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Grey's Anatomy Recap, "Second Opinion"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Second Opinion"

As Jackson astutely observes, "the prodigal Yang returns" on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, but she's not greeted by all with open arms. It takes almost no time for her to get back into the swing of things (and nicknaming the new interns), but her relationship with her husband, Owen, is anything but comfortable.

Speaking of uncomfortable situations, Jackson's been receiving sexy email exchanges between his mother and Dr. Webber (awk-ward), and Karev has the interns all in a tizzy for various reasons. There's a lot of action (and I'm not just talking about April and Jackson), so let's break it down after the jump.

  • A few episodes back, it looked like Cristina and Owen could potentially reconcile, but that idea's out the window. When Cristina returns to work at Seattle Grace, it kinda feels like seeing your ex at school for the first time after a Summer breakup. Not only is he cold and strictly professional, but he even pulls out the "I'll see you around." Ouch. Things only get worse when Owen tries to pull rank, and new doctor Jeff Russell sides with Yang.
  • Karev is growing up, you guys! The interns are all worked up about the fact that he's essentially slept with all of them and never called any of them back, but we learn the truth — he's trying to change his ways. Of course, he'll always be surly Karev, but he's trying to grow up by buying Meredith's house off of her. Basically, he's afraid of turning into Matthew McConaughey's character from Dazed and Confused (you know, "I keep getting older, they keep staying the same age"), which means leaving the interns alone. He's not a total grown-up yet though, because Cristina has moved back into the house by the end of the episode, just like old times.
  • So Jackson and April are still doing that thing where they sleep together and then she immediately regrets it and starts apologizing to Jesus. That was fine for the first few episodes, but now it's starting to get a little old. Thankfully, Jackson feels the same way and (after April makes a lengthy comparison between Jackson and a dessert cart), he finally admits that he has feelings for her beyond sex. The weird thing is that she doesn't exactly reciprocate immediately. What gives?
  • April isn't the only thing on Jackson's mind; he's put in a hilariously awkward position when Dr. Webber accidentally sends him an email intended for his mother, and let's just say it's meant for her eyes only. Jackson dutifully forwards the email on, but has to have an uncomfortable conversation with Richard about his mistake. It looks like this may be the last of their issues though: Richard calls Jackson out on his feelings, saying that Jackson is just making a big deal when he's secretly glad that his mom is happy. Richard may be right, but there's a difference between being happy for your mother and wanting to read sexy emails from her new boyfriend.
  • Arizona takes a big step (literally and figuratively) this week, with a little help from Bailey. While Callie's been letting Arizona take her time in coming back to the hospital, Bailey essentially tricks her into coming into the hospital by making Arizona feel needed. Though Arizona is initially angry, the plan works! She makes it all the way to Seattle Grace and you can tell she's excited to be getting back in the saddle. First Cristina, now Arizona — it's like the whole gang is finally back together!
  • The insurance people are back, and once again they're trying their hardest to get some money for the doctors that were involved in the plane crash. Too bad the doctors themselves are still feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation, and the meeting brings up some pretty tough issues — like whether or not Derek will ever be able to operate again. Callie embarks on a little roller coaster of emotion about the whole thing, but ultimately emerges with more faith than ever that Derek will be back in the OR someday. However — twist! — the insurance guys want to take down Seattle Grace and the doctors responsible for putting the surgeons on the plane in the first place. (Owen, this means you.)

How did you feel about this week's episode? Do you wish Jackson and April would just make it Facebook official already?

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