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Grey's Anatomy Recap, "This Magic Moment"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "This Magic Moment"

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy picks up two weeks after the most recent episode, and a lot can happen in 14 days for some doctors. Meredith and Derek are settling into their life as full-time parents with Zola, and Bailey and Ben are back together in a big way. On the other hand, Teddy still hasn't come to terms with Henry's death, and Cristina is still suffering for it.

It's a very typical Grey's episode: a major surgery that's affecting all of the doctors (this time, it's conjoined twins), mixed in with some drama and a little bit of plot development. No major game-changers, but it's still a solid episode. Let's break it down when you read more.

  • Could Meredith and Derek be any cuter with Zola? They're the epitome of happy new parents now that they've got Zola back. They're all about baby talk and home videos, and Meredith even lets Zola observe her very first surgery. After all the strife that Mere and Der went through during the first half of the season, it's so fun to see them all smiles and genuinely happy with their little girl.
  • Not only are Ben and Bailey back in action, but Ben is also ready to take things to the next level. Bailey balks when Ben asks her to move in with him and is so panicked that she uses Meredith to deflect the subject while the three of them are in the OR. Ben doesn't let up, though, and Bailey becomes so preoccupied that she makes a mistake — right in the middle of a speech about how she never trips up. It's obvious that Ben has a hold on Bailey, and she eventually admits that she's worried the relationship will "blow up" if it moves too quickly. Ben reassures her with some very sweet words about her son, Tuck, and Bailey starts to warm up to the idea.
  • Teddy's still processing Henry's death, or not processing it in this case. She constantly pages Cristina, forcing her to recite Henry's fatal surgery, step by step. Everyone else thinks she's being unfair, but Cristina assures her colleagues that she can handle it. The same can't be said for April, who breaks down listening to Cristina going through her procedure for the umpteenth time. Luckily, Cristina finally gets through to Teddy, who comes to terms with the fact that Cristina did everything she could.
  • Mark's girlfriend continues to rack up the brownie points, and it's clear that it's important to Mark to get the approval of Derek and Meredith. All the talk about Julia just continues to be torturous for Lexie, though, who clearly just wants to get back together with Mark. How sad is the moment at the end of the episode when Lexie thinks Mark is talking to her but he's really on the phone with Julia?
  • Arizona's controlling behavior during the conjoined twins procedure gets Karev all riled up, which gives Webber an opportunity to swoop in and steal Karev's spot right out from under him. Alex is understandably angry and spends most of the episode moaning and groaning about Webber being a shark. Once the surgery is over, Webber admits that his actions were wrong and confides that he's scared of growing old and being demoted to two minor surgeries a week. Feeling guilty, Karev hands over another surgery to Webber — and Webber immediately starts trash talking Karev for being a pushover. Even though Webber plays the tough act, I think there was a lot of truth to his speech about his fear of getting older.

What'd you think of this week's episode? Chime in in the comments!

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