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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 4, "The Heart of the Matter"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 4, "The Heart of the Matter"

This week's Grey's Anatomy was a bit of a mixed bag. For every great scene or plot twist, there seemed to be two more that had me rolling my eyes. There was one thing that I thought worked completely, though, and that was Callie's story. To read my thoughts and share your own, just

So Callie rocked in this episode — and it's about time. She's been in denial about George's infidelity, and it's been taking her away from her work and making her everything but the strong, bone-cracking woman I first loved. Even after George told her he slept with Izzie, she was sullen and silent, forgiving him almost instantly. For half the episode, she seemed emotionless, and it wasn't until she took all her anger out on the boyfriend of the exercise fanatic that she finally snapped. But when she snapped — oh, that was a beautiful thing. "Don't you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch." Score one for Callie.

On the other hand, score exactly zero for Izzie (or negative points, if possible). It probably wasn't her fault that the whole hospital thought she and Callie were going to have a schoolyard fight in the cafeteria (I blame Izzie's pesky interns for that), but when she greeted Callie with her dukes up, I felt embarrassed for her. And I wasn't the only one: Alex wasted no time in telling her how ashamed she should be of sleeping with George. Granted, he's a little biased (and clearly still carrying a torch for her, but seriously? All this drama over George O'Malley?

Derek, meanwhile, pulled one of the bigger a-hole moves of the season with his speech telling Meredith she was still, emotionally, an intern. Derek's getting all buddy-buddy with Lexie, but I still have hope they won't hook up; I suspect he truly did just tell her how much he loves Meredith, the way you would when you meet the sister of the woman you love. But I'm tired of Derek making himself a martyr. If he loves Meredith, he has to really love her, emotional unavailability and all. Waiting until someone better comes along is not the same as waiting.

What really bugged me about this episode? The writing. I couldn't believe there was a plot line involving a woman getting the wrong diagnosis because of bad handwriting just minutes after Izzie gave a penmanship speech to her interns. Apparently subtle foreshadowing is a lost art. And I love Edward Hermann to the ends of the earth, but his Very Old Intern character really deserves some better material. Having him talk like one of the kiddos was funny the first time, but not the fourth time.

A few other thoughts:

  • The story with the paralyzed football player didn't do much for me except make me wish I could have been watching Friday Night Lights, but it was nice to see Cristina actually step up and be a teacher. I'm also getting annoyed with people for not giving Lexie even the teensiest break; as soon as Meredith decided to stop hating her, Cristina had to start.
  • Nice continuity to bring the Chief's niece back — though I'm pretty sure it was a different actress playing Camille this time. I'm not invested in the Chief/Adele storyline, but the scene where Camille begged the Chief to let her go was a classic Grey's tearjerker.

Other thoughts? Is this the end of Gizzie — or just the beginning? And did anybody else think the previews for next week looked b-a-d?

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ralenth ralenth 10 years
Grey's becomes less interesting each episiode. I was glad to see Callie finally tell Izzie off, at least.
wonhorsetown wonhorsetown 10 years
Since when is staring blankly considered brilliant acting? Clearly Sara and T.R. have the same acting coach...I AM SO DONE WITH CALLIE!!!! The way she confronted Izzie and saying 'meet me in the cafeteria blah, blah, blah' - what was Izzie suppose to think? She married George on a whim in Vegas and he has never returned her feelings in the same way and she's known it. She asked him to chose between her and his friends - if you have to ask that you've already lost sweetie. And for her to be pissed at Izzie and say how could you do this to another woman is ridiculous! How, as woman, can SHE not put it the blame where it belongs - on her HUSBAND!!! Typical to blame another woman instead of the man - that's so weak of Callie. George and Callie were a mistake but not nearly as big a mistake as Gizzie - just yuk!! The only woman who didn't make George look completely frightened was 'siph' nurse Olivia. Alex and Izzie had better make a comeback - I'm so keeping my fingers crossed. I'm so glad they revealed that he is still carrying a torch for her.
greysgirl14 greysgirl14 10 years
okay here are my thoughts: i really liked this episode well i liked the first 30 minutes of this episode anyway The last merder scene was kinda bitter sweet. Like Derek pouring out his heart to mer was adorable! and if i would of been her i would of been like "Hell yeah i'll marry you lets head to Vegas!" but i wasnt mer. i really think she wants to be like that but she's just so scared and it sucks because Derek is amazing guy and they are perfect and i kinda have a feeling he is not going to wait for ever like i dont think he will ever get together with Lexie because he will always love meredith and that would hurt her so much. Like think of it... first her dad choose's lexie over mer and then Derek does? that crazy and its not happening (i hope) but seriously meredith call derek and tell him you love him and live happy ever after forever and ever! Because his a really good guy and you need a really good guy. okay im kinda laughing right now because i just realizes i was acting like i was talking to meredith and she isnt even real. But i guess i just blame it on Ellen Pompeo because she is such an amazing actress i feel like i know meredith lol but any moving on... i felt for Izzie and Callie and George this episode. Like the end scene with Iz crying broke my heart and then the end scene with Callie broke my heart too so my hearts now and like 4 pieces. actually maybe i didnt feel for george because he was kinda just thinking okay so i will tell her about izzie and then she'll be like i dont ever want to see you again and he will live with iz happily. But thats kinda sad because he seemed mad when Callie said i forgive you. idk it just seemed like he was sad that his marrige wasnt over. What did you all think about that? Alex thing was sad too, His still in love with Izzie and i thinking shes not in love with him. I also have a feeling the O'mally & Stevens one night stand will NOT be a secret anymore. The new/old intern cracks me up it was cute how he was trying to act all young and saying seriously 5 times a minute. And meredith was good with him. I'm alittle worried about Cristina through. i miss her and burke really really bad. i know Cristina is a good doctor without him but they made such a good team and its crazy to think that he will never be back again. The cheif and his neice thing was so sad i had like a lake of tears. But i think i agree with the girl i dont think i would want to spend what life i had left in a bed it would be horrible. Baliey oh Bailey always knows what to say i just love her. i wish she was in control so bad. i like callie but its Dr. Bailey she was born to have all the power lol
askmetostay askmetostay 10 years
all the girls in my office who watch grey's were talking about how we wish we had someone to give the traitorour b!tch speech to. not that we'd want someone sleeping with our men....but oh how good it must have felt. and i'm gonna have to lobby for at least one "alex in a black tank top" shot every show. YUMMMMMM.
Lindsb Lindsb 10 years
Derek - Get over it. Love her for who she is or don't. Mere - Get over yourself. If you don't want to be with him - there better not be 3 episodes watching you cry yourself to sleep. Izzy - I still love you and I'm on your team. George - Why aren't you telling the whole truth? I feel like your screwing Izzy over, and hurting Callie more and .. all for what? Because you're a coward? Callie - Don't be the typical girl who only blames the other woman. Open your eyes. Oh - and the Cristina / Derek show down was so annoying! Derek's not her superior any more! They are both doctors.. I would be a bitch to Lexie, too.. she's so annoying. Ugh.. can you tell this episode made me mad?
Hollywoodjess Hollywoodjess 10 years
greys has been sucking! I need to get into it...i didnt even watch it this week..just tivod it!
DOliveira-Diva DOliveira-Diva 10 years
It's killing me to see Callie broken, but she will be back to herself. I'm over Izzie. I used to feel sorry for her, but she makes dumb decisions. George needs to grow up! Lexi irks me. Not sure why Shepard is being so nice to her. Beside the fact she is Meredith's half sister, she is the low man on the totem pole a little toughing up is due.
SoftRockStar SoftRockStar 10 years
Let this be the end of Gizzie Oh Lord!
nikecold nikecold 10 years
Izzie is annoying, she is beyond naïve and she loves being a martyr. Unlike most people here I can actually appreciate Meredith, sure the whole DErek Meredith yes and no situation is annoying and yes its annoying that she never seems to decide what she wants but that's the point isn't it. The point is she has had so much damage done to her and she's had to suck it up for so long that she's used to pushing people away when they're close and she's scared that Derek will do what her father did. She is flawed and she knows it, but the problem is when they start stretching it out and making her battle eternal. Which is what is happening right now. Izzie on the other hand has been pushed too far, I used to love her but now they've made her the token sentimental woman doctor. I love Callie she's great and Sara Ramirez does a great job playing her. George: I get the urge to punch him all the time, and this episode I think he finally went back to being George, when he said "you can't forgive me" instead of moping around and being stupid. Alex and Bailey I just love. And yes the previews for next week look beyond cheesy, I mean seriously Halloween? Not to mention Meredith is "dead" again and she is trying to deal with her mother.
kikidawn kikidawn 10 years
So true BebaLee!!!
bina324 bina324 10 years
Haha, you said exactly what I was thinking there. I thought the previews for next week looked absolutely terrible. My mom and I actually looked at eachother and pretty much were like, "WTF?". What I want to Happen 1. Gizzie OVER! 2. Meredith to grow up 3. The whole Meredith/McDreamy love triangle to actually GO somewhere or BE OVER 4. more storylines with alex. i love him. there we go. i still love this show though. but is private practice getting more viewers that grey's? just a question.
lizzielou742 lizzielou742 10 years
I don't think George is in love with Izzie OR Callie. He certainly isn't acting like it. He's acting like he just doesn't want anyone to hate him. I didn't like how they never had him dealing with the issue of his father dying, they just skipped over it. But Callie kind of called it for their relationship when she screamed at that boyfriend: "Maybe you just didn't want to be alone." Neither of them want to be alone, they are not in love, they just want to pretend they have something worth fighting for. And Izzie is just.....ugh. She spends millions in like three days to build Denny's memorial clinic, then hardly ever goes there and instead busies her mind fretting over George...and I LOVED how Alex totally called her out for completely being insensitive to his feelings. Ha. I loved how he showed up in a black wifebeater at the end looking all hot, reminding Izzie of what she chose George over. HELLO! More screen time for Alex, but I'm not sure I will be glad to see the Ava storyline back...I'm not sure I believe he's more into Ava than he is Izzie. I miss Bailey the Nazi, Cristina is trying to be the new Nazi but really just being unreasonable and mean, and I'm glad Derek called her out on it. Mer/Der....I love that Derek played that last moment the way he did. Trying to make Meredith realize what she might miss out on. And I'd love to see the writers make Meredith go to therapy or something and heal from everything she's been through, come back and marry Derek....although I'm not sure what a non-"dark and twisty" Meredith would even be like. But it would be better than indecisive and weak Meredith.
almostloli almostloli 10 years
ah.. i havent watched this one!!!
_XXXHolic_ _XXXHolic_ 10 years
This is pretty much what needs to happen so that I can forgive the show: Callie punches George/Izzie in the face and hooks up with McSteamy. Callie starts rocking at her job. George cheats on Izzie cause Karma's a bitch. McDreamy and Meredith just get married already. Meredith stops being whiny and emo and McDreamy just stops being an ass. Note to the one above- Meredith grows a backbone and tells McDreamy what an asshole he is being. The writing becomes good again and there's actually humor. The music stops trying to be "indie" and becomes cool again. People stop being emo and whiny all the time.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 10 years
Old Intern will always be Richard Gilmore to me. And I love him! And agree he needs better story lines.
vickibug vickibug 10 years
I think that Grey's is on its way back this season, but I have to admit that this episode wasn't the strongest example of that. Is it just me or is Alex totally jealous of George? He outs George as a repeater b/c the other interns are giving him praise and then is so jealous that he can't see straight b/c of Izzie who, to me, he is obviously still not over? (Nevermind about Ava/ I the only one that didn't click on the link to see what was on TV Guide...I HATE spoilers!) I have yet to give up on Private Practice even though I am practically bored to tears every week, so I'm not giving up on Greys...Shonda Rimes has proven that she can do this, so I'm just waiting for her to get her stuff together again!
bebaLee bebaLee 10 years
Ok. So, I don't get the "Meredith isn't worth it" sentiment. He's back to professing his love for a few episodes & all of a sudden he's back to being McDreamy? It amazes me how everyone forgets what a total douche Derek has been over the past few seasons to Meredith (AND Addison). He *intentionally* neglected to tell Meredith he was married & started a relationship with her. After Addison showed up, he tells Meredith he's going to stay with her. Instead, he dumps her to make it work with Addison. It works to his advantage as he pretty much punishes Addison for her affair while getting to stay emotionally connected to Meredith. When he learns Meredith decides to move on because he's with Addison, he calls her a whore because he's angry. When he & Addison finally decide to divorce, he decides he wants space & tells Meredith that she should date Finn. Then he decides he wants to be with her but he still wants space from his divorce. He eventually comes to his senses & they are somewhat happy for like 2 weeks. When she has her near death experience, all he can think about is that she didn't swim. He then uses that as an excuse to possibly dump her because he realizes being with her may jeopardize his chance at being chief. When Thatcher bitchslaps her, he does nothing - not a punch, not a shove, not a harsh word. After her mother dies & she becomes emotionally detached, he tells her he may have met someone at a bar. This has all happened in the span of 1 year (according to the wonky Grey's timeline). Patrick Dempsey may play the character in a charming way, but Derek hasn't really hasn't proven to be great husband material. I don't blame Meredith for not immediately giving her heart to Derek because he's disappointed her in the past. Derek hasn't exactly been super stable himself. Saying that he wants marriage, kids & long life with Meredith doesn't mean he's actually ready for it himself. Oh, yeah - what a gentleman for telling Meredith that he'll wait for her, unless someone else who's just as good comes along. Gee, that's love. I'm getting really tired of how Shonda Rhimes & Co are writing this show. Instead of one great show (Grey's) we now get two half-assed shows (Grey's & PP). Let Meredith begin SOME FORM OF HEALING. I'm sick of seeing her get crapped on. I'm sick of the show using the lame "But she's damaged!" excuse.
Eaving Eaving 10 years
The projection of her anger on Izzie instead of George, in my opinion, is simply because of her insecurities. Think about it, if your husband cheated on you with his best friend, who he had once said something along the lines "What, Izzie? no way, she's all blonde...tall...model-ish." All that stuff hurts Callie more than she'll ever give away. That's why she blew up at that patient's husband. No matter how tough you are (we can't all be Meredith or Cristinas-and even Cristina cried when Burke left her), it's bound to throw you through some loops. I think the fact that George said he *slept* with Izzie is almost more damaging to Callie's psyche than to say he was in *love* with her. Because then it brings Callie's insecurities to light, thinking she might not be good enough-physically-for George, to satisfy him or whatever. If he had said "I'm in love with Izzie." I think Callie would have reacted differently, as in reacted logically (wtf were you thinking marrying a guy right after his dad died? grieving time, please?), but I don't think George was deliberately being dishonest when he said slept instead of love.
CiaoBella2 CiaoBella2 10 years
Callie is the reason I watch Grey's and why I'm not ready to give up on the show yet.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Just had to jump back in with these two things that have been bugging me all day: 1) Does anyone else think it's weird/dishonest that George still hasn't told Callie he's in love with Izzie? That's way, way different from sleeping with her, and I wonder if Callie would have had the same response re: forgiveness if he'd been completely honest. 2) As much as I liked Callie's fury at the end of the episode, it does bother me that she's taking all her anger out on Izzie (and I agree with Scarlet that it seems pretty woman-hating). I was just glad she finally blew up at *somoene* and stopped pretending everything was OK all Meredith-style. But I do wish George had been the one facing the threat of the business end of a Callie Torres fist.
Scarlet Scarlet 10 years
Wait a minute, Callie rocked??!! Oh hell no, for me, she sunk even lower by confronting Izzie and letting George slide by. In no way am I defending George or Izzie's actions (I wish the latter would drop dead already) but she is upholding such a double standard by attacking the other woman and forgiving her husband. And the writing left me utterly speechless. I'm seriously considering qutting Grey's, if it weren't for Christina and a beginning fondness for Lexie.
lucy76 lucy76 10 years
I give up on this show. It's lost its appeal and it just doesn't move me anymore.
MNDempseyLover MNDempseyLover 10 years
Typically I can find a theme that's woven throughout the show-not the one Mer directly speaks about in the into/closing narration, but something that ties the characters together-I am still trying to figure last night's out. I am worried that the writing just isn't there this season. It wasn't last season. I was cautiously optimistic for the premiere, but it's as if she's trying to tell too many stories all at once or that I got spoiled in previous years where they would give us so much of a limited number of them to move their individual plots along. I am going to write it in the hopes that Shonda may care about what I have to say- Character by character- Alex-loved that he stayed true to his character. He's got a heart, takes a long time to show it, but it's there. He was completely right with Izzie-she shouldn't have shared with him as if he was one of her girlfriends. Especially after he had kissed her---and George over Alex? Why? I know why, but why? I am thrilled to see what they are going to do with Ava's return. Callie-ummmmm. She's scary. Played it all quite well. Not predictable at all. So much potential for this character, but my interest in her is waning-someone else said it-she married him for all the wrong reasons. He was not thinking clearly, he was desperate and she should have recognized it. Sorry they didn't go further into her family's objections and their forced wedding reception on her. Chief-get some gonads. I loved loved loved how he said to his niece the whole piece about as your doctor and then as your uncle! So awesome. He and Derek should get together and work through their issues with woman. Why let the women call the shots all of the time! They are both such good guys. Get over Adelle! She's over you. Christina-Perfect-she's staying true to character on all accounts! Derek-so well acted-loved all of his lines--except the ones with Christina--she was right to be the ice queen that she is!,but the ones at the end about wanting to marry her, the home and kids-PERFECT! Don't waste this storyline! George-please don't let him stay the bumbling idiot he has become. I cannot root for someone that gonadless. Izzie-she is wrong and wrong and wrong. Get something going for this character! She's just waiting for a good story line. Lexie-she's too sweet and too nice. If they pair her with Derek it's beyond stupid. They do those weak story lines on soaps over and over--PLEASE LET THIS NOT TURN INTO A SOAP. I realize it's a nighttime drama, but don't take the simple routes! Mer-Good GOD! I was thinking about possible storylines for them and I truly thought of a weekend away-so I got excited thinking 1. I was right! and 2. finally, something to solidify them as a couple only to have my hopes dashed on both accounts. She's got to endear herself to this man who clearly loves her, but how much can a man take? It's getting ridiculous and he's looking weaker by the second! Help them! McSteamy-we're wasting him! Give him something to jump on--other than Callie. Have him pursue Addison-or at least mention the fact that she's gone and that he may have wanted something more with her. Enough for now. I checking out Grey's website to see if I can share any of my insights directly. I'll feel better.
bluesuze bluesuze 10 years
I am really getting sick of Adell. Richard is hot and needs to move on and find himself a new lady. Lexie is growing on me. Merideth is annoying as always. Izzie is immature as always. I feel bad for Callie, but she was pretty dumb for marrying a guy whose dad just died like the day before.
Mangia95 Mangia95 10 years
I totally do not understand why everyone seems to root for Callie. I agree it was completely a WRONG thing that Izzie and George did by sleeping together but honestly George and Callie never should have been married in the first place. She was always after him more than he was her and she should have known better to think his marriage proposal was the right thing when it came on the heels of his father dying. She has always been negative towards him and never really tried to like his friends. Granted they are pretty judgemental but so was she towards them. As far as Meredith and Derek go, either put them together for good or move on. Meredith should be seeing someone for all these issues she has and maybe actually move forward and be able to have a life with this man she claims to love.
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