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Grey's Anatomy Recap For "Two Against One"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: "Two Against One"

Well everyone, we're more than a quarter of the way through the 10th season of Grey's Anatomy, and it looks like there's finally a little excitement brewing. While threatening the safety of a major character is something that we've seen time and time again throughout the series, it's ultimately what makes the show compelling. You might say, "How is it possible? How can so much misfortune fall on the same group of people?" And you have a point. But in the end, we watch for these story lines, not for the medical breakthroughs. We have to accept all of the plane crashes, the ferry crashes, the brain tumors, and even the exploding bombs as the status quo, and I'm okay with that.

Besides, there's a little bit of everything happening right now, not just the same old tricks. This episode makes room for the future of medicine, the growth and decay of the couples we've grown to love, and, of course, tonight's big, scary twist. Find out everything that happened this week when you read on.

  • The episode begins a shot of Miranda Bailey frantically searching through her son's room, looking for the source of a rotting smell. "Whatever the tumor, people assume you approach it the same way," Meredith's voiceover says. "You find its hiding place in the body, then open the patient up, and you cut it the hell out." It's hard to watch the scene without automatically thinking that Miranda has a tumor, right? Whatever it is, something's wrong, and we're going to have to wait — with dread and anticipation — to find out what it is.
  • Somehow, in the course of like, two episodes, Meredith has really gotten her life together. She's purchased a 3D printer for the hospital, with which she eventually plans on printing portal veins. For her first project, she prints a fork. The real conflict comes later, when Meredith tries to print an actual organ. Cristina stops the printing — effectively ruining Meredith's model altogether — so she can print some sort of scaffolding to save the life of a dying patient. Considering the conflict the two have been having, this definitely isn't going to end well.
  • Callie is interviewing Dr. Emma Marling, Owen's new flame, to join the crew at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Emma talks about how she left a job in a previous city because of a divorce, which Callie immediately applies to her own situation. Does this mean Callie might be heading out soon? There's not a whole lot tying her into the show anymore, but then again, that's liable to change. All I know is she seems to be considering leaving her job and taking her life elsewhere.
  • On that note, we need to talk about Arizona and Leah. It's cute that they're kind of dating now, but can we rewind a bit? First of all, after everything that Callie and Arizona have been through, I can't believe they gave up so easily. And I'm not just talking about the whole leg thing, either. Let's not forget how Callie almost died in a car accident and how Arizona was by her side through that whole recovery. And speaking of the whole leg thing, why have they just dropped that whole plotline completely? How does Leah feel about the prosthetic? Is she weirded out? Is Arizona insecure? Come on, guys.
  • Meanwhile, in the world of a couple who's just getting things going, April and Matt are on track to get married. Matt also really wants to seal the deal. He doesn't want to wait until the wedding night, since April already broke her vow. He should be able to do the same. April comes so close to giving in, but instead convinces Matt it's worth the wait.
  • What's up with Meredith? Ever since Cristina told her she slowed down, she's been on a mission to prove she's the best and brightest. This week she gets a little reckless, endangering the life of a patient because she's trying to remove multiple tumors from different areas of his abdomen. She's also hellbent on making a huge statement with this 3D printer thing. We know you're a great doctor, Mer. It's time to cool down before someone gets hurt.
  • And then we loop back to one Miranda Bailey. She's been acting totally weird all episode, freaking out about insignificant things, fiddling with her hands, blurry vision, and tuning out in the middle of surgery. At the end of the episode, she seems like she's on the verge of a breakdown, counting and recounting something on her fingers. Does Miranda have a brain tumor? It's possible, but it could also be a different kind of illness. Only time will tell, and for the first time this season, I'm excited to see what happens next week.
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