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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 6, "Kung Fu Fighting"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 6, "Kung Fu Fighting"

It seems like this is quickly becoming the redemption season for Grey's Anatomy — not just for the show, but for its characters, too. Last week, Meredith acted like a normal person for the first time in forever; in this episode, Izzie was actually allowed to be a competent surgeon. What's next, George getting a backbone? To read my thoughts on this episode, just

First, let me take a moment to praise Brooke Smith as Dr. Hahn. Her "Are you two a couple?" to Mark and Derek was one of the funniest things I've heard in a while. And while I thought her glass ceiling speech to the Chief about his "Gentleman's Evening" was a little over the top, it did reveal one very important thing about her character: She doesn't want to be "one of the guys;" she wants to be taken seriously for the powerful woman she is. Team Hahn, all the way.

It didn't hurt that she got a great case in her first episode. Awake open-heart surgery — aside from being amazingly freaky — is a perfect story for Grey's, because we learn so much from the way the doctors interact with patients. Hahn's still holding her grudge against Cristina, but that was fine by me, because it let us see Izzie do something well. Izzie isn't hardcore, but she can relate to people, and she proved it by setting up her patient's operating room and talking him through the surgery. The "describe the people in the gallery" scene went on too long — is that why they extended the episode? — but it was sweet. I like competent Izzie, and I hope she sticks around.

After months of not dealing with anything, Meredith has done a complete 180 into constant introspection. Everything out of her mouth these days seems to be about dying, and I'm almost regretting all those times I called for Meredith to just talk about it already. But not quite. Because just as I like competent Izzie, I also like the version of Meredith who tries to deal with what's going on around her. Treating the patient (hi, Roy from The Office!) who survived a 12,000-foot free fall was good for her; even though she didn't use her own fearless time well, she could at least urge someone else to take advantage of the feeling.

Some other thoughts:

  • The wedding dress plot was ridiculous, but even it had some good things going for it, like Mark humiliating George on Callie's behalf and Lexie proving herself by talking the one bride-to-be into having surgery. But is Callie really letting go?
  • Gizzie-sex is delayed, but still seems inevitable. Also, Izzie's tearful breakdown made me uncomfortable, but that might have been because of the strange top she was wearing.
  • Speaking of sex: Man, do I wish I had taken bets on how long it would take Lexie to sleep with a Seattle Grace doctor. Six episodes ain't bad, but considering that her sister slept with one before she even started working, she's got some catching up to do.
  • I am so annoyed with Derek. He's upset that it's not his job "anymore" to take care of Meredith? Has he not been dating the same woman we've been watching for three years?
  • I love the idea of the Chief living in a trailer; remember when he took his suitcase camping?

What did you think? Wishing the other woman had won the dress contest? Disappointed there was no actual kung fu fighting in an episode titled "Kung Fu Fighting"? Sound off below.

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sumnboutme sumnboutme 9 years
I'm over Meredith with her self-pity crap... No more Gizzie please! More Dr. hahn, more Dr. Bailey, more Dr. Sloane... And i hope Pacey doesn't sleep with Meredith. I'll puke all over if that happens... And I can't wait until Dr. hahn finds about her pet Izzie and the heart!!!!
vouninou vouninou 9 years
I felt like the show was "on cruise control" this week ... nothing spectacular to me. I like how strong Dr Hahn seems to be but I truly hope she won't take too much space. I missed Bailey. Is it me or there something starting again between McSteamy and Callie ? I would not be surprised to see these two in the same bed again before long. The Gizzie crying scene made me sick ... again, I can't stand this storyline. And it seems to me it get worse every week. I wonder who between Alex and Lexie, Meredith will blame for having sex together ... I'm pretty sure she will blame one of them ... and I see well Alex telling her it's not her business.
MNDempseyLover MNDempseyLover 9 years
I am holding out hope. So many possibilities!
indigojules indigojules 9 years
I didn't think I was going to like Dr. Hahn, but I loved her! She had me rolling the whole episode. Her "are you two a couple?" and the "pretty and prettier" comments were so awesome. My sides hurt from laughing. I love how protective Mark is of Callie. I think it is sweet. When they brought the two girls in with the dress, if I had been Callie I would have got a big pair of scissors and cut it in half. Did anyone else think that? Because it seemed so obvious to me and it seriously annoyed me that no one thought of that. It seemed so ridiculous, but then, I guess Mark couldn't have humiliated George if they had done that. Meredith is annoying to me and I wish they would cut it out already with her and Derek. Just get them together or break them up. I am so so so so so tired of the love triangles and the back and forth it is becoming distracting an taking away from my enjoyment of the show. I don't fricking care what happens with them any more, just stop with the back and forth. I can't take it anymore. I'm loving Mark and Derek's friendship, their my favorite couple! Gizzie is just gross and akward and super annoying. I cringe everytime they speak. I didn't mind Lexie and Alex. He was totally upfront with her so she knew what to expect I guess. I like both of their characters on the show. Alex especially is a favorite of mine. I love how he just says whatever comes into his head and it is usually totally hilarious to me. So far I really like Lexie too.
bevgirl bevgirl 9 years
Loved this episode. My favorite part was the Gizzie scene when she breaks down and starts crying. Being a young female resident in the healthcare field I can so relate with what she feels in that moment!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
I like that Izzie has become more competent on the show. It's nice to see her use her head as much as her heart, and among the bunch of female characters, it's nice that someone other than Callie show some strength instead of whining and bitching all the time. I like McSteamy and McDreamy as a combo still. And thank goodness for Dr. Hahn entering the picture!
lucky_karabear lucky_karabear 9 years
I love the whole "Does the Chief have any fetishes?" "He doesn't seem like the type to have fetishes"...them trying to guess what a 'gentleman's evening' is was hilarious!
biz biz 9 years
My sister and I have a Grey's date and we talk during comercials and after the show, we both dislike Izzie and Gizzie....that bedroom scene was horrible.....could George get any weaker...he's cringe worthy...I like that Alex takes joy in watching him suffer I like the Kahn character because now there is someone on the show to dislike...every show needs that stong overbearing character....who is somewhat unattractive
cupcake345 cupcake345 9 years
Does anyone else think Ava will return pregnant with Alex's child?
Trixie6 Trixie6 9 years
Tiabia - You said it! I'm so sick of Izzie. The whole crying bit at the end with George just made me gag. I want to take her and Meredith and shake them both and tell them to get over it. Why is it that strong women characters have to be portrayed as ball-busters? IMHO - Hahn's character would be much more effective if she were subtle rather than over the top. I love Callie & I love Sloan. I read (in TV Guide, I think) that Sloan is going to fall in love. I so hope it's with Callie. I also love how her makeup was done in this episode. She looked beautiful and strong.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Izzie makes me ill. Every week she has to be rescued or rescue someone. It's annoying. I'm over her speeches, and I'm over her winning all the time. And I was cringing and disgusted by her crying to George and by them being in bed's digusting!!!
skiwi skiwi 9 years
best episode this season so far! -k did anyone find the part w/ the awake patient getting all panicky really really bothersome and freaky?! i don't know why, there wasn't any blood or anything but it just bothered me and i felt so sorry for the patient :( -Hahn, although the portrayal of her as a strong female character is inspiring, she really just bugs me. like that 'gentlemen's evening=racism against blacks'? like what does that even relate haha -I am all for Alex and Lexie!!! mostly cuz i think Alex is hot, though he should shave his beard NOW -I loved the heart patient's comparison of the birds w/ the patients. especially the cheif being the blue heron :) -and yes buzzsugar, izzie's strange pink top was really distracting and looked like it was made for a 12 year-old...
greysgirl14 greysgirl14 9 years
i really enjoyed this episode okay well i guess i love every episode but this one was really really awesome! i loved that Meredith said what she said to Derek and made me smile. And i think it meant ALOT to derek that she finally said that. But now she needs to say what said to Cristina to Derek because that was something he should hear too. But thanks Shonda for giving us more hope for merder. i actually like Dr. Hahn she is kinda a girl version of Burke maybe even more hardcore. lol The end scene with Derek, Mark, The Cheif and her was funny the Cheif is so cute. Having a guys night and just chillin playing Monopoly lol Cristina was so funny and this episode i loved when she was begging Iz to switch patients. oh yeah back to Gizzie im starting to kinda i said kinda like Gizzie they still arent even close to my favourite couple but i think i like them better then Alex and Lexie! What the hell is up with that? Alex likes AVA! AVA! AVA! not LEXIE! come on alex. grrrr. i wasnt happy about that at all! but to get off that subject because im getting mad lol i like that Callie got to make george annoyed in this episode she deserves to make him annoyed. The awake open heart surgeoy thing was so cool and i love how izzie calmed the guy down by making the gallery people birds. That was cute and that guy is really good at reading people. awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just love greys haha
dwhite-1217 dwhite-1217 9 years
Lexie is ridiculous and needs to go. she adds nothing. and now meredith will hate her forever....she does need her own life. go transfer somewhere, and let alex get over ava.
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 9 years
Team Hahn all the way! I'd like to see George in pain more. It bothered me how he cheated on his wife and it seemed like there weren't any consequences. It was nice to see Sloan make him hold that dress for Callie.
Powerpuffgirl Powerpuffgirl 9 years
krampalicious said it all....I am so done with this show.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
LOL no problem brittanybe :)
brittanybe brittanybe 9 years
Thanks, rocknrepublic! Nice pic, by the way ;) Page6lovers--"trying to answer my own question. pacey as in dawson's creek pacey? is he going to be on next week? i didn't see the previews." Yep he is set to start in Episode 11 and have a several episode arc (thanks to Buzz for that gem a couple weeks ago)
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
yeah pacey from dawsons ^
page6lovers page6lovers 9 years
trying to answer my own question. pacey as in dawson's creek pacey? is he going to be on next week? i didn't see the previews.
em1282 em1282 9 years
Ahh, thanks Buzz! I thought Hahn and Christina bonded a few episodes back...when Hahn was praising her for, well, reminding her of herself. But now I get it.
page6lovers page6lovers 9 years
definately not the greatest episode of this season, but it was still good. i don't like dr. hahn that much, but she did have some good lines, like when she asked mark and derek if they were a couple, and "pretty and prettier". and i could see something happening with her and mark. i totally called the alexie sex as soon as he found her in the closet. i think they could have potential. and i liked george and izzie's convo about the surgery, her breakdown, not so much. and i loved how christina was playing therapist with meredith. and who is pacey?
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
em1282 — Hahn thinks Cristina slept her way to the top. I don't think she knows Izzie had anything to do with the heart debacle.
jlr32phl jlr32phl 9 years
ugh! the only thing i DIDN'T like about this episode was the alex/lexie thing. first of all, it's super cliche for this show. second of all, it kinda seems like she's just desperate for SOMEONE at the hospital to like her. i was really looking forward to lexie being the strong/confident grey sister and not be whiny about how her life sucks. and if they're trying to make her seem strong/confident by having casual sex with alex, well, that's just annoying and not original. i miss izzie and alex! she was the only one to ever put him in his place and they are great together. this george thing won't last, it's stupid. plus, what was the point of eva/rebecca coming back to just sleep with alex one more time and disappear?
em1282 em1282 9 years
I really need to never see George and Izzie talking about sex. Seriously. Just, it borders on incest, ok? I can't imagine anyone being able to say no to a romp in the sack with Alex, so, uh, yeah. Can't hate on Lexie for taking her chance. ;) I missed a few eps here and there, but what is Hahn's grudge against Cristina? Didn't Izzie steal her patient's heart??
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