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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Superfreak"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Superfreak"

The theme of this week's Grey's Anatomy is freaks, and not just because one of Seattle Grace's newest patients resembles a tree. Lots of little secrets about the surgeons come out this week, which brings some of them under scrutiny around the hospital. Yang still can't bring herself to go back into an OR, Karev won't use the elevator, and April tries to hide the fact that she's a virgin.

The episode is a bit lighter than the season's first two, but it's clear that the subject of the shooting spree is going to be a hot topic for quite some time. When you're ready to break it all down, just


  • Cristina's OR meltdown last week becomes a point of contention with the doctors. Is she ready to go back to work? Will she ever be? The surgeons take sides, with Derek firmly on Team Cristina. He even threatens to quit if she gets fired. Now that she's saved his life, he's willing to take a (proverbial) bullet for her.
  • One person who doesn't believe in Cristina's abilities is Derek's sister Amy. The baby of his family shows up unannounced, frustrated that her big brother hasn't returned her calls. Derek is stone cold to her, even though she brings him a patient with a brain tumor as a "present." When Meredith calls him out on his behavior, he reveals that he's been angry with her for years since she's recovering from an addiction to pain medication. Derek thinks it's unfair that his sister put their mother through so much (especially after their father passed), but I think it's kind of unfair that Derek is seemingly abandoning his sister because she has a problem. Clearly the whole family has been through some serious trauma — shouldn't he do the brotherly thing and forgive her? Derek continues to be frosty before the operation and kicks Amy out of the OR when she says that Cristina is a dud.
  • Maybe I don't know enough about what really goes on inside hospitals, but all the talk of Cristina never returning to work again seems to be jumping the gun a bit. All of the doctors are suffering from a bit of post traumatic stress disorder, and she only had one bad reaction to a surgery. Shouldn't someone be encouraging her to take a sabbatical instead of talking about firing her?
  • Lucky for Cristina, Derek swoops in to help save her life like she saved his. He takes her back to square one, using a cadaver to help get her confidence back in the operating room. They share a very sweet moment when he admits that he probably wouldn't have chosen Cristina as a friend in ordinary circumstances — but now, they're a family. In turn, Derek also mans up and has a heart-to-heart with Amy about what happened to their father.
  • After a long day of suspicion from her peers, April finally admits that she is, in fact, a 28-year-old virgin. When her fellow doctors erupt in laughter, she gives them their just deserts, going around the table and calling each one out on their own laughable secret. Karev is afraid of the elevator, Jackson still has nightmares, Meredith is afraid the "old" Cristina will never return, and the kicker — Lexie is oblivious to the fact that Mark is still in love with her. I cheered for April when she finally stands up for herself, and I'm with Meredith when she says that April is becoming more likable.
  • "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" moment of the episode: After April's speech, Lexie goes to Mark, seemingly ready to give him another chance. Unfortunately, Callie reminded him that Lexie had asked him to back off, and Lexie finds him all tangled up in Amelia. I just want to see these two back together, and though Mark technically didn't do anything wrong, is Lexie going to be mad at him all over again?
  • Can we talk about Teddy for a second? Kim Raver was only recently made a series regular on the show, but boy are they wasting her screen time. Last season she played a pivotal role in Cristina's development as a surgeon and her relationship with Owen, but this season she seems to be an afterthought in every episode. I'm hoping they'll utilize her a little more now that her half-baked relationship is over — I want to see her make some waves.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are you excited for the potential spark between Teddy and Jackson (they hinted it in the promo for next week)? Did you think the man with the warts was as nauseating as the doctors did? Sound off in the comments, or start your own thread in the Grey's Anatomy Junkies group in the Buzz Community.

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AnaMC AnaMC 6 years
Liked Amelia. I think she's a better fit here than on PP. I hoped we could've gotten more of Derek & Amy but I guess April's yapping and Teddy's problems are more important. Where was Meredith? Poor Cristina but I know my girl will pull through. April can die. So you're a virgin. What's wrong with that? It doesn't compare to nightmares of a shooting. Being traumatized enough to not be able to use elevators anymore. To fear for your best friend's well being. Really? Is this how I'm supposed to like her? Please. Die. Teddy can also go away. Waste of screen time. Bye!
jultritz jultritz 6 years
I really loved the way that Derek was advocating for Christina. I thought it was really sweet and kind of touching. My favorite part of the episode. If her PTSD is severe enough, she may never be able to go back to operating. I hope that is not the case, though. I can't stand Amy and her now working at Oceanside Wellness may be enough to turn me off of Private Practice for good. Hopefully she is done being on Grey's for awhile. I mean, how creepy is it for her to have sex with the same man that her brother's ex-wife had an affair with? Just. Ewww.
bransugar79 bransugar79 6 years
The whole thing was hit and miss for me. The guy with HPV was gross, but I have to assume as doctors they should be aware that stuff like that (and even worse) will come through their doors at some point. I found Derek's sister annoying, and honestly kind of useless to the whole plot other than giving Mark someone to sleep with to foil his and Lexie's reunion. I'm not generally a big fan of April's, but I thought the ridicule over her being a virgin was a bit much. I mean sure it's unusual but it doesn't make her a freak or anything, and the fact that everyone made repeated jokes about it just cemented the whole high school lunch room feel that sometimes makes me hate Grey's. I also wasn't aware that she lived with Meredith and kept thinking how odd that was considering how hung up she was on Derek last season. I also think the way everyone was treating Cristina was weird. It was kind of like she was the only one who was there when the place got shot up and none of them understood what the big deal was. I was especially irritated with Callie and Arizona's mission to get everyone to tell her that she needed to move out of their apartment. I mean I get they need space to be alone, but really if my friend and roommate was going through so many hard transitions at once I would give her a little more time before bringing another huge change into her life.
larisa5656 larisa5656 6 years
As a 24-year-old virgin, I totally gained a new level of respect for April and her tirade against her co-workers. Seriously, on a show that claims to respect different views of male/female sexuality, what is so wrong with not having sex? When did it become such a social stigma to not lose your virginity as soon as you hit high school? But I digress, good episode all around. Still, when are we going to get to see a McDreamy meltdown over Meredith's miscarriage?
demarco11 demarco11 6 years
Derek's sister was super annoying for me... but i thought it was funny that Meredith was giving out advise about sisterly relationships and family, when that's kinda anti-Mere. It seems like they made such a big deal of the Therapist guy when he really only had a total of ~5 talking scenes. Moving on. This is probably the first time I've liked April. When she put everyone in their place it was very old school Grey's feeling. But I'm with tlsgirl... does she live with Derek and Meredith?? And does Jackson live there too since she knows about his nightmares (in which case wouldnt Meredith know about them too?) This has been one of the better (if not grosser) eps so far.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
Also, thank you for not putting any pictures of HPV guy on the recap!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
Ugh, those icky warts made me gag every time they showed up onscreen. Even my BF yelled in horror when he walked into the room while they were on TV. And let's not even talk about the freakin' spider, because I may feel nauseated all over again. I just want Lexie and Mark to get back together already. I loved those two, and the latest thing just seems like an unnecessary hurdle. I did, however, love Callie and Arizona's solution to their Christina problem. It was a nice, funny way to close out the episode after the disgustingness going on all over the TV. Just one last question though - April said that "Christina was at the house last night." Does she live with Meredith and Derek now and I just missed something?
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