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"Grey's Anatomy" Rundown: Episode 1, "A Change is Gonna Come"

Oh, how I wish I could say "Grey's Anatomy" came roaring back from the summer break with an episode that would erase all my doubts about the show. Sadly, "A Change is Gonna Come" was not that episode. It had some good moments, but for the most part, I'm still left wondering if I'm ever going to get my old "Grey's" back. To read more of my thoughts and share your own, just

The episode picks up about two weeks after the third-season finale. Cristina and Meredith have gone on Cristina's honeymoon, Alex has grown some questionable facial hair and taken a road trip vaguely in the direction of Ava/Rebecca, and Izzie doesn't seem to have done much of anything besides mope around and wonder why George isn't speaking to her. For his part, George is back with the new interns, hoping to keep his status as the repeat intern a secret.

Among those interns, of course, is Lexie Grey. I'm going to put all my cards on the table here and say that I really like the introduction of Lexie. It shows that no matter how much Meredith tries to separate from her family now that her mommy and fake mommy have both died and Thatcher won't speak to her, she can never really cut the cord. Lexie seems to share Meredith's proclivity for discussing her personal life right in the middle of medical procedures (introducing herself as Meredith's sister while Meredith is dealing with an incoming trauma?), but I think she adds an interesting element to the show — as long as they don't have her start going after Derek.

Where this episode lost me completely was Izzie's case. The other residents and their teams are dealing with trauma victims from a car crash; Izzie lets a little kid talk her into saving a deer. In the parking lot. Using equipment from the ER that's meant for people. I get that there was this whole Bambi metaphor going (George is Bambi, Izzie's Bambi, everyone wants to save Bambi), and it led to a decent-enough payoff — Izzie finally giving her interns the what-for — but that doesn't make up for it being dumb.

Speaking of which: George and Izzie. You know, I really thought that was supposed to be over, but George ending the first episode by saying "I love you, too" doesn't give me much hope.

A couple of other thoughts:

  • Did anyone else crack up when Meredith's voiceover said "change" just as Alex handed a bag of change to Cristina? It was so egregiously bad that I wondered if it was accidental.
  • The man who ate everything was pretty awesome, though.
  • Callie is not going to be a good chief resident. I wonder if she'll toughen up — or give up.
  • Loved the residents giving their interns the Bailey speech from the pilot (and failing miserably).
  • I liked the way Lexie cheered George up and volunteered to keep his secret. But I still doubt his status will be secret for long; I'd say he's going to have a pretty tough time explaining why he's married to the chief resident if he's never set foot in the hospital before, for one thing.
  • Poor Cristina really thought Burke would be back. She's going to have a tough road ahead.
  • Meredith and Derek? So not broken up.
  • Quote of the night: "I came to Seattle to get you back." — Mark to Derek.

What about you? Were you glad to see Seattle Grace back? Or were you too annoyed with the deer scenes to care?

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tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
As someone who is completely annoyed by Mer, all the time, seeing a slightly perkier version of her in Lexie didn't exactly make me all excited. On the plus side, the Mark and Derek bit was really great.
taraevans94 taraevans94 9 years
Here's the thing... when have George and Callie EVER had chemistry? Their relationship has felt forced since it began. I really think George just married her because he wanted something good to happen in his life - but he was cleary still in love with Meredith at the time and now he loves Izzie. Don't get me wrong, I really like Callie and find myself rooting for her to make it, but this episode only saw her living in denial and using her new job to be a B**ch to everyone in the hospital. Also, there was barely any Derek/Meredith interaction and they're not really explaining my Meredith is pushing Derek away in the first place. I mean, she almost dies and then all of a sudden Derek isn't McDreamy anymore? What happened? Yes, she's had alot of heartache in her life - it wasn't his fault! I did like Mark/Derek in this episode. I hope they become friends and get into trouble together - that would be fun to watch. I also hope that Bailey decides to help Callie - it seems like she wants to. The deer thing was STUPID. Never do this to us again please. I'm really sick of Izzie being the crazy one. Please stop.
4everandalways 4everandalways 9 years
this episode bit the big one. Thank god I watched The Office on Thursday night
dblgoldens dblgoldens 9 years
It was terrible. Hated basically every minute of it and all the speechifying of the fake/new/sister Meredith. Ick. Only have love for Christina and the Emmy should have gone to Sandra Oh. (Not Katherine's faulty the writers have turned Izzie into a deer-loving freak. And could there be less chemistry between Izzie and George? Ew.) Please come back Grey's!
Maria84 Maria84 9 years
I hated the premiere. It was boring I was looking at the walls to let the time pass. Some of the story lines I kept thinking were ridiculous. George and Izzie they need to let that go, it is obviously not appealing to a majority to the audience, This whole Meredith/ Derrick its becoming too high school for my taste. Where is the intelligence and weekly cliffhangers that used to be on that show. I don't know if I am going to watch the whole season. I give it till November sweeps if nothing exciting happens, than goodbye Grey's.
DOliveira-Diva DOliveira-Diva 9 years
Despite the unhappy viewers I still love the show!
outofhere outofhere 9 years
For better or worse I found myself being sucked right back into Grey's. It wasn't one of their best shows by any means but it's good entertainment. I am a little ticked that they keep having Merideth and Derek solve/not solve their problems with sleeping together. Merideth needs to deal with her issues and grow up! I actually think George and Lexie would make a good couple. I miss Burke and Addison. I thought one of the best lines was Meredith telling Derek that "she" was the girl from the bar.
allyc20 allyc20 9 years
Personally, I thought that Grey's came back and was more like th first and second season that made it the show we fell in love with. Ib admit that thinking about George and Izzie being together sounds strange, but surprisingly Katherine Heigl and TR Knight share great chemistry that i didn't see coming. I loved them as best friends and after this episode i love them together. I have to say though that it is wrong to do that to a marriage especially after your fiance died a few months ago, but that is Izzie. She doesn't seem to really care about other people's feelings. Meredith and Derek disappointed me last season. I thought that once they got back together after all the smelling hair in elevators and almost kissing pretty much everywhere in the hospital they would be the couple they were in the first season. Instead, they became a boring couple that would just create problems for themselves when they got bored. Merdith is my favorite character, but the girl has everything she why won't she swim for gods sake?? I'm glad that derek, however, finally realized that meredith has never seen a functional relationship and it screwed up. He finally took up for her with McSteamy. I LOVED the mcsteamy convo...HILARIOUS. and meredith's speech at the end of the ep. was one of the best they have ever had because it was so true! The music was great as usual and the i think Grey's is finally back and great as usual!
liz05gibson liz05gibson 9 years
i dont care, i loved it. i'll alwaysssssss love grey's anatomy!
pretens-e pretens-e 9 years
I, too, hate the whole Izzie/George thing. I think it was a bad idea to begin with and now has turned into a mess of unsolvable situations. Izzie needs to stop whining. I mean she didn't whine this much after Denny died. It's stupid. I don't like it at all. George moping around got annoying super fast. I don't like how they made Lexie sort of talk just like Meredith. They pause the same way and make the same awkward small talk. I don't like Lexie... yet. Hopefully she'll become her own character soon. Derek and Meredith better not be over... thats all I'm saying haah.
allenorton allenorton 9 years
Does anyone else HATE Lexie Grey? And the whole Derek/Meredith/Lexie love triangle is pissing me off. I MISS KATE WALSH.
gig gig 9 years
I like Gizzie now. I am a fan of Lexie and my feelings for dislike toward Meridith has now escalated to hatred. I didn't exactly hate the deer scenes, except when Bambi came to life...Izzie's reaction was so camp that I think Katherine Higel thought it was stupid too. My favorite scene was when Alex (with odd facial hair)remarked that Callie was a B**ch and Izzie quipped back, "word". I'm not sure why I was lol-ing at that. I guess I thought I was the only person that still used that expression.
elsiebelle elsiebelle 9 years
The highlights for me: Derek defending Meredith to Mark. Before that happened I was beginning to think Derek didn't care about Mer anymore. Bailey telling off Callie. Derek & Mer "breaking up". Lexi's talking to George. George showing up at the door saying "I love you, too". Christina's reaction when she found out Burke left. [She's a good actress, I felt sad for her] The Chief's talk with Bailey in the OR. Christina's talk with the patient in the OR. "I need my arm." Mer walking out to Lexi calling her and Derek calling her--and her choosing Derek. [I guessed she would ignore them both and keep walking straight--the usual Mer move] What I didn't like: The overall low mood of the whole episode--I miss the occassional laughs. I was expecting a lot more humor, especially after the depressing finale last season. It killing me that it took the whole episode for George to speak up--about being a 2nd yr intern and his feelings for Izzie. Lexi standing in the way of Mer to tell her she was her sister. Hello!? Medical emergencies to worry about! The deer--even though it was sweet--it made her look so bad in front of the interns. That's all I can think of for now. The cheesiest of cheesiest moments the whole episode: When George was in the lockerroom with the interns and they found out he delivered a baby. The girl who said "Was it like...did your head just explode with the amazingness?" Wow...did the GA writer's really write that one in? Overall, I think we all had high expectations for this premiere. :( Crossing my fingers for the next one.
Kaki Kaki 9 years
I actually loved this, I haven't made up my mind about Gizzie but it doesn't bother me. I want to see what's gonna happen with them!
junemon junemon 9 years
i don't mind the whole george/izzie thing because i never really liked callie. i thought last night's episode was better than some of the ones last season..
CM213 CM213 9 years
hahah... i didn't mean to say "Meredith IS THE GIRL IN THE BAG." I meant to say that "Meredith IS THE GIRL AT THE BAR." lol!!!
CM213 CM213 9 years
GREY'S for the most part was great. I didn't like the whole having Lexie do all this things that Meredith did when we first met her. Meredith IS THE GIRL IN THE BAG. She's the one who watches babies with George. She's the one the one that said to Bailey "you said five taht was only four" and she's the one and only GREY. they need to do something else with Lexie, like make her be gone. Anyway, the Izzie and George story... they should just end that also. What I liked last night was the whole trying to give the Bailey speech. I loved the part when Christina was standing waiting for her pager to go off just like Bailey's did. I like that they're back at their old hang out and that interns aren't allowed there. I like the whole Alex and Christina bonding. I like that when Mark was saying all this things about Meredith, Derek stood up for her and explained why he knows why she is who she is. I like Mark's "I came to Seattle to get you back." and Derek saying something that they should get a drink "But not today." I am however a bit upset that Derek and Meredith broke-up even thoough they had the break-up sex. I don't really think it'll solve anything for them especially with the whole S&M. All in all, I think it's really lighter than last season which is good. Last season got so depressing that I felt like crap after watching an episode.
_XXXHolic_ _XXXHolic_ 9 years
Why did Izzie have to become a psycho bitch and why did George have to become an ass?! I seriously hate the Gizzie coupling and feel bad for Callie (who's awesome) so I hope Callie goes all Bailey on everyone's asses. I hate how predictable and cliche the show has gotten, though I do love the quote of the night and I did think it was hilariously bad when Alex handed Christina the "change"
menthadict menthadict 9 years
Gah.......I love Isaaih Washington. He and Sandra really made the show so good. I'd be so mad if they brought in a love match for Cristina. Even if IW made the work place hostile, he was an amazing actor.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
indielove = "and her damn sister with her kindergarten haircut(horrid!)." LOL I AGREE :rotfl: hahhaa kindergarten haricut
kristies kristies 9 years
Oh yeah... Now don't attack me on this one, but I'm pretty mad about IW getting fired. I don't agree about what he said, but it really shouldn't have been made into such a public clusterf**k. People get into arguements every day and say things that they shouldn't... grow up and deal with it (privately). Burke will be greatly missed.
kristies kristies 9 years
I can't decide if I like Lexi... Do we really need another whiner like Meredith? It's somewhat fitting to Meredith (although she has gotten annoying lately), but having Lexi do the same, awkward public rants about her personal life is just overkill. About the deer... I'm a veterinary student, so I've been a little pissed at Grey's since they said McVet wasn't a real doctor. The scene with the deer was about the most rediculous, unrealistic thing I've ever seen. Really? The deer just "springs to life" when she uses the defibrillator? And then it just hangs out in the back of the truck until the animal control get there? Anyway, that's my rant. That scene was just awful.
craving_vintage craving_vintage 9 years
George used to be a fave but he's annoying me now. And him and Izzie, blah. So tired of both of them and that relationship. At least the humor of the show is back. I really missed that. Loved Bailey, always. :)
Lucky-in-Love Lucky-in-Love 9 years
Ok, it's obvious I'm the only one who likes George and Izzie together, but evs. Anyway... So far I do not like Lexie. At all. Mark and Derek are my new fave couple. Alex looked terrible- he needs a haircut. The deer was dumb, but for some reason made sense with the Izzie character. And as much as I don't like what happened in real life, I actually missed Burke. Oh, and Callie needs to get back to being the tough girl she was at the beginning. She so does not need to put up with indecisive, mopey George.
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