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Grey's Anatomy Recap "Transplant Wasteland"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Transplant Wasteland"

Goodbye Seattle Grace, hello Grey Sloan Memorial! It's a new beginning for the surgeons on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, which means plenty of growing pains. Jackson (aka the new "king") is in over his head as he tries to put out fires all over the hospital, and there's plenty of backlash from essentially everyone around him.

In the midst of all the chaos, Alex finally confesses that he has feelings for Jo (though not to her), and Catherine and Richard grow closer. Ready to break it all down? Just read more.

  • Even though Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Callie, and Arizona are on the board of directors now, they still have one person to answer to: Jackson. You'd think Jackson would be on the same page as his colleagues for the most part, but their first meeting doesn't exactly go swimmingly. His first order of business is to fire Owen to boost morale, which gets everyone — especially Cristina — riled up. The gloves come off pretty quickly when Jackson points blame at the doctors for suing the hospital, but Meredith shuts him up by quietly reminding Jackson about Lexie's death. I have to admit — it feels like so much has happened between Jackson and April that I had nearly forgotten about Jackson and Lexie's relationship altogether.
  • Cristina immediately tells Owen that there are plans to fire him, which, naturally, sets Owen into a rage. Derek tries to intervene when Owen goes after Alex, but that only leads to more harsh words about who is to blame for the plane crash. In the heat of the moment, Owen decides to quit. But don't worry — he's reinstated by the end of the episode, thanks in part to an emotional conversation with Derek about how Derek is really mad at the world for taking Mark away. Aww.
  • Jo is having fun playing flirtatious doctor with her new OB-GYN flame, Jason, much to Alex's chagrin. So Alex responds in the only way he knows how: by lashing out and being a general "douche face" (as he calls it) to Jo. However, he does admit to one of his patients that he recently lost a girl to a guy with "big arms," in an effort to convince his patient to seize the moment. It's pretty fun to watch Alex pine away for Jo since it's such a new side of him, and for someone who has slept with pretty much everyone at the hospital, he's kind of an oaf. Case in point: he crashes Jo's date with Jason to thank her for defending him, and then tries to buy her a drink. Jason swiftly kicks Alex out, but not before Jo gives him a longing glance.
  • Though Jackson's day seems to be getting worse and worse, his mother's faith in him remains completely intact. As it turns out, she's right: Jackson takes charge both within the hospital and with his fellow board members. Their second meeting of the day is a lot more productive, as Jackson agrees to reinstate the ER, Owen, and to change the name of the hospital to honor the friends they lost in the crash. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful partnership?
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