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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Support System"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Support System"

We take a painful trip down memory lane on this week's Grey's Anatomy, as the story behind Owen's affair unfolds through flashbacks. Actually, it's even more depressing to see Cristina and Owen hashing it out in real time, as the tension, bickering, and tears between the couple feel all too real.

Their staycation has an effect on their peers, too, since they call in sick with the "flu" (this might mark the first time anyone on this show has opted to take a day off), which prompts Mark to get drunk on the power of being the temporary chief of surgery. Ready to break down the emotional episode? Just read more.

  • Cristina demands to hear the story of Owen's one-night stand, and he acquiesces even though he doesn't want to hurt her. The fateful mistake is slowly revealed, with the story cutting to gut-wrenching shots of Cristina sobbing in real time, and it's also interspersed with memories of all of the fights that led to the downfall of Owen and Cristina's relationship. Eventually, Owen packs up and leaves, but not before assuring Cristina that she's the love of his life, and that he'll never love anyone else. Overall, it feels very, very bleak, leaving me with no hope for these two at all.
  • We learn that the other woman (who remains nameless since Owen doesn't even remember it) came into the hospital with her friend, who was a patient of Owen's. After Owen saves her life, they get a drink at the bar, and naturally, that turns into a few more. At the end of the night, Owen lingers just a little too long saying goodbye (that's always how it happens, am I right?) and the woman asks to be kissed. Owen tries to resist a few times, and despite my loud screams at the TV, he gives in to temptation.
  • It feels like the doctors have been studying for their boards forever, but now they're heading into the home stretch. Meredith is sitting pretty thanks to the "Torres method," while Alex and April browbeat poor Lexie — who isn't even taking the boards — to act as their human textbook. It isn't long before Jackson and even Meredith (as a proxy for Cristina) pile on her. Luckily, Meredith eventually comes to her rescue (though scolding the other doctors seems a bit hypocritical). I'll forgive her though, because she starts her own study group at her house for her friends — and even Cristina joins in.
  • While the chief's away, the Sloan will play. More specifically, he'll play chief. Armed with his bluetooth headset and his lackey Avery, Mark goes into full dictator mode to step into Owen's shoes. He ticks off everyone who comes into his path: he tries to impart cheesy words of wisdom to Derek, forces Jackson to have "beef with the chief," and meddles in most of the surgeries. Webber is the only one who refuses to take him seriously; as a former chief himself, he overthrows Mark's orders, and in one of his famous speeches, makes Mark realize that a chief can't be a perfectionist. The real twist: we learn at the end of the episode that Owen had never asked for Sloan to fill in at all.
  • Teddy is finally ready to go out again, but her friends aren't up for the challenge. Callie and Arizona try to round up the other surgeons for "ladies' night," but over the course of the night becomes clear that everyone would rather be, um, salsa dancing instead. Just when everyone is about to bail, Arizona realizes that they need to be there for Teddy.

Did you feel Owen and Cristina's heartbreak this week? Do you think it's finally over between them for good?

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