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Grey's Anatomy Recap, "What Is It About Men"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "What Is It About Men"

Let's hear it for the boys! The ladies of Seattle Grace are MIA, allowing this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy to focus solely on the menfolk. Each of the male surgeons is dealing with some feelings of anger, whether it be in their career or personal life — but, as the episode tells us, that doesn't mean they want to talk about it. Ultimately, Derek signs up all of his colleagues for his house-building anger management program, and helps the guys hammer out their problems. Literally.

There are bromance troubles brewing with the patients too, as the latest disaster to hit Seattle involves a freak accident at a local comic book convention. You know what that means: zombie nurses, hobbits, and Game of Thrones references abound. It's one of the more comical episodes we've seen in awhile, which is a refreshing change of pace. Let's break it down when you read more.

  • In the few moments that Meredith appears in this episode, we see that she and Derek are sharing a bed again, but there's still some tension between them. Derek's none-too-pleased about having a new resident on his staff, and it only makes things worse when Karev makes no attempt to hide his apathy toward neuro. Luckily, Derek's found a solution — building his new deck! He heads out there to deal with his frustrations, and over the course of the episode, offers solace to his friends as well.
  • Owen's trying to settle into his new job as chief of surgery, but it's not exactly a smooth transition. Getting bogged down in paperwork makes him feel helpless, so he tries getting rid of his office to make himself feel more useful. When that doesn't work, Hunt decides to get his hands dirty — by punching out a big guy who's making a ruckus in the ER. His transgression is fun to watch throughout the episode; it's easy to see that he's uncomfortable being the head honcho in the big office, and much prefers to be down in the trenches taking care of business.
  • Owen's not the only one having trouble adjusting; Webber is in a state of limbo. His fellow surgeons still see him as the chief that's too good to be roughing it with them, while he just wants to be part of the action. He finds his niche in teaching Jackson and Karev to appreciate what they've got. (Speaking of which, how depressing are the scenes where Webber is talking about Adele?) He does eventually get through to the young whippersnappers, and has Karev finding the "joy" in his surgeries again.
  • Jackson finally finds a solution to his issues with Mark. Derek sees the potential in Jackson and offers him a surgery in neuro, but Jackson sticks to his guns — and sticks it to Mark, using reverse psychology on him to convince Mark that he deserves to lead a surgery a plastics. Unfortunately, when he hints that he might want to work with Derek, Mark lashes out at his friend for stealing Jackson away.
  • As for Mark, he's on solo baby-sitting duty while Arizona and Callie are away, which of course, is the time that baby Sofia decides to roll over for the first time (is it just me or did she roll right off the couch?). When Sofia seems too content, Mark automatically assumes that something must be wrong with her. As it turns out, he's just being a good dad, and Sofia's fine. That's not enough to calm Mark down, though; he's been quietly holding a grudge about being passed over for Owen's job. Derek's answer to Mark's problems? He needs to get laid.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode? Did you miss the ladies or was it fun to get a man's perspective for a change? Are you missing Lexie as much as I am (the girl has been gone all season!)? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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