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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Shock to the System"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Shock to the System"

The Grey's Anatomy season premiere ends on a shiny happy note with Owen and Cristina's wedding, but this week it's back to post traumatic stress. Cristina's typically the rock of the Seattle Grace crew, but this week she crumbles under pressure.

Meredith and Derek make major strides, while Mark is inspired by a freak lightning strike accident. In the end, there's not a ton of noteworthy happenings this week, but let's review what did go down — keep reading.

  • Despite a riveting and mascara-stained performance with the therapist, Meredith still can't get cleared for surgery. Between episodes of Wheel of Fortune, she comes to Cristina's aid and finally admits to Derek that she didn't bail him out of jail because his reckless driving scares her. To give him more reason to stop his rash behavior, Meredith finally comes clean about the miscarriage. Once all of her cards are out on the table, she's allowed to go back to work.
  • If last week's episode was focused on Lexie's breakdown, this week is Cristina's turn. It starts when she wakes up in a panic the morning after her wedding, and though she lets Owen take care of her (and wash her hair!) she's clearly not comfortable. Determined to play the doting husband, Owen gets Cristina back in the operating room — but she's not ready. She hyperventilates and needs to be bailed out by Mere in more ways than one. Though she has one lapse and hands her ring back to Owen, Meredith eventually "fixes" her best friend and Cristina and Owen make it through another day. The real question is whether or not Owen can start fixing Cristina on his own.
  • Lexie's trying to rise above the whispers about her breakdown, but Mark is standing in her way. Though he's just trying to protect her, Lexie grows more indignant every time Mark tries to prevent her from working. Mark confesses to Callie that he wants to propose to Lexie and decides to seize the day when he realizes that time may not necessarily always be on his side. Unfortunately, Lexie isn't in the mood to be romanced and tells Mark to leave her alone before he can reveal his feelings. It's only a matter of a few episodes, right? Mark's speech about making Lexie happy is too cute to be wasted.
  • Karev's still walking wounded (literally), but Bailey insists that he get the bullet removed from his chest. He gets all sorry for himself about being a magnet for crazy women, but Meredith puts him in his place and encourages him to talk to Lexie. He doesn't take her advice (yet), but he does let Bailey patch up his bullet wound.

How'd you feel about this week's episode? Do you like Teddy's new love interest? Do you think Derek will keep his word to Meredith about staying under the speed limit? Sound off in the comments and be sure to cruise by the Grey's Anatomy Junkies in the Buzz Community!

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