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Grey's Anatomy Recap For "Map of You"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: "Map of You"

Things are still more or less dragging along on Grey's Anatomy, but the storylines of the doctors are beginning to deepen and develop in interesting ways. It's a world filled with tumultuous relationships in this week's episode, including a possible father and son reunion, an exciting new crush, and an awkward run-in between an ex and a new fling. Also, the episode places a huge amount of significance on Derek's red coffee mug, which he accidentally brings to work. It gets passed around, broken, pieced back together, and eventually rescued by Meredith. I don't get it.

Find out who's breaking up and who's breaking down this week when you read on.

  • Cristina finds a way to treat the untreatable. A man named Ben comes in with a broken leg, and, as it turns out, a huge mass in his heart. He and his wife already know about it, and every doctor has ruled out any possibility of treating it, so they've spent every dime they have. Cristina attempts a procedure never before attempted using some sort of weird medical super glue, and it works! Cue couple meltdown when Ben realizes his wife can't cash out his life insurance policy and recover from all the financial wreckage. There's so much wrong about a guy hoping to die on the operating table, but it somehow ended up being immensely entertaining.
  • Leah Murphy has developed a raging crush on Arizona. And poor Leah, no one really seems to care about it, even though she spends a good deal of the episode wondering aloud if she's in love. Arizona shuts her down pretty harshly, but there's a glimmer of hope at the end of the episode when we see Arizona text her. Also, what are the chances of one of three female interns being gay? Pretty high, apparently. Either way, I have to admit I'm kind of excited.
  • Meredith is applying for research funding, and can't decide what to pursue. She's also not talking to Cristina after their fight last week. In the end, she decides to continue her mother's research on portal veins, with an interesting twist: she wants to 3D print the portal veins. I'm not sure what a portal vein is, but it sounds innovative!
  • Derek talks about his efforts to map the brain. Was anyone else confused by the fact that Derek narrates this episode? When the show started, having another character narrate was a dramatic signifier. Now it just seems like sometimes a random character steps in for no reason. Anyway, Derek's patient Mickey is helping him with this study, until Derek finds a mass in his brain. Per Mickey's suggestion, he tries to remove it, and Mickey dies. He does donate his brain, though, so Derek can continue his research.
  • Alex has been blowing Jo off all week. Jo thinks Alex is mad at her and/or seeing someone else, and in a sense, she's right. He's going to see his dad play guitar with his band at a local bar. How heartbreaking is the scene where Alex realizes his dad has a whole separate family in Florida and doesn't think about Alex at all anymore? I'm not saying Alex has the right to punch his dad in the face, but he does kind of deserve it. Looks like Alex continues to be the most battered character on the show.
  • In other side-plot news, Cristina has a run-in with Owen's new girlfriend, Richard Webber is still not dead, and Shane totally blows off Derek Shepherd, which just isn't allowed.

How did you feel about the episode? Are you bored or on board with this season so far?

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