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Grey's Anatomy Recap "PYT (Pretty Young Thing)"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"

When Thatcher Grey checks into Seattle Grace, drama usually follows, and this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy is no exception. Usually it's Meredith who gets all bent out of shape over her father, but this time Lexie loses it when Thatcher has a surprise guest at his bedside.

Elsewhere at the hospital, new romances may be budding, and Callie starts feeling outnumbered by Mark and Arizona. It's one of the lighter episodes of the season, but there's still plenty to break down after the jump.

  • While Meredith is in the midst of helping Derek with his Alzheimer's trials, the Chief approaches her with an interesting proposition. He discovers that Ellis was working on her own clinical trial centering on diabetes, and asks Meredith if she'd like to finish what her mother started. Meredith can't seem to make up her mind (as Cristina points out, "it's like Sophie's Choice"), but ultimately decides that she'd rather try to cure her mother's illness than continue her work.
  • Now that all the relationship issues are smoothed out among the pregnancy trio, Arizona and Mark are taking the reins to ensure that Callie takes care of herself. The problem is that the more they try to control what goes into Callie's body, the more Callie rebels against them. Though I think Callie is being a bit childish, her raging hormones are continually hilarious; I loved the scene where she lashes out at April because of her annoying voice.
  • Karev's way with words gets him into hot water when he doubly insults new doc Lucy within a few minutes. First he calls her a nurse and tries to hit on her, then follows it up by referring to a stillborn as a "turnip in a cabbage patch." Needless to say, she's pissed and kicks him off the infant heart transplant that he's been on for months. Eventually the two have a heart-to-heart and patch things up, but not enough for Lucy to go home with Karev. That said, I give these two three episodes before they shack up — what say you?
  • Surprise! The "P.Y.T." in question is Thatcher's new young girlfriend from AA (though Lexie prefers to call her a "tatted up skank.") Lexie is none-too-pleased to find her ailing father dating a woman her own age, and her anger is only exacerbated when Meredith doesn't see eye to eye with her lil sis. On the contrary, she tells Lexie to grow up and just be happy for their dad. Ultimately Meredith is right, but if I were Lexie I'd probably be pretty shocked and upset at first too.
  • Sloan takes Avery on as his new protege, and I have to say, it's practically a match made in handsome man heaven. Despite Jackson's protests, Sloan urges him to work that "Avery sparkle" to help him in the race for chief resident. Mark's got an ulterior motive though: he sends Jackson on mini-missions to find out why Lexie's upset. The plan backfires when Jackson gets Lexie to admit that it's not really her father's new girlfriend that's getting under her skin, but Mark's bun in the oven. Rather then reporting back to the boss, Jackson plays dumb — and later asks Lexie out for a drink. Jackson's been harboring a crush on Lexie for a while now, but I'll be interested to see how Mark responds if and when Lexie and Jackson finally do the deed. On a sidenote, Jackson is pretty cute this week. Here's hoping the boy will finally get some love.

Did you enjoy this week's episode? If you were Meredith, which trial would you have chosen? How are we feeling about new doctor Lucy (I'm not fully warmed to her yet). Sound off!

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