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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Slow Night, So Long" Episode

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Slow Night, So Long"

It's all about the overnight shift, be it in the OR or tending bar, on Grey's Anatomy this week. The attendings get a little bit sloppy while the residents hold down the fort at Seattle Grace. As for our current non-physician, Cristina Yang, well, she tests out a new vocation at Joe's. It's overall a funny episode, including tipsy doctors and a silly pair of patients super glued together, mixed in with one particularly heart-wrenching case.

While some of their colleagues are still struggling to keep it together, Meredith and Alex realize they're the last two standing from their original cohort, and Callie has a hankering for "sorbet." Plus, drunk Bailey? No complaints here. To get to the good stuff and talk details, just read more.

  • Jackson is cracking up, but refuses to acknowledge the state of his breakdown. Lexie wakes him up from scary night terrors and for the rest of the episode, he refuses her support or help not matter how many times she offers. Owen also suggests finding someone to talk to, but instead Jackson focuses on work and pats himself on the back for a successful surgery. His hands are shaky, but he tries to show Lexie his confidence is intact. Was anyone else on the edge of their seat waiting to see him slip up with the teenager on the operating table? At least his fight with Alex is water under the bridge.
  • Oh, Cristina. At Owen's suggestion to get a job, Cristina takes on bartending at Joe's, where the attendings find her when they go to celebrate Derek winning his Alzheimer's grant. It seems Yang also took a time machine to the 1990s while on her way to work — seriously, what is she wearing? Her first order of business is inventing a distasteful and disgusting looking drink, "Early Onset Alzheimer's." Despite not appreciating her joke, Derek takes responsibility of keeping a watchful "bouncer" eye on Cristina as she gets drunker and drunker with a bachelor party. Owen is understandably not pleased to find her giving a guy a lap dance at the end of the evening, though does he really need to throw her over his shoulder?
  • How about those single folks? Callie is heartbroken. Teddy is discouraged. Bailey just wants someone who speaks her language. And Mark is ready for whatever is asked of him. Callie is crestfallen to hear that she's not mentioned in Arizona's emails to Teddy from Africa, so Mark suggests a "palate cleanser" (or as Bailey calls it, "sexual sorbet"). Mark pushes Callie toward a redhead in the corner, but in the end he gets to be the bed partner to get her mind off Arizona. I admittedly giggled with the, "I want sorbet." "Sweet tooth? I've got cookies!" exchange, though is falling into the sack together the best idea for Mark and Callie?
  • Liquored-up Bailey deserves her own bullet point. After describing her perfect man as someone who wants to talk fistulas, Bailey stumbles into Seattle Grace to sober up. April sets Bailey up with IV fluids and the two have a heart-to-heart about men. Bailey wants to drunk dial Ben and gives April a lecture on her "maiden voyage" (AKA losing her virginity). Of course, Bailey also holds the key to separating the glued 15-year-olds, but in the morning she makes April vow that their intimate chat never happened. Bailey is back to her hard-assed self, though April has some sweet ammunition if she ever needs a favor in the future.
  • Alex and Meredith are quite the team this week up against difficult Dr. Stark and an annoyed Chief. Mer and Alex take on a surgery without the help of any attendings, showing just how far they've come since their first day at Seattle Grace, when they were told that only two of them would survive. Thankfully, nothing goes wrong on the operating table, and they earn an approving nod from Chief while Stark chews them out. Meredith and Derek are passing ships in the night with their schedules, so there isn't much progress on that front. Alex is nursing a few wounds from getting clocked by Jackson, though it sounds like April now knows that he is not the right man for her "maiden voyage."

So do you think Mark and Callie can keep their dalliance uncomplicated? Is Jackson going to be able to hold it together much longer? Will Cristina be back in her scrubs in no time or will she be give pouring drinks another shot? Next week she's heading on a fishing trip with Derek while Meredith and Owen have a showdown. What were your favorite parts of the week? Let's chat in the comments, then hit the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group for even more!

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