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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Season Finale, "Sanctuary" and "Death and All His Friends"

Still shell-shocked from last night's epic two-hour finale of Grey's Anatomy? I know I am. Even though I was prepared for Mere's pregnancy and a shooter to be lurking around Seattle Grace, I definitely didn't feel equipped for what is one of the most intense episodes of Grey's I have ever seen.

Unlike last year's big cliffhanger with George and Izzie, this one doesn't leave much to the imagination at the end of it all — but boy is there plenty to discuss. Let's get down to the gritty and grisly details when you


  • The episode starts off on a happy note: Meredith takes a pregnancy test and it's positive! It's the icing on the cake of what's become a way different Meredith Grey than the one we once knew. Even though it wasn't planned, she's excited, and Cristina's excited for her. Unfortunately, Derek never even gets to hear the happy news.
  • The madness begins when Mr. Clark, (the husband of one of Derek's former patients who died in the hospital) starts walking around and looking for Derek. He gets a lot of snippy answers, including from Dr. Reid, who tells him that she's not a tour guide and advises that he finds a nurse. Instead, he pulls out a gun and shoots her squarely in the forehead — causing my jaw to hit the floor. Then he turns around and gets Karev right in the chest. Seriously, I haven't been so shocked by a one-two shooting spree since Michael shot Ana Lucia and Libby in rapid succession on Lost.
  • April finds Dr. Reid and frantically explains the situation to Derek, who puts the hospital on lockdown. I have to hand it to Sarah Drew — I was really impressed with her performance in this episode. Of course, all the doctors and their ex-significant others are stuck together. Callie and Arizona are in peds together, Mark and Lexie find a bloody Karev in an elevator and are forced to operate on him together, Teddy and Owen are in surgery together. And so it begins.
  • Can we talk about how gripping the scene is where Bailey and Percy are hiding from Mr. Clark? Their patient Mary (played by Mandy Moore) is forced to play dead while they hide in the room. When Percy confirms that he's a surgeon, Mr. Clark shoots him — and then pulls Bailey out from under Mary's bed. I felt like I was watching a horror movie as Miranda tearfully tells Mr. Clark she's a nurse while his gun is in her face.
  • Mr. Clark finally finds Shepherd, and they have a serious stare down. Mr. Clark admits that he's at the hospital to "be a man" and to make sure that justice is served for his wife, whom he believes was killed by Derek. Derek manages to reason with him, citing the story of his own father's death and admitting that he made a mistake. Then, just when you think Mr. Clark might actually re-consider, April bursts through the door, and Derek gets shot in the chest.
  • Let's take a moment to discuss the death count. At this point, Reid and a few non-regulars are already killed, and Karev, Percy, and Derek are all shot. I can't say I was shocked to see the Mercy doctors take a few bullets, since they were never properly written into the show anyway. But were you sweating over any other doctors? Considering the recent rumors that Patrick Dempsey wants out of the show, I thought (though prayed and prayed) that he might actually go. Then I thought that perhaps Webber would die in the end, as a sort of poetic justice to all the struggle that he's been through this season. Who were you placing your bets on?
  • Mark and Lexie are forced to work together to try to save Karev's life — just minutes after Mark asks Lexie if her relationship with Alex is serious (and telling her that he'd miss her). Is that all the follow-up we get to last week's marriage proposal? Sadly, yes. Eventually they realize they can't do anything more without a blood transfusion, so Lexie sneaks out to get some — which is when she comes face to face with Mr. Clark. Mr. Clark tells Lexie that she's one of three people he wants to kill (Webber and Derek are the others), but the SWAT team shoots him before he can get to her.
  • Lexie heads back to Alex's side, but there's still nothing they can do. She tells him she loves him, which clearly pains Mark. At this point Alex is too far gone to realize what's happening and thinks she's Izzie, begging her not to leave him. Lexie says she never will (which seems to hurt Mark even more), but is her love real or is she just trying to get him through the trauma? At the end of the episode, Alex is brought to safety and starts recovering — but after all the Izzie talk it's clear that he's not over his ex yet. So come next season, will Lexie choose Alex or Mark?
  • Callie and Arizona are stuck with the kiddies down in pediatrics, and Callie couldn't be less psyched about it. Though Arizona tries to be friends, Callie says that she'd rather go down "the traditional route" of hating her ex. Of all the docs, they are the least affected by the shooter (though Callie has a very scary run-in when she gives him bandages for his GSWs). They continue to bicker throughout the episode, Arizona saying that she can't trust Callie because she's in love with love (the girl has bedded many a fellow doctor over the years). The lockdown is ultimately the eye-opener that they needed to get back together: Callie says she doesn't need kids if they get back together, but Arizona concedes and says they'll have 10 kids as long as they're still together. It's a refreshing "aww" moment after two hours of pure intensity.
  • After Percy is shot, Miranda tries everything she can to treat him with Mary's help. It's of no use though — without access to an OR, there's nothing Bailey can do. As she struggles to bring him to the elevator, her emotions reach fever pitch when she realizes the power has been shut down — and has a full-blown emotional fit. She's still tough-as-nails Bailey though (even with the "water" dripping down her face) and she sees her patient through to the end, holding him in her arms the whole way. Though Reid and Percy are barely on the Grey's radar, it made me pretty sad to hear his final love confession. They might be the only doctors in the history of the show to have feelings between 'em and never get to hook up.
  • Now, for the Teddy/Owen/Cristina triangle. Though Cristina tells Mere that she's "over it already", she's clearly not — and asks Owen the question we've all been waiting for — which woman does he love? When he balks, she tells him it's over and stalks off to find Mere. There's tension with Teddy, too, who's still angry that Owen tried to have her fired. After an awkward surgery together, Owen and Teddy defy the lockdown in search of supplies for their patient, and Teddy also asks Owen to make a choice. He refuses again, but when they are both safely outside the hospital, he chooses Cristina by heading back inside to find her. The real question on my mind is: wouldn't he do the same if Teddy was stuck inside and Cristina was outside? Ponder that.
  • Back to Derek: as the first episode ends it seems like Derek is a goner, but we know Shonda Rimes and the rest of the writing staff would never let that happen so easily. Derek needs surgery, but there are no Attendings to be found (question: where have all the people in the hospital gone?) Cristina agrees to step up with Jackson's help, but only on the condition that Meredith can't watch. Meredith agrees, and Cristina is off to a shaky but good start.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Hunt shows up to where Cristina is performing surgery. The look on his face when Meredith explains the situation says it all: the shooter has found Cristina and Avery's operating room and has his gun to Cristina's head while she's trying to perform surgery. Despite the circumstances, Jackson and Cristina continue with the surgery while Owen tries to distract Mr. Clark and calling Cristina "the woman that he loves." There's a lot of back and forth with the gun aiming, and eventually Meredith gets into the mix and asks that Mr. Clark shoots her. He seems to consider it, but Owen makes a play for the gun and gets shot to the floor. Then, Jackson saves the day: he secretly pulls out Derek's heart monitor to trick Mr. Clark into thinking that Derek has died. When he leaves the room, they get back to work, though the stress has clearly taken a toll on Meredith, and she loses her baby while patching up Hunt.
  • The episode wouldn't be a season finale without a curtain call, and Dr. Webber gets the brunt of it. Since he wasn't in the hospital at the time of the shooting, he spends most of the episode outside trying to get in. Clearly Webber still hasn't let go of the Chief position, talking about "his" hospital, "his" people (just as Derek does). Eventually he gets in and comes face to face with Mr. Clark, who only has one bullet left. He intended to shoot both Webber and himself, but is now faced with a dilemma. Dr. Webber keeps him talking (and manages to deny drinking from Mr. Clark's flask! So proud), and the scene ends with a bang — but who takes it? I really thought Webber might be done (and what a way to go), but he too walks away unscathed.

And there you have it folks: what a whopper of an episode! Were you as enraptured as I was? How do you think the shooting will affect the doctors come Fall? And will Meredith and Derek try for another baby? Let's hear your comments, frustrations, and more — and don't forget that you can keep coming back to the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group to keep the conversation going all Summer long!

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care0531 care0531 7 years
I avoided Buzz all day Friday because I hadn't gotten a chance to watch it until this weekend and WOO what an amazing episode! My jaw dropped and remained that way for majority of the 2 hours. Buzz- I thought the same exact thing with the scene where Bailey and Percy are hiding from Mr. Clark...and he pulled her out from under the was like a horror film! Kudos to all the actors/actresses for an amazing performance!
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
This was a great season finale. I knew Mr. Clark was going to be the shooter considering how he left the episode before; he said, "it took you four seconds to kill my wife" or something to that extent and he was p.o.ed. Was anyone surprised that Karev lived? I mean, he was basically dead in that elevator. That's a lot of blood to lose and still live. In response to flowergirl, the SWAT team was not that slow. A five man SWAT team and 150,000 square feet (or so) means the search is going to be slow. SWAT teams have to be meticulous and make sure every room is clear. Think about being in a warzone and having to infiltrate an enemy's home to rescue someone. Are you, the leader, just going to barge in there and skip rooms or quickly look in them? Hell no. That's asking for your entire team and/or the hostage to be killed and possibly miss the suspect. Also, keep in mind many of those scenes were happening simultaneously. They may be really good with sniper rifles, but when a civilian is in between a SWAT officer (or military officer for that matter), you can't just go shooting the target down. Injuring him was the best they could do at that moment. You can't barge around the civilian either lest the shooter SHOOTS you or the civilian. You cannot risk possibly killing or seriously injuring an innocent civilian in order to take down a target; it's the easiest way to get a law suit and/or possibly be charged with manslaughter. The only unrealistic part with the SWAT team thing was that not only did Webber get into the hospital, but so did Owen. That would have never happened in real life. I hope that clears up any questions anyone may have about the whole SWAT thing.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
i haven't been that into a tv episode since, well ben linus moved the island. especially for a show like grey's. i was on the edge of my seat the whole time and could not stop screaming at the tv. i really like the intense character development and seeing how each character has changed over the years, especially mere. i used to hate her but her convo with april about how it took her so long to find derek and when she did, it took so long to realize what she had, etc. made me love her because FINALLY SHE GREW UP. webber will get his job back (since mcdreamy has to recover), i think cristina & avery will hook up.... owen & what's her face will get together, i can't wait!
flowergirl flowergirl 7 years
Oh and seriously..the swat/police were SO SLOW in responding. Clark was already shot yet they couldn't capture him?? Seriously??
flowergirl flowergirl 7 years
This episode was beyond intense. I was stressed pretty much the entire time just watching it. Reed and Karev getting shot was INSANE, literally starting off with a bang. I'm sad about Meredith's miscarriage, though. I hope this doesn't cause her to become sad/crazy/dark Meredith because I love happy Meredith so much more. I'm also kind of glad there wasn't a huge cliffhanger; the fact that things were pretty much resolved at the end helped balance out the insanely stressful 2 hours. On a side note..did anyone have an ER flashback when the guy was stabbing people, especially the scenes with Kellie Martin & Noah Wyle?
zeze zeze 7 years
It was the DEFINITION of "jumped the shark" but it was entertaining at least. Most of these shows are totally silly, so I appreicate that it was at least fun.
stephley stephley 7 years
The sniper watched Lexie leave and was alone with Clark.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
Great recap Buzz. Amazing Grey's episode. Had me hooked from the previews, then had me hooked from the moment Reid got shot. I think everyone should read a Shonda Rimes' blog about the show last night. Her ideas behind some of the plot lines were amazing, I loved what she says about Yang especially! And shocked to see that she changed some things (like Bailey getting shot--I loved that scene the way it was). And love what she says about the miscarriage. I too was happy to see Reid go--didn't like her, but April quickly took her place as annoying in my book. I felt like she was the reason Dereck got shot...she just bothered me. And now I like Percy, and he's dead. Bailey was great, as usual with him. Couldn't she run down the steps and get things she needed? I think there were some holes in the story, but I still loved it.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
This was such an insane episode! I was on pins and needles the whole time. Although I have to say, I found April to be even more annoying than usual on this show - the rambling about pigs and getting Derek shot. I would've rather had Reed or Percy stick around. Disappointed too that Owen and Christina may be back on. I totally agree that it would have been the same situation if Teddy were still inside.
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
This episode was AMAZING. I can't even say any more about it because there are no words. Just flat out amazing.
RyanRachelFan RyanRachelFan 7 years
I haven't seen the show since the triple holiday one 10 episodes ago, but I saw the beginning of your review, Buzz, and I thought I'd check it out. I am officially ON the Grey wagon again. Wow, that was an intense episode. I cried and cried and kept putting my hands in front of my face.
stephley stephley 7 years
I thought the script was pretty awful, with supposedly intelligent people acting ridiculous. Bailey wouldn't know with a shooter in the hospital that elevators would be shut down? That's pretty basic office building training. Owen, Mr. Military, runs back into the hospital - something police never want to happen - and all he does is get shot, he didn't help anything. Webber disappears in a blink after talking to the top cop, but it takes him forever to get to the room where the shooter is. For the whole second hour, Slade had nothing to do but watch Lexie weep over Alex. Tough as nails Christina suddenly gets wimpy when faced with Derek's gunshot wound. Meredith the doctor weeps and screams while Derek's on the floor bleeding, does nothing medically. And the Christina operating on Derek while Meredith fixes Owen thing was like some pre-teen bff fantasy - very contrived. Most importantly was the matter someone else brought up: "When Lexie is confronted by Mr. Clark and is saved by the sniper... Why didn't the sniper just finish him off right then and there?" Huge hole in the story!
ep24 ep24 7 years
GREAT episode (finally), tho a bunch of the dialogue was just terrible. and that has to be the most incompetent SWAT team ever... webber is totally going to take back over
emno1chick emno1chick 7 years
i too devastated and shock to make a good comment right now...all I can say is thank the lawd Derick never knew Mere was pregnant!!!???? I don't know.................
pss pss 7 years
God the last episode was one of the best!Grey's finales always freak me out, I spend the whole two episodes crying, but tonight, literally I was crying the entire finale!My god!When Mr Clark shoot Reed I was just too shocked, and then, BAM!Alex too!! It was GREAT!! -Great the first scene between Callie and Cristina crying at breakfast, lol. -Great the first shoot! -Great how nobody takes Alex's elevator when he's dying when in this hospital everybody is taking elevator every time... -Great scene with Cristina and Mr Clark in the elevator. Way too scaring. -Great how Lexie fakes to be Izzy just for Alex. They so cute together. Aww that was so sad!Hasn't Alex been hurt enough? I loved him with Izzy too buy shes no coming make him happy anyway! -Great in a very creepy way, the scene in Mandy Moore's character room...And love her performance and of course Bailey's. Best of the night. I didn't like Percy but his dead was really sad and also him telling his feelings for Reed, also dead. -And SUPER GREAT all the surgeries. Yang doing "the hardest, freaking repair in the history of the world" yay for you! And Jackson was great too, supporting her and disconnecting Derek's heart when Mr Clark was there. Wow that was an scene! -And Meredith (Ellen) was just amazing. Was great how she went into the or when the shooter there and how she's begging him to kill her cuz that way he will have justice. Just great! This Grey's back and all its drama!!Love this kind of finales!!
ladylove004 ladylove004 7 years
I was crying and screaming the entire time! lol Honestly, though I felt like it was a bit much, I felt like I was watching horror movie and I hate horror movies... all in all I do think it was a great episode and the acting was fantastic, and I am glad Derek and Alex are okay!
justamy justamy 7 years
I think that Alex getting shot is a way for the writers to bring Izzie back. Not that I want that or anything, lol.
lauren lauren 7 years
I have to agree one of the best episodes on Grey's in a LONG time! I was seating on the edge of couch the entire time! I absolutely loved the scene when Owen comes in to find Meredith and McDreamy's assistant are sitting on the floor and he says something like it is a good idea to keep sitting down and Christina is doing a great job when the shooter is in the room. (I would have freaked)! The whole show made me love Miranda even more, she is one of my favorite characters! I also enjoyed the dynamic between Christina and Meredith friendship! Alex kept calling Lexie, Izzy, do you think she will mention it later and do you think Izzy is the one that got away for Alex? Can't wait for next season!
pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years
i need to rush to work so i wont write my thoughts out yet, but all ill say s that was the most amazing greys episode, like, ever.
kaykayelle kaykayelle 7 years
I too didn't buy that no one else was around except the cast. Unless they were the only ones dumb or brazen enough to pretty much ignore the lockdown and roam around. Anyway, what I walked away with from this was how perfect this was set up to have Webber go back to being The Chief and Derek slowly transition back to surgery. He's been sober for 6 months, and now Derek can't be Chief... at least for a bit. Plus he pretty much hated it anyway.
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