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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "It's a Long Way Back"

Grey's Anatomy is finally back this week, after a long hiatus to help us forget about that musical episode. Though the songs are gone, Callie's condition remains. The whole gang is on call to assist with her recovery, but the new mom is stubborn and frustrated that she can't hold her baby girl — who, we learn, is named Sofia!

Three months elapse over the course of the episode, and time changes lives for a lot of the doctors: as Callie recuperates, Karev makes a major play for Chief Resident, and Meredith takes action in a way that could cause a major rift in her marriage (not to mention cost her her job). Let's break it down after the jump.

  • No matter what Bailey and the rest of the doctors advise, Callie is hellbent on getting out of her bed and getting to her baby. (Even Cristina's insistence that Sofia looks like a chicken doesn't help.) Unfortunately, she's still in bad shape and can barely move her hands, let alone roam the hospital — but the doctors band together to sneak her into the pediatric ICU, where she has a sweet moment with her teeny tiny baby.
  • Fast forward five weeks, and Callie is up and about, not to mention pissing off her new Physical Therapist. Sadly, little Sofia is still only two pounds and is in need of surgery. Just as Stark offers to do the procedure with Arizona's supervision, Callie suffers a rupture from overexertion. All's well that end's well, though: at 12 weeks, Callie and a much healthier Sofia are able to leave the hospital, and despite one nervous breakdown about leaving the hospital, the new family heads home.
  • While working together with a particularly difficult lung patient, Hunt notices that Karev hasn't showed any leadership qualities in the competition for Chief Resident. Flustered, Karev takes a cue from Arizona and vows to bring in sick children from Africa and perform the surgeries. The only problem is that he doesn't have the funding nor the organizational skills to pull it off. When Stark coldly informs Karev that he doesn't have what it takes, Karev gets scrappy; he bribes his rich, "dragon lady" patient into forking over $100 grand. She finally agrees, but Karev is barely done gloating about it to Meredith when she passes away. Months later, Karev has pulled off the project — but he's up to his ears in debt and is facing the real possibility of fraud. Miraculously, it's right then that he receives a check from his former patient's lawyer for $200 grand. Everyone's happy to see a Hollywood ending when there are sick children on the line, but really? Though comical, Karev's method of swindling the cash is unprofessional and borderline creepy.
  • Speaking of unprofessional, Meredith lets her personal life get in the way of her career and her marriage when Adele is finally let into the Alzheimer's trial. Adele's condition is deteriorating rapidly, though, which makes Meredith just want to give her the meds under the table. When Derek puts the kibosh on the scenario, Meredith takes matters into her own hands and switches Adele out of the placebo group and into the active group. I can't help but feel that this is an ominous decision, and one that is surely going to come back to haunt Meredith.
  • I've said it once and I'll say it again: can Teddy and Henry just sleep together already? Their sexual chemistry intensifies this week, beginning with a house call when Henry isn't feeling well. From there, it turns into a routine: Teddy goes on a bad date, then brings the leftovers to do the postgame report with Henry. Henry sweetly tries to take things to the next level by preparing a candlelit dinner, but his timing couldn't be worse: Teddy's psychiatrist ex, Andrew, is back in the picture (remember him from the beginning of the season). I'm happy she's finally getting lucky, but I'm still rooting for Henry — you?

Elsewhere around Seattle Grace, April tries to have a tender moment with Stark, but he essentially shuts her down with one painful jab. How'd you like the episode? Are you ready for Callie and Arizona's big Grey's Anatomy wedding?

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care0531 care0531 6 years
I am still routing for Henry as well! This episode didn't really blow me away at all. With all the fast forwarding of time I am wondering how this season will end.
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