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Grey's Anatomy Recap "I Will Survive"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "I Will Survive"

Grey's Anatomy isn't exactly jam-packed with excitement this week, but there's plenty of setup for the drama to come in next week's season finale. The race for chief resident is nearing a close, and a handful of contenders are left out in the cold. Meanwhile, a bunch of the doctors contemplate making moves out of Seattle Grace, and at least two are out the door unless there are some shakeups.

The race is pretty much down to Meredith and Alex at this point, prompting Alex to make a dirty move toward his friend that should have some pretty huge consequences. Ready to discuss it all? Just


  • Out of nowhere, Jackson decides that he wants to drop out of Webber's diabetes trial, so that he can focus on his surgeries. It's a head scratcher that leaves Owen yelling at the young surgeon that he's a quitter and making a huge mistake. When the truth comes out that Jackson doesn't want his famous name attached to the project, since it could risk Webber's chances for a Harper Avery award, Owen commends Jackson's decision — but it's clear he's no longer a contender for chief. Jackson assures Lexie that he's fine with this because he's still got her as a girlfriend . . .
  • Or does he? After a few blissful weeks with Jackson, Lexie's eyes begin to wander to Mark yet again. She can blame it on the baby Bjorn all she wants, but it's clear that seeing Mark as a father is making Lexie reconsider her decision to leave him. The two share a loaded moment where Mark admits that he has "almost" everything he's ever wanted. Lexie's googly eyes don't go unnoticed by Jackson, but he manages to laugh it off and put an arm around his girlfriend. I'm not so sure that Jackson should be as confident as he is, though he and Lexie have really grown on me as a couple. I smell a big decision coming on from Lexie: Who do you think she'll choose?
  • Teddy and Henry are now at the phase of their friendship where they go for jogs looking every bit like a real (beautiful) couple — but she's still in denial about her feelings. Henry decides to man up and get a job, so he can stop mooching off her insurance, though his hopes for a real relationship appear to be too late. When he goes to proposition her, Teddy tells him that she's decided to head to Germany with Andrew. Despite what she says, her eyes practically beg Henry to ask her to stay, and she doesn't do a great job of her hiding her disappointment when Henry asks for a divorce to mask his sadness. This is Grey's after all though, so I'm expecting a big Hollywood season finale kiss for these two next weeks.
  • To amp up her game for chief resident, Cristina employs a two-part scheme: first, she withholds sex from Owen as to not "cloud his judgment" in making the important decision. Then, she goes behind Teddy's back and essentially hijacks a patient who just so happens to have a tree growing on his lung. It elicits a debate between April and Cristina about following protocol and the importance of the rules, and in the end, April tattles on Cristina. Cristina wins her surgery but she loses the war: Owen explains to her that she's not cut out to be a chief resident and that she should focus on being an excellent surgeon instead. Of course, Cristina doesn't respond well to this news, but in a few hours she's already giving the same spiel about "doing what you're good at" to Karev — and shows Owen she's over it with a big fat smooch.
  • Karev's been balls to the wall in his campaign for chief, and it's clearly starting to take a toll on him. He contemplates heading to Africa if he doesn't get the position, saying that he'll have nothing left to stick around for. His selfishness rubs Lucy the wrong way, and after careful consideration, Alex announces that he wants to stay and be with her. Too little, too late though — Lucy's already landed a new gig on the Charlie's Angels reboot, and surprise! She's taking the job in Africa Alex passed up. I sympathize with Karev, but he's basically getting a taste of his own medicine here, so it's hard to feel too bad for him.
  • Though Alex is still essentially ignoring Meredith, she's got bigger things on her mind — like motherhood. Last week, she and Derek were all sunshine and rainbows about adopting baby Zola, but Mere starts second-guessing herself as the dream gets closer to reality. Even after rehashing a few of her brushes with death (what about the near-drowning after the Ferry crash?), Meredith still manages to make a good impression during her adoption agency. Unfortunately, the promo for next week insinuates that this happy little family has some serious obstacles ahead.
  • A dejected Alex heads to Joe's, where he fights back tears and downs a shot after shot. Cristina's still on a warpath, and she starts digging into Alex to forget about chief resident, because Meredith is better suited to the position than he is. At this point, it really is down to Alex and Mere, and a drunken Alex gives himself a leg up on the competition: he tells Owen that Meredith switched the charts in the Alzheimer's trial. This is a scummy move even for Alex; not only has Meredith been one of his only true friends, but he doesn't even know if she definitely would have gotten the position. Though I knew the secret wouldn't stay under wraps for long, my jaw still dropped when he mouths off.

Will Alex automatically be chief resident now, or does April still have a chance? Were you surprised at Alex's announcement? Do you think Derek will leave Mere for good? And most importantly: Cristina is pregnant! Discuss.

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stephley stephley 6 years
I couldn’t help but notice Callie’s body language at the end of the show, when they were meeting Sloan – she took the baby and totally body blocked Arizona from view, turned and walked out ahead of her. It actually made me uncomfortable. What Meredith did is beyond a simple matter of Derrick forgiving her – it would compromise the hospital, his professional reputation, her career and put the adoption at risk. I keep thinking they’ll have to go really cheesy to fix it (a nervous breakdown or the cure for cancer), or it’ll factor into them leaving Seattle since Dempsey’s contract is up (isn’t it?). (Fallout from breaking protocol prompted ER’s Doug Ross to leave Chicago…)
care0531 care0531 6 years
I haven't really cared much for this season at all. I don't like where they are going with some of the story lines either. Why is it that they always have to break couples up and they later get back together? Why can't there just be one solid couple? The Chief had his problems with his wife at one point they later got back together, other couples have broken up and left, Callie & AZ have broken up and gotten back together, and now I fear the one solid couple since the beginning-Mer & Der- will be breaking up. Why? You know they will get back together. If Derek wants to get mad at Mer for what she did fine but does everything bad someone does have to lead to a break up or someone leaving? What happened to the vows for better or worse? One last thing- did I miss something with the house that Mer & Der were building? I thought they were starting on that this year? No?
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
i feel like this is the typical end of season stuff that greys does in order to get really high ratings for the finale. i can't wait to hear/see what happens even though i haven't tuned into most of the season.
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