with a wheelchair — you know, just in case. But Arizona, who has been prickly for the entire season, surprises Alex (and the audience) by returning to her bubbly, original form. Even a nasty spill in the OR can't get her down, and by the end of the episode she's laughing and playing with Sofia. Welcome back, Dr. Robbins!
  • The plot thickens with the plane crash lawsuit. When Owen is called in for an interview with the lawyers, he comes to the brutal realization that the charter plane company had a history of issues — and he was the one who signed off on using them to save money for the hospital. For some reason, though, the lawyers and the hospital board don't seem to be pointing fingers, and Owen immediately knows something is up. As it turns out, they're hoping Owen's marriage to one of the victims will be a conflict of interest and the case will be thrown out.
  • Meredith may have turned into Medusa when it comes to the interns, but Cristina is softening up with the newbies. That's not the only thing about her that's changing: she decides that she's ready to give her relationship with Owen another chance. Her timing couldn't be worse, though, because he asks for a divorce before she can express her feelings on the situation. The question is: does he really want a divorce, or is he just trying to protect her in the lawsuit?
  • All of April and Jackson's not-so-discreet canoodling has landed them with a pregnancy scare. Of course, April immediately takes it as a sign from Jesus that he doesn't approve of her premarital sex, and begins melting down that she'll never have her dream wedding in a bed of wildflowers. April's freakout is expected, but I was surprised to see Jackson so calm about the whole thing; in fact, he proposes that they get married, and genuinely seems excited about it. April's into it too, and it's all kinds of adorable — until they learn that they're not pregnant after all. April's overjoyed response (with the kicker "Now we don't have to get married!") crushes Jackson, and he dumps her. As far as I'm concerned, it's for the best; April has been nothing but irritating toward Jackson since they started hooking up, and he can do better. I think it's time for him to call upon one of the cute new interns.
  • Though April's in the clear — surprise! — Meredith really is pregnant. Early in the episode she hints at it, talking about couples that get pregnant when they aren't trying to, and she tells Derek via a "big sister" shirt for Zola. It's pretty heartwarming to see things on the upswing for Mere and Der, especially since the plans to fix Derek's hand aren't really coming to fruition.

How'd you feel about this week's episode? Are you excited for Bailey's holiday wedding? Were you surprised about Meredith's big announcement?

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