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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Love Turns You Upside Down"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Love Turns You Upside Down"

Welcome back to TV, Neve Campbell! This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy is all about the interns, but we also meet Campbell as a new member of the Shepherd clan: Derek's sister, Lizzy. She doesn't show up until the end of the episode, though, so let's rewind back to those interns. It's been hard for me to care about the new crop of surgeons at Seattle Grace this season, but I may be starting to warm up to a couple of them, namely Dr. Ross and Dr. Wilson (aka "Princess").

The rest of the major players get cast aside in favor of seeing the interns taking in the hospital in super slo-mo — except Meredith, who has her pregnancy secret leaked by intern Heather. Let's get down to business when you read more.

  • It's not exactly clear why April is suddenly so grouchy (maybe it's sex withdrawal?), but she's tough as nails this week. Dubbed the "dud" by the interns, April is stuck with "lumps and bumps" duty, which basically means cutting icky growths off people in awkward places. Ross is the lucky doctor who gets assigned to her, but in the process, April proves she's not such a dud after all. She schools Ross in the area she knows best — bedside manner — which ultimately gets Ross in on Dr. Shepherd's hand surgery. How cute is he when he thanks April for helping him and talks about how grateful he is for his job? He's definitely my new favorite.
  • And now on to my new second favorite, Wilson. She's bugged me for a lot of this season, but this is the first episode where we finally get to know her a bit. Wilson's working alongside Karev this week, which means two things: 1) heart-wrenching scenes with brand-new babies, and 2) endlessly obnoxious behavior from Karev, who insists on calling her "Princess." It's pretty clear from the get-go that Wilson is going to drop the "I'm actually poor" bomb on us at some point, but it's still satisfying to see her put Alex in his place. It's also a big bonding moment for the two of them and you know what that means: next stop, sex in the on-call room. (Or is it more sex? I can no longer keep track of who Alex has slept with.)
  • Meredith takes Derek's nerve damage into her own hands, recruiting intern Brooks to try and find a nerve donor in his family. Though his sisters are more interested in seeing pictures of Zola, Brooks does get ahold of Lizzy, who shows up (in standard sassy Shepherd fashion) to literally lend a hand. I'm looking forward to learning more about a new Shepherd sister, though it's kind of sad that Sloan's not around to shamelessly flirt with her.
  • Does anyone else feel like Brooks is the new Kepner? She's got the same eager, wide-eyed look and is relegated to the same less-than-exciting duties. Last week she had to push the wheelchair around for Arizona, and this week she's stuck being Meredith's personal assistant. To boot, she kinda leaks the information about Meredith's pregnancy to a couple of the other doctors. If the Grey's writers want us to get invested in the new characters, they're going to have to give us a little more depth to work with.

How did you feel about this week's episode — and more importantly, who's excited for Bailey's big wedding day on next week's episode?

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