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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Start Me Up"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Start Me Up"

Here's something I'll always love about Grey's Anatomy: you never know when a run-of-the-mill episode will turn into a jaw-dropper. This week's episode did just that, and the cliffhanger fits nicely into the theme of "inappropriate" relationships. From Karev's flirtation to a med student he's mentoring (it's Amber Stevens from Greek!) to Teddy's marriage to Henry, the doctors are left questioning what's professional and what isn't.

Speaking of which, Teddy and Henry are already fringing on cute territory, as are Bailey and Eli. Let's face it: everything at Seattle Grace is better when Bailey is getting some. Unfortunately, Meredith's latest relationship hurdle with Derek (i.e. project pregnancy) isn't going so well. I can't wait to hear what you all thought of the episode, so let's get into it when you read more.

  • Let's start with the juiciest of the juicy first: Callie is pregnant! With Mark's baby! I don't know how I didn't see this one coming, but I was completely shocked when Callie makes her revelation to Arizona. Though I'm sure that this will all end up with Mark/Lexie/Callie/Arizona as one big happy family (I mean, they kind of already are), for now there are some major issues ahead. It was just a few months ago that Mark was saying he wanted another baby, but how do you think he'll react now that he's back with Lexie? And more importantly, how will Lexie react?
  • Now, let's rewind a bit. Arizona spends another episode doing all she can to win Callie back. It ranges from buying off Callie's subletter so she can move back into the apartment to giving yet another speech where she uses Callie's full name and begs for one last chance. Mark helps Arizona come to the conclusion that she has a tendency to bail when things get rough, so will she abandon ship yet again now that Callie's knocked up? (I'm thinking no, especially since Callie has always wanted a baby. And she loves Mark as a friend, so aside from Lexie, this is really kind of a perfect scenario for Callie, even if it is bad timing).
  • Now that we've covered all the immediate injured parties, it's time to consider how Meredith will react to Callie's pregnancy. It's clearly a sensitive subject for Mere, who will stop at no amount of pregnancy tests until she gets the results she wants. Meredith and Callie have never been particularly close, but will this put a strain on their friendship or bring them together?
  • Back at the relationship starting gate (or what I hope to be), Henry spills the beans about his marriage to Teddy. The Chief immediately disapproves, though Lexie and Bailey give Teddy a fair amount of support. You've got to hand it to Teddy when the Chief accuses her of being inappropriate, and she points to all the couples around her, and I loved when Bailey gets in on the debate by opening up about an inappropriate tryst of her own. Meanwhile, we learn a little bit more about Henry: though he seems to be ever-optimistic, he's actually a very lonely guy looking for a friend. But will Teddy give him more than a friendship?
  • What slump? Cristina is back to her old, overachieving, snarky self this week, and it's good to have her back. For once, she takes the backseat to the rest of the drama — well, unless you count the whole debacle where she puts down a med student, and he slams her in her evaluation. Somehow, I don't think this will put her out for the running for chief resident. Is it just me, or does it seem like Chief Webber and Bailey are trying to prep her for the position?
  • I couldn't but smirk right along with Karev when he's the only doctor who ends up with a positive evaluation from a first year. And, to top it all of, he still gets to sleep with her. Well played.

How did you feel about this week's episode? Were you as shocked as I was? Are you looking forward to seeing how everything will shake down with this new twist? And who do you think will get chief resident? Voice your thoughts in the comments below, or check out the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group in the Buzz community.

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