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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 11, "Wish You Were Here"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 11, "Wish You Were Here"

As seems to be the case these days, this week's Grey's Anatomy had a bunch of things that worked and then a few major things that just did not. In the first category, we have some sweet Alex moments, the introduction of a new character who might actually make some sense, and Bailey being awesome. In the second, we have — well, you know. Ghosts. To talk about it, just


The Good

  • Grey's has added a ton of new characters this season, but Dr. Arizona Robbins is one of the only ones (along with McArmy) who actually seems to fit in. Yeah, she rides around on wheelie shoes and her name is Arizona, but she's also a well-respected surgeon who fights for what she wants.
  • That's going to make life interesting for Bailey, because Bailey is used to being 100 percent right. She was just complaining recently that the job's gotten too easy for her, and — as the Chief said — she believes that most of the other doctors at Seattle Grace are a bunch of fools. It's a little sad to see her be wrong, but I hope this will also let her grow.
  • Callie and Sloan? Totally rock. They're like their own little Intern-Sex Addicts Anonymous support group, except they're also both bad at restraint. I love their failed coping strategies — staring really hard at Joe the bartender! Making out with each other! — and "sorry, kid, I'm going to Denver" (which almost made that whole weird tumor plotline worth it).
  • On a related note, it's fun to watch Lexie walk around like a woman who knows she can get what she wants.
  • Alex is a total sweetheart, and it's kind of a shame that his best moments are getting wasted on a ghost story. Whose heart wouldn't melt after getting one of those lopsided cakes?
  • Derek "dancing it out" with Mere is one of my favorite scenes this season. What a nerd!

The Meh

  • OK, so Izzie thinks she can have it all, and by "all" I mean Alex and Denny both. And you know what? That's weird. Alex obviously has no idea how seriously to take Izzie's confession that she "sees" Denny. (It would sound crazy to anyone, plus Alex just isn't the kind of guy who would be all, "Whoa, maybe you should talk to someone.") So Izzie blows out her birthday candle thinking everything she wants is right there: a boyfriend who loves her and a dead ex-fiance who also loves her. This is not normal.
  • So far, the serial killer plotline isn't clicking for me, though Eric Stoltz does seem creepy. But I was too distracted by him to pay much attention to how everyone feels about treating someone who slit a bunch of women's throats. Are we supposed to be worried that he's going to kill someone at Seattle Grace? It is good that we get an explanation for Derek's strong reaction, though.
  • I get the Chief's midlife crisis, but if he's so concerned about his hospital being out of control, maybe he should go out and get it under control rather than mope in an isolated room all day.
  • I still don't know why Sadie's here. Though apparently it's to shed light on Meredith's fight with Cristina, because Sadie and Meredith had a fight once too. There was something all cryptic in Sadie's "Then Amsterdam happened . . . " and while once I might have been interested in the slow reveal of the Amazing Adventures of Death and Die, right now I just want to get to the point.

Your thoughts? Did the good outweigh the bad? Do you think Arizona Robbins has a place in Seattle?

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