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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 5, "Haunt You Everyday"

I normally hate holiday episodes of shows, and the promos for this week's Halloween-themed Grey's Anatomy had me fearing the worst. But this episode wasn't nearly as cheesy or faux-spooky as I was expecting. In fact, it was pretty great, and not just because one of my pleas was answered. To my thoughts on the episode, just

They hired Dr. Hahn! And I swear I didn't know it when I wrote this! She's the new head of heart surgery at Seattle Grace, which makes perfect sense — and which should also set up some crackling dialogue between her and Cristina, given that within 10 seconds of seeing each other, Hahn managed to accuse Cristina of sleeping her way to the top. Hooray!

Boo for George and Izzie — and not for the usual reasons. What bugged me this time was how little we saw of the aftermath to George's confession. Yes, Callie told the whole resident crew that Izzie slept with George; yes, we got the (awesome!) scene where Izzie yelled at Cristina for having one standard for her and Meredith and another for the rest of the world. But after all that turmoil, I'm surprised they just leaped headlong into a relationship.

Speaking of turmoil and relationships: Ava's back. Now, look, doctors at Seattle Grace have done plenty of stupid things before — but Alex making out with Ava in front of his intern? That was a little bold. Once again, Alex didn't make it back to Ava in time, but she did leave her shirt; she might well be back. (Also, what did she leave the hospital wearing?)

Two characters almost brought me to tears tonight: Bailey and Meredith. Bailey worked so late helping everyone else that she missed her own son's first Halloween; Meredith realized she needed to let go of the damage her own mother caused by being unavailable. Bailey has so much more heart than we ever saw from Ellis, but will she lose that compassion if she keeps choosing work over family? Meanwhile, it was a big moment for Meredith to accept that her mom was happiest at the hospital; washing her ashes down the scrub sink was a way of leaving her to rest where she truly belonged.

A few other thoughts:

  • Poor Norman; I'd been getting used to him, but I suppose the Old Intern stuff couldn't have worked for a whole season. He did offer one of the most accurate assessments I've ever heard of Grey's: "You surgeons, you're all just a bunch of little children running around with your scalpels and severed feet and inappropriate sex in inappropriate places."
  • The scene with Cristina and Callie giggling over the ridiculousness of their lives was one of my favorites.
  • The guy who tried to cut off his own foot freaked me out, but it was a pretty stark representation of what happens when your life no longer feels like your own — especially juxtaposed with the story of the father who could get his life back if he accepted his own daughter's heart.
  • I loved Derek and Mark pranking each other. "Daddy?" Hee. Also, how cute was the boy with the ears? I won't even get into how unrealistic that story was, because it was just too adorable.
  • "Lookin'. It sounds way dirtier without the 'g.'"
  • Why does Derek have to start dating? Last I checked, waiting does not equal dating.

Anyone else cheering over Dr. Hahn? Loving Callie moving into Cristina's apartment? Wondering how long Gizzie can last? Tell me below.

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MamaD MamaD 9 years
I know Mark can be pretty scummy, but I wish he was around when my marriage ended 21 yrs. ago!!!!! I think I would have drowned my sorrows in some Dr. Sloan!!!!!!!
MamaD MamaD 9 years
I hate the whole George & Izzy story line so I was THRILLED when Callie outed them and gained all the sympathy instead of being gossiped about behind her back!!!!!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Great recap. Buzz. Love the addition of Dr. Hahn to the mix and really enjoyed the Christina/Callie bonding. Lots of potentially interesting story lines for the rest of the season are opening up, but I will miss Norman. Meredith's disposing of Mom was so necessary and so well done. Loved that the Chief joined in. And, of course, loved Bailey's emotional speech; Chandra Wilson is wonderful.
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 9 years
You didn't mention Sidney Heron hitting on Derek-- I thought that was pretty great.
alissoum alissoum 9 years
OK, so i know people are going to hate me, but I'm juts going to say it. Callie ennoyes the hell out of me (that scene with christina was really good though). But what really ennoys me is that thy're gonna leave yogether and be angry @ the world together and there's only so much negative energy this show can take. So here's what i want: Christina should remain christina. love her. Meredith needs to get derek back. seriously. all the people who pushed the love of their life away because they "weren't ready" ended up regretting it. And now, with the dead mom put to rest, I want Meredith to get healthy. seriously. you can do it. Callie needs to go. All she does is whine and be pissed and she's not half as funny as christina. OUT. Derek cannot date anyone else. I'll hate her. but then again when Addisson got on the show i was reday to hate her and i ended up loving her... I 'm interested in Mark's character. wander where he's gonna end at. About Gizzie... it's so wrong, and yet... unlikely couples sometimes work. I want to see them try. Bailey, you rock. Hope your husband doenst leave you. Alex, GO GET AVA!!!! Talk about chemistry, whatever it is, these 2 have it...
greysgirl14 greysgirl14 9 years
I loved this episode it was amazing! Even though there wasnt any heart melting merder scenes i suprisingly like it. Even though heart melting merder scenes would of been nice. I liked that meredith was happy and did something that her mom would of never done im proud of dark and twisty meredith:] okay now to the bad stuff of the episodes... Gizzie... George was still freakin siting with Izzie? i hate that they dont even seem to care about Callie! Like the promo next week is not pleasing me:( Like seriously i bet Callie just feels like crap he husband cheated on her and he is acting like all wants to be with the girl he cheated with. Mark was sweet this episode... His kinda like Alex was an ass for like the first what 30 episodes maybe less and then his sweet. That was funny when Derek paid the little boy to say Daddy? Marks face turned like a ghost shade of white haha. Okay heres what i think about Derek. He can date but he can only date meredith and meredith only. Alex and Ava thing was really cute i was happy from them but the hole Ava leaving in the end i wasnt happy about like she should not of a excepted that Alex could stay in the on call room forever he was at work for goodiness. but i guess she was hopeing he would come back sooner. i really love them together i decided but... i dont know if they would actually last. What do you guys think? ohhh and the patients the i felt so bad for the father of the girl that died like not only did his daughter die but he would take her heart. Like i cant even think about how he must of felt. Oh and the kid with the ear deal was pretty aborable and funny im so glad meredith helped him. i really liked the end scene with Richerd and Meredith pouring into the scrub drain her mothers ashes. It was closesure for both Mer and Richerd. Lexi... well i dont really know what to think about lexi. I think i might like her but then i dont. its kinda a hard thing. She is really nice but its weird she doesnt seem to fit. Hey did everyone else notice that none of the other interns were in this episode except George and the really old intern? i thought that was kinda weird. I felt bad for Bailey here she is trying not to be come a mom who only sees her son on holiday's and she didnt even get to see him on his first halloween. In that case i think richerd didnt want her to become that either so thats why she didnt get cheif residnet. So the cheif was thinking.
cbombnewell cbombnewell 9 years
Omg,the Mark prank was hilarious,I laughed so hard. I'm thinking there might me a Derek/Dr.Hahn relationship in the future....who else agrees?
RilesKR RilesKR 9 years
It seems everyone is for the whole Meredith and Derrick relationship. So people are probably going to hate me for this, but am I the only one who isn't too thrilled with the idea of Meredith and Derrick getting back together?? I know, I know they WERE a great couple. I was totally on the bandwagon for the two of them all for season one and two and the majority of three. But to me all this back and forth is too much. I think she is stupid if she goes back to him and he is even stupider for taking her back. Now, I'm not saying that I secretly don't wish my favorite couple could be the way they used to be, but they both need to drastically change. I think seeing other people might be the perfect solution. It might help make them realize what they have is right. It will at least make their lives a little different than the same back and forth scenes we currently get. Again, I'm probably the only person feeling this way, but there have been so many instances Derrick has given up on Meredith. She's a character who has way too many intimacy issues and it seems to me, feel free to disagree, that whenever she really is for the relationship, he pulls away. Season Three had plenty of instances. First she chose him and then he made her wait. I understood. He just got his divorce finalized. But she did make an effort. Next, she plunges into the icy water and is brought back to life. Obviously she has some major issues going on with her mother dead and the fact that she did what she did. He was there at first but then he was leaving her, saying he couldn't be there to pick her up and save her all the time. Then something happens (like her father makes an entrance, smacking in her face for instance) and suddenly Derrick wants to be there for her. Personally, I would have shut him out too. Meredith is a loner. She isn't used to having someone else being there for her problems. Not that she is good for Derrick. The way she treats him is terrible. I felt sorry for Derrick after his little speech to her but he needs to get a little tougher. His speech broke my heart and made me think he is great, but come on. If you know your relationship is that bad, then get out. I know, I'm crazy. I adored these two in the beginning. I hated the idea of Addison. And now, I'm glad Derrick is dating again. Am I completely alone on this??? Please don't hate me lol
skiwi skiwi 9 years
definitely wasn't a heart-stopping, nail-biter episode but the quality of it was still really good. -grossest moment: when that guy tried to cut off his foot EW -person who I felt most sorry for: Norman (he's such a friendly guy being bossed around my 25 year-old's! you cant help but pity him!) -best acting in this episode: Bailey -saddest moment: when Meredith poured down her mother's ashes -funniest moment: Callie and christina laughing about their sad love lives during surgery !! >.< -most annoying character: that crazy Sydney woman! other notes: -I'm still on Team Christina, she has every right to make Izzie felt ashamed for what she did and Izzie soo does not feel any remorse -I used to think Alex was hot but I HATE THAT BEARD lol and I really don't think there's any chemistry btwn him and Eva
ktacce ktacce 9 years
oh my gosh i really felt like ava was gone forever, and it made the episode soooooo good. i was so diappointed when he didn't get back in time. norman is old and alex can't have sex with him! grr! the funny grey's was back this episode and that made me really happy. especially "daddy" i could NOT stop laughing. i liked the boy without ears. anyways, i second, third, fourth and eightysixth ya'll that the gizzy plotline is like the song that never ends! i'm sooooooo over it! i can't even see the chemestry on set, maybe it's because i know they're bfg's in real life and there's no way that it could ever stem from any real passion. and yes, ralenth, sass will come with hahn and with sass comes my personal happiness! ;)
ralenth ralenth 9 years
Hooray for hiring Dr. Hahn! I think she could inject some much needed sass into Grey's.
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 9 years
I'm so over both George and Izzie, when are they going to start exploring more of everyone else's storyline. They are wasting both McSteamy and McDreamy.
dragenfly75 dragenfly75 9 years
The writers for GA are so tone deaf. Are we - or Christina - really supposed to believe that Izzie gives one crap about hurting Callie? Maybe is she had shown her one ounce of respect or kindness since the day she started, that would be believable. They can't just bring nice Izzie back, and think we are going to forget how nasty she has been for 1+ seasons. But then again, the writing on this show has gotten so inconsistent, I shouldn't be surprised.
Princesskitty22 Princesskitty22 9 years
Alex didn't close his eyes to keep Ava out or to keep himself in. He fell asleep. That's why Ava was talking about how her daughter didn't always sleep without a shirt with her scent on it. Alex hasn't been able to sleep. With Ava near him, he could. I personally love their little thing. Alex was always such a womanizer, it's nice to see a more tender side of him.
dwhite-1217 dwhite-1217 9 years
poooorrrr alex if ava doesnt come back, hes had a rough time with her and izzie last week. ill take him...
dblgoldens dblgoldens 9 years
Can not deal with Gizzie (gag)
vouninou vouninou 9 years
I liked this episode ... the "daddy" part was hilarious ... so were Callie & Christina comparing their lives. I liked how Dr Hahn talked to Christina ... because I feel Christina could talk the exact same way to someone else. I think we'll have great moments with those two together. I like how Meredith convinced people to make the kid ear surgery ... but the ashes story was close to ridiculous. I felt so sorry for Bailey missing her son's Halloween ... is it me or her marriage might be in danger ? I hate the whole Gizzie storyline and I hope they will end it as soon as possible. I'm sick of those two. However I must admit that I liked George's speech about giving the heart ... that's the kind of situation where he can be a great character but his all lovelife is a mess and I can't see more of it.
page6lovers page6lovers 9 years
I get that ABC is really into the Halloween thing this year, but Grey's shouldn't have done a holiday episode. It doesn't work with their timeline. Since the new interns just started, it would still be summer, maybe early September. Loved George and Bailey's heart-to-heart on the bench. And that they had the same sort of scene after George failed his test last season. I'm a huge supporter of team Gizzie. I don't think they're going to last, or meant to be, or whatever. But they do make sense. It really isn't that uncommon for best friends to become more than that, especially with them given their situations. And, except for the whole adultery thing, they almost perfectly mirror a relationship I was in last year. So its kind of fun to watch, and really Katherine and TR's acting is dead-on, especially with the whole akwardness thing. Love that Christina and Callie are going to live together, that's going to be interesting. Is it just me or did Rebecca/Ava get prettier? I hope she comes back or Alex tries to find her. He needs a real relationship. And what is up with Derek needing to start dating? I thought he was going to wait, and if he happened to find someone else he'd move on..? But i did love the daddy prank. priceless.
susanec susanec 9 years
Private Practice has been picked up for the full season.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I really enjoyed this episode...well aside from "Gizzie" making it through the day. I love the idea of a Callie/Christina pairing. And WOOHOO to Dr. Hahn!!! As for Izzie telling Christina off...I'm tired of Izzie wanting to be "liked" and being made the victim. She is NOT the victim, especially in this situation.
taraevans94 taraevans94 9 years
LOVED when Christina said Meredith was carrying around a "bag full of mommy". HA!!! There were LOTS of funny moments in this episode. Derrick handing the earless kid money after he calls Sloan "Daddy?" HA!!! Also Christina and Callie losing it in surgery when they started talking about their failed love lives. Might as well laugh about it! Two tear-jerker moments: George's speech that he would have given his father his heart to save him was the first one. He is one of the BEST at giving tear-jerker speeches. (Remember how good Izzie was at giving tear-jerker speeches when Denny was still around? OMG! She made me cry every week!) The second moment was when the Chief reached into the bag of ashes and helped Merideth wash her mother down the scrub sink. If you take a moment and think about that, he was actually scooping up the ashes of the woman he loved and made love to into his hands. That's about as deep as it gets.
heidihaute heidihaute 9 years
I loved this episode! -Alex and Ava - wowie! I want to be kissed like that (and it would be just fine with me if it was by him!!!) -Loved the comment about "sexy love" vs brother/sister love. I'm adding that phrase to my vocabulary -Chainsaw guy = creepy -Gizzie = YUCK. There is absolutely no chemistry between them. It's wierd they don't even look right together...
em1282 em1282 9 years
Is it too much to ask for more Alex make-out scenes? Seriously. Justin Chambers is hot. :) Actually, my favorite part of the episode was the speech from the guy who cuts off his foot about how it feels crazy to not have control over your life. Something about that just hit me.
dioraddict dioraddict 9 years
This is the first episode this season that actually felt like Grey's I fell in love with. I love how Mer used her networking skills to help Earless Boy. I also love how Mark, Bailey, and the rest of the crew were willing to perform the surgery pro bono. Also, I felt Lexie was a little annoying at first, but I liked that she shared her dead kitty/dead mommy story with Meredith. The pranking between Mark and Derek was hysterical...especially when Earless Boy called him "Daddy?" :ROTFL: I did not, however, appreciate when Mark told the rest of the female staff at the hospital that Der was "lookin'." The OR scene when Cristina and Callie were laughing about their pathetic lives was hilarious. I think these two will make great roomies, as long as Cristina's mess doesn't bug Callie too much. "Ava" coming back wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I kinda wish Alex woulda made it back it time, but instead she left him her top, but whatev. One of my top fave scenes of the night was when Dr. Hahn accused Cristina of sleeping her way to the top! How funny was that?! :) I love her brutal honesty. She's the female equivalent of Dr. it!! George & Izzie isn't gonna work. He's had more booty than anyone else on the show (besides McSteamy). They had a perfectly good friendship going on, and they couldn't just leave it at that. She was trying to fill the void that Denny left, and George hastily married Callie in an effort to fill the void his dad's death left. Props to Bailey on that "it takes two" speech she gave George. I felt bad that she missed little Tuck's first Halloween, but she was helping out Earless Boy. I just hope she can balance her work and her life better than the Chief could.
sugarbox sugarbox 9 years
I forgot! My other favorite moment: George's heart speech! omg, I had tears in my eyes. no matter what he does (i.e. cheat on his wife) I can't stop loving him.
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