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Grey's Anatomy Recap For "Man on the Moon"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: "Man on the Moon"

It's a battlefield on Grey's Anatomy this week. A stagnant medical battlefield, to be more specific, but a battlefield nonetheless. April's three sisters are in town for her wedding, and they do as sisters do: prod at her self confidence until she has no choice but to tell them off. Meredith and Cristina are still at odds with each other, and both of them are gauging their superiority by the success of their experimental medicine.

In other news, Alex's deadbeat, drug-addicted father stumbles back into the hospital, because we apparently haven't seen Alex go through enough emotional trauma yet. Also, did I mention Cristina's sleeping with Shane now? And Bailey's still dealing with her sudden case of OCD? Let's break down everything below.

  • April's wedding is just around the corner, so her sisters have come to town for the shower. I'm not entirely sure why we've never met them before — and why April's parents didn't come along for the ride — but it's actually pretty great to see April stand up for herself and brag about being a gorgeous, kick-ass surgeon. I mean, who cares if she broke the vow of chastity and accidentally killed a patient with her negligence one time? That was all two seasons ago!
  • In this week's very obvious revelation, Cristina and Shane are now sleeping together, and Shane's really good in bed (despite not being a very good doctor). What's more, Cristina's crazy 3D printed conduit works wonders on her tiny infant patient! Even if I'm not entirely sure what the conduit is and what purpose it serves, good for you, Cristina!
  • I knew we hadn't seen the last of Alex's dad, and it's awful that Alex is the one who ends up helping him through his detox. Alex assures Jo that he's been running interference since he was six, which we can later confirm when Alex seems to know all the words to his dad's withdrawal episode like it's a pop song. It's just sad, and it makes me want to give Alex a long, borderline awkward hug.
  • In what I'd like to call one of the weirder sequences of events this show has seen, Jackson and Matt watch as a man gets dragged away by a taxi, because his necktie is stuck in the car door. Matt impulsively gives him a tracheotomy and totally messes up his throat, and Jackson has to spend eight hours repairing the damage. The two then shake hands and agree they don't have any beef with each other. Matt says he hopes to see Jackson at the wedding. It totally makes sense, you guys. Just roll with it.
  • Callie and Arizona are still on the rocks this week, but it's okay because Callie's absorbed back into her study with Derek. The new brain mapping patient, Becca, somehow teaches Callie that it's not the talking that fixes things, it's intimacy. That's why things are totally better when they stop arguing and just make out at the end of the episode. All joking aside, though, I definitely got weepy when Becca makes the hand move and touches her husband's hand, something she wasn't previously able to do.
  • Bailey has a shadow this week, a doctor who's following her around to make sure she's not succumbing to her OCD habits. The new doctor assures Bailey that she can be cleared for surgery if she would just take medication to calm her behavior. Bailey refuses to take any pills, but Richard intervenes and makes her reconsider. He explains that he relies on the help of others to control his alcoholism, and Bailey shouldn't be afraid to rely on help for her OCD. Kind of a stretch, but I'll take it.

Who's excited for April's wedding next week?

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