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Grey's Anatomy Recap "With You I'm Born Again"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "With You I'm Born Again"

Grey's Anatomy takes us back to Seattle Grace this week for the first time since the shocking finale. One month has passed, and the surgeons are still reeling from the murder spree that took place in the confines of their work. They're each coping with the ordeal in their own ways, and whether or not they're allowed to work is left in the hands of a grief counselor.

As expected, the trauma has brought some big changes to the doctors' lives. Derek's an adrenaline junkie, Lexie has a post traumatic stress disorder breakdown, and Owen and Cristina are engaged. There's a lot of setting up for the long season ahead, so let's get started..

  • Like I said, each doctor is dealing with his or her own issues, so let's break them down one by one, starting with Derek. The shooting has given Derek a new outlook on life, one that includes a need: a need for speed. He spends so much time breaking the speed limit that he's become a regular down at the police station. Upon his return to the hospital, Derek is met with a warm welcome from his fellow surgeons — but he promptly declares that he no longer wants to be chief, and hands the reins back over to Webber. Just like that, they're back to their old jobs (and based on Webber's dance party, he couldn't be happier about the news). We learn that Derek blames himself for the shootings, but is now taking a "life is short" approach to each day. His reckless behavior makes him miss the big wedding, but how long before the consequences become a little more severe?
  • As for Derek's wife, Meredith is frustrated about the fact that she and Cristina are the only ones who haven't been given a permission slip to return to work. The problem is that she keeps insisting that they're all fine, but the counselor sees right through her. Of course, her secret miscarriage is still haunting her, and when she confronts Cristina about her reasons for marrying Owen, Cristina calls her out on not facing her own loss — or sharing it with Derek.
  • Cristina puts on her brave face as she prepares for her upcoming nuptials to Owen. She's very matter-of-fact about the whole thing and it's unclear what prompted the engagement — that is, until we see it firsthand. As a result of the shooting spree, Cristina is feeling particularly vulnerable and lonely, and tells Owen she doesn't want to be alone anymore. In turn, he offers her a diamond ring, which she accepts with a "thank you." Maybe it's supposed to be a sweet moment, but it felt more like a business transaction to me. The actual wedding is nice enough, but the marriage seems to have a lot more to do with Cristina's desires to be "simple" than anything else. What's your take?
  • Teddy tells Owen she approves of the wedding, then gets caught making out with the grief counselor. Oh, and she also has an interesting moment with shirtless Karev. Never a dull moment for a single at Seattle Grace, is there?
  • Speaking of Karev, he's using his injury to pick up chicks because he thinks they'll find his bullet wound — excuse me, lodged bullet — sexy. In typical Karev fashion, he's shut out anyone close to him (which means Lexie). It seems like he still has some leftover feelings for her, but he's not prepared to be part of her healing process.
  • Lexie waxes philosophical about how some people change their lives after a traumatic situation — in her case, she changes her hair back to its original color. Though Lexie appears to be optimistic in her therapy session, we see that she has a pretty severe breakdown during a typical day at the hospital. Karev walks out on her, but Mark is there to pick up the pieces and take her to the psych ward. Whether or not she ends up with Mark, I'm just glad she and Karev are over: the moment where she tells him off for showing off his "war wound" is priceless. She's way too good for him.
  • Elsewhere around the hospital, Mark laments not being married, Callie and Arizona decide to move in together, and Bailey runs into issues with her hot boyfriend since he's not on the same page as her.

How did you feel about the season opener? Is it getting you amped up for more? Do you think Owen and Cristina will make it as a married couple? And most importantly, what was up with Meredith's Jenny Humphrey-inspired wedding makeup? Sound off in comments and keep the ball rolling in the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts community group!

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