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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Unaccompanied Minor"

Oh what a difference a year can make. It's hard to believe that this week's tame season finale of Grey's Anatomy came from the same writers that gave us the gripping shoot-out that ended in two major deaths (but at least I didn't come close to a panic attack this time around). In lieu of shocking moments and major cliffhangers, the season seven finale is all about love and loneliness. While some are coming closer together (like Lexie and Jackson), other couples and friends are seriously drifting apart.

Both Alex and Meredith have to suffer the consequences of Mere's actions with Derek's trial, while a local plane crash makes Teddy rethink a major decision. Meanwhile, Cristina learns that she's pregnant and the new chief resident is finally chosen. Ready to rehash everything that went down? Just


  • Derek's plans of happily building his dream house for Meredith and Zola are rudely interrupted when Owen and the Chief call him in about Alex's claims against Meredith. Meredith admits that she tampered with the trial, but refuses to admit what she did on the grounds that it will discredit the whole experiment. Karev is forced to come clean though, and the Chief eases up when he learns that Mere was trying to protect Adele. Derek isn't as kind; he tells Meredith that she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong, and even doubts her skills as a parent. Their timing couldn't be worse, as Meredith is given custody of Zola, only to bring her home to an empty house where Derek is nowhere to be found. Derek is understandably angry, but I have a feeling these two will work it out — they've been through worse, and there's no way Derek will be able to resist being a dad to adorable Zola.
  • Turns out Karev actually dug his own grave by ratting out Meredith. Not only does he incite a grand inquisition from Derek and Webber, but he costs himself the chief resident position. When Hunt selects Kepner as the new chief, Karev flies into a rage saying that she's not good enough. Owen snaps back saying that Karev just threw the most well-liked surgeon under the bus, and that the position was Karev's until he ratted out Mere. The truth hurts, eh Alex?
  • Teddy is about to catch her flight to Germany, but the big plane crash delays her plans. She tries to spend some last-minute time with Henry, but by her second goodbye, he's had enough. Henry ditches the sarcastic comments and jokes and tells Teddy that he's tired of playing her BFF because he's in love with her. I couldn't have internally cheered louder for him when he finally mans up — I've been waiting for this moment since the minute he arrived at Seattle Grace. Thankfully, his confessions don't fall on deaf ears this time, and Teddy finally gives him the kiss he's been waiting for. To boot, she tells him that she's falling in love with him! Fireworks and high-fives all around!
  • It's been a long season of baby drama, and now Cristina and Owen are in on the game. Predictably, they don't share the same opinion when Cristina learns she's pregnant — Owen wants to start a family and Cristina is not interested in being a mother. Despite a lot of back and forth, Cristina decides on her own that she's having an abortion. Owen makes one last plea for her to reconsider, but when she puts her foot down, he kicks her out. With nowhere else to go, she heads to Meredith's house. Now the real question is whether or not a few days with Zola will be enough to make Cristina reconsider. I'm not the biggest Owen and Cristina fan in the world, but I'd love to see Cristina as a mother.
  • The Mark and Lexie will-they-or-won't-they show may finally be over. Mark decides to officially give Lexie over to Jackson (which, I must agree with Lexie, is totally paternalistic), saying that Jackson better take care of her. Though Jackson kind of scoffs at Mark's olive branch, he relays the message to Lexie, who's less than thrilled to hear the news. She and Mark come face to face once again about the issue, and though Lexie says she still loves him, Jackson is the one to make her happy. Mark concedes and lets her go, but can't help but point out that she's the one who's having trouble walking away. A lot of couples have come and gone on Grey's, but I can't help it if I'll always hope for these two to get back together — though Jackson isn't a bad second choice.

How did you feel about the episode? Were you expecting more jaw-dropping moments? Are you as excited about Teddy and Henry as I am? Let's get chatting!

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stephley stephley 6 years
I like him better than her Anon, but would say that they don't operate like people in a marriage that will succeed - certainly not one that would be fulfilling or happy. The 'twisted sister' thing wouldn't help any couple.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
I called it months ago. I knew Cristina would be pregnant. Owen knew when he married her that she did not want kids. He shouldnt try to change her. She would end up resenting the child and that isn't good for everyone involved.
bcn1000 bcn1000 6 years
I was crying my EYES out with the patients families. I know they weren't the focus, but it was just so effective, especially when the woman lies to the survivor's mother, saying that her son is in surgery and will make it.
stephley stephley 6 years
Rhimes says "The work of his life...has been ruined..." That's huge. I don't think this is being handled well at all - it's way beyond a stumbling block. This would go well beyond a Mer-Der issue, and that she did it for Adele would not make it better. What authorities would believe Richard didn't influence the study to help his wife? Karev would have every right to raise hell that he lost a key promotion because he exposed Meredith. Well liked people don't have a special right to break rules.
wytang627 wytang627 6 years
it didnt feel like a finale......
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