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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 13, "Piece of My Heart"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 13, "Piece of My Heart"

Here's the No. 1 thing I learned from this episode of Grey's Anatomy: I miss Addison. On Grey's, Addison always seemed to be someone who had it together, even when we knew she didn't. She was stronger and sharper-tongued than the version of her who turned up on Private Practice, and she brought something to the Grey's dynamic that no character has been able to replicate. So which Addison showed up for the return visit to Seattle Grace? To see my thoughts the episode, just


As a whole, the episode seemed to be about expectations: that everything would be the same as it was when you left, that your friend is being friendly and not flirty, that when someone tells you they're pregnant they're not lying. Then the episode took each one of those expectations and shot it down.

A big part of that was Addison, who ended up being the catalyst for breaking a good number of those expectations. Sure, there were moments when she was her wishy-washy LA self — the hugging scenes, the thing about her aromatherapy candles, the weird change in her voice when she talked about how gosh-darn zen she is. But most of the time, I felt like I was watching the old, Seattle Addison, the one who didn't let people get away with anything. Meredith letting Derek leave? She needs a talking-to. Bailey bottling up her emotions? Unacceptable. Izzie still moping over not being a good doctor? Suck it up and "be Gandhi."

Cristina's lesson didn't come courtesy of Addison, but it's still a big one: Hahn will start liking her when she becomes less eager to please. No surprise that Cristina reminds Hahn of herself; I think Hahn just wants to watch Cristina figure it out the way she once did. That fit in well with Addison's talk with Izzie, which accomplished what the Chief's "you're a fighter" line couldn't do last week. All it took was a few words from Addie (and a reminder from George about being a boss) to make Izzie grab all her insubordinate interns and give them a real-world lesson in patient care.

As for Callie and Hahn, I'm curious to see how the show's going to handle this. I can't see them being a couple; I'd prefer to watch Callie navigate her realization that her new friend might be into her. Plus, Callie's desire to prove her straight-ness seems to be leading her into another round of inappropriate sex with Mark, which could be fun.

Some other thoughts:

  • Best lines of the night, when Callie asked Meredith and Cristina if anyone ever thought they were a couple: "We screw boys like whores on tequila." "Then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves."
  • Now that Izzie's medical niche has been found, let's see about getting her some friends, OK? She can't be friends with her interns, but she's also never going to be BFF with Mere and Cristina. Maybe the writers can find her a social life beyond googling recipes.
  • Rose on McDreamy in the OR: "Six dates, heavy petting, lots of tongue, great guy. Scalpel?"
  • I wanted to get behind the story of the baby with his heart beating outside his chest, but it was so poorly written and acted that I just couldn't. "Our baby is one of a kind, wearing his heart on his sleeve"? 'Scuse me while I vomit.
  • Did Meredith want the surgery on the bear-mauling guy to work so that her clinical trial could have good results, or so that Jennifer could find love after all? A little of both?
  • No matter how many times you say it, McSteamy, you're not God.
  • Fake pregnancy! I figured Rebecca would lose the baby, not be lying about its very existence. I'm tiring of her overall, though; she really does just keep popping up like something from Fatal Attraction.

Your thoughts? Did you enjoy Addison's return? Who will be gone first: Rose or Rebecca? Discuss.

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