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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 9, "In the Midnight Hour"

In this week's Grey's Anatomy, things went from bad to craaaa-zy as the two wildest plotlines of the season — the interns' secret surgery center and Izzie's relations with Denny's ghost — got even more out of control. That said, though, I can't remember the last time I was so excited to watch Grey's. I do love a good trainwreck, so maybe that's it, but there are also some good things in this episode in between all the nutso stuff. To chat about it, just


It was clear from the previews that an intern surgery was going to get out of control, and I'm not the least bit surprised Sadie was the "patient." I'm also not surprised that Lexie attempted to back out, because at her heart, she really is that girl who got raised with smiley-face posters on her wall. She's, well, Bambi. But she doesn't want to be, and so when Sadie says Mere thinks she's a priss, she goes ahead with the surgery — not like Sadie left her much choice, what with slicing open her own abdomen. Of course things go wrong, and of course Sadie's fine anyway. That's the Grey's way.

That said, though, that ridiculous twist actually reveals a lot about our doctors: Meredith and Cristina actually have grown up, because they do seek help. All the residents realize they need to step it up as teachers and as disciplinarians, giving the interns essentially the same speech Bailey gave them after Izzie cut the LVAD wire. Bailey misses the time medicine made her giggly and bouncy; an appendectomy is disaster for the interns and a goal for the residents, and for Bailey, it's routine. Cristina learns Mere's not as loyal as she thought because Mere doesn't defend her to the Chief. Sadie maybe realizes she's actually gone too far. It's some good stuff — I just wonder why they needed such an extreme story to get there.

Meanwhile: Izzie and Denny's ghost have sex. Then, Izzie finally tells Denny to his face ("face"?) that he doesn't get to feel bad about dying; she, after all, is the one who convinced him to let her cut the LVAD wire. Denny is sweet and handsome as always, and he keeps saying "I'm here for you," but . . . he's also a ghost. In the end, Izzie does choose Alex, but I'm not convinced that means Denny's gone. (And if he is, that's an awfully anticlimactic ending.) Where do you think this story can go?

Some other thoughts:

  • The story of the father who sleepwalks and the girl who stays up all night to coax him back to bed is a sweet one, but I couldn't focus on it much, given all the craziness going on elsewhere at Seattle Grace. Same goes for Callie breaking her nose, and I practically forgot about the poop transplant.
  • Aw, Hunt likes Cristina in his twisted, weird way.
  • As mad as Cristina gets at Meredith, it seems to me like she must have done a pretty bad job defending herself to get taken out of the running for solo surgery. Did she tell the Chief she only knew the interns were suturing each other? Or did she let him believe she knew about the whole lab?
  • Also, I know some of you have commented that as med students, you practiced on each other — but did it ever go this far?
  • Where's George? Other than being told (randomly and unbelievably) that Lexie's kinda in love with him, he's basically missing.

So: What on earth is going on with Izzie and Denny? Are you glad Meredith tells Sadie how irresponsible she was? And could you see any good in between all the crazy?

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Audri13 Audri13 8 years
So, I thought this episode of Grey's was mediocre, as usual, but at least better than all of last season. So thankful the whole Izzy-George thing is over! I get really annoyed that the writers keep bringing Denny back; HE'S DEAD! Let IZZY move on! I think Alex is really maturing, and I think it's all for IZZY. Finally, the interns are just a mess, but, at the same time, they're not really being taught by their attendings. And, on a different note, I thought a storyline that was really interesting, newsworthy, and important was buried. That was the story on C-Diff, which is a national pandemic in our country right now. Alex talks about probiotics a little bit, when he says "healthy bacteria," but there is so much more to probiotics than just this. One of my favorite web sites on the topic is
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 8 years
I'm in agreement with Cyl !!!!
DreaAST DreaAST 8 years
Denny needs to go. I am so sick of seeing him and watching this storyline. It is just weird. I don't understand why the writers can't let alex and izzie have a good relationships. And, they really need to do something with Meredith and Derek and show them interacting more. I'm not a fan of Sadie either. She is such a troublemaker and needs to go. I was so sad to see Cristina and Meredith get into a fight. I hope they patch things up. And for real.....where is george??? (i really don't care about george though b/c i had enough of him last season)
noellec87 noellec87 8 years
Just a FYI about the poop transplants... They are the latest thing in treating C.Diff that won't go away. They are done way more in Canada than they are done in the US. Other medicines are usually tried first, because most doctors don't want to go through the process. The loved one has to save their poop for ~15 days before the transplant, but it does seem to work.
lovelystate lovelystate 8 years
This show is getting way too ridiculous. The Izzie-Denny ghost thing is annoying. Best part was Hunt's you're beautiful line to him.
pinkflake2 pinkflake2 8 years
I forgot to say, usually they treat patients with other antibiotics like vancomycin (oral) or metronidazole
pinkflake2 pinkflake2 8 years
TLSGirl...C. Diff (Clostridium difficile) can be caused by taking too many antibiotics (which aim to kill bacteria). As a side effect, they can kill all the good bacteria. So the C. Diff can overgrow (it only takes like 10-100 spores to become infected with C. Diff)...however, I personally have never heard of a poop transplant (though I haven't been in the medical field that long). And I just was looking at PubMed, etc, and couldn't find any good articles. However, if you google "fecal transplant in Clostridium difficile", you'll find some pages about it.
nowari_101 nowari_101 8 years
Denny and izzie ??? Really what the hell were they thinking
CityStyleLife CityStyleLife 8 years
i want Denny Gone, he is the past. Get going! I hate this plot so badly!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
That Izzy/Denny sex scene grossed me out! I wish it would have happened when he was actually alive, but now it's just weird. What the hell is going on with Izzie?
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
A couple of other things. There was a definite "awwww" moment at the end when Alex told Izzie, "If you want to be done with this, fine, but you have to do it. I'm not breaking up with you." That's the Alex I love. Now next week he'll be an ass and I'll hate him again. LOL I hadn't thought about the "leaked" storyline about Izzie's tumor, but that's very likely. Derek will save her of course, but now that it's been brought up, this is almost like the "dead" thing that Mer went through after jumping into the Sound. Remember, she could see and touch Denny then too. I won't be at all surprised if they go that route.
haydee haydee 8 years
I am soooo done with Denny! Please, they should just stop this. Denny was a good character when he died. No more of the ghost or whatever it is they are trying to do. THis is the most ridiculous thing I've seen on TV. SeriouslY!
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 8 years
This was one of the stupidest episodes EVER. Ever. The Izzie-Denny story line is past annoying. I think Katherine Heigl wants off the show and so they're going to make her have a mental breakdown. She's always been the most emotional one out of the group. Also, I have a hard time believing interns would be allowed to stay in any hospital after they've done an unnecessary appendectomy on a fellow intern. Stupid! The best part of the night for me was when Meredith actually showed a backbone and let Christina know that she was angry with her for knowing about the lab. Christina is too aggressive for her own good, so I was glad to see Meredith show some nerve.
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I couldn't get past how stupid it was for the interns to do unnecessary surgery while interning in an ER; I had to turn the TV off.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Oh, and I've taken some really strong antibiotics before, including some that gave me stomach problems, and I have NEVER heard of a poop transplant. Is that even real? Seriously?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
You know, Sloan has always been wonderful, but I'm seriously crushing on him now. I mean, he's been consistently the best part of each of the last several episodes. I actually didn't hate this episode, despite the fact that Denny was still there, which is what bothered me about last week. Mostly I think I'm just waiting to find out what's wrong with Izzie, which I was hoping to get a clue of in the previews, but it doesn't look like they're dealing with it yet. I just want to know if she's really crazy! I mean, like, for a medical reason because obviously she's a little crazy if she's doing the nasty with a ghost. Hunt = not so awful this week. Maybe because he barely spoke...if that's what it takes maybe he should have fewer lines for a while, because the PTSD-guy who kisses violently wasn't doing it for me.
hoyagrrrl hoyagrrrl 8 years
Two points: A. WHY ARE THEY IGNORING THE MEN?!? We no longer get main story lines about Derek, George, Alex, the Chief. I like that they're developing Sloane, but I want to find out about progress Derek is making on building his dream house, how George is handling the transition from intern to resident (and now responsible for teaching his former equals), what Alex's whole deal is with the childhood trauma and whether the Chief will actually retire (so that Bailey can take over as COS)! B. WHAT'S WITH THEM IGNORING THE BISEXUAL AND GAY RELATIONSHIPS? The Torres-Han thing got cut down midsteam, they're not developing Sadie as a bisexual character, and the actor who plays George is no longer getting any screentime (he's also openly gay). Am I sounding conspiracy theorist, or does it seem like they're trying to repress all things gay on GA? When Han disappeared Shonda said it wasn't because they were anti-gay (after all, there was still a gay character on the show - Torres). But didn't Callie say she used to be gay when recapping her life?
graylen graylen 8 years
I have been watching each episode just waiting for Dr Hunt moments.. the man melts me! I'm so done with the Denny/Izzie thing and also with Sadie. Plus, I agree with those who said they had one too many story lines this time around. Seems they really need to focus on giving characters depth again.
susanec susanec 8 years
Josh Malina was in fine form, he needs to be on a show full-time again.
meeshee meeshee 8 years
btw, i meant i wish that alex would push the door open a little further when she was standing at the doorway all sweaty!
meeshee meeshee 8 years
i liked last night's episode!!! ugh, when izzie was making those incredibly loud sex noises i wanted someone to just bust the door open!!!! i mean, even though alex assumed she was um, pleasing herself... why would she do it so loudly? i wish alex just pushed the door open a little further so we could see what the hell was going on in that room! speaking of alex, i really like how sincere he is now. he is so great to izzie and i love how he defended her at the end when the intern made that comment about izzie. he stuck up for her and told her he would wait for her. although i do love this side of alex, it is a bit different from his usual character.. i cried when the father looked at his daughter so apologetically after realizing she had been talking him to sleep.. SO heartwarming!!! i'm such a sap! :) oh, and i ALSO dislike sadie. i just hate girls who think they're so badass and dangerous. she hasn't been on the show very long and this is the second time we've seen her body underneath her scrubs! i know she wasn't trying to show it off in a sexy way during last night's episode, but still!!! and what the hell was with her cutting herself open? AH! so much more to say.. but this is turning into a novel! i shall end it now!
Tulipe Tulipe 8 years
Crystalm07, we should start a group called "WeDon'tHateIzziePleaseDon'tHurtUs"... :-) And yes, it seems that the writers don't know how to deal with a happy couple (Mer/Der). We always say that "happy people have no stories" but damn ! you're writers ! invent them ! :-)
crystalm07 crystalm07 8 years
Sadie is driving me absolutely crazy and I hope her character isn't sticking around much longer...But there has to be something deeper going on with her that we'll prob find out soon. I agree with you Tulipe both about not hating Izzie (theres atleast 2 of us haha) and needing more Mer/Der time on the show now. Just because they don't have any drama going on right now and I hope it stays that way, they do have on screen chemistry and people like a good on screen romance and they're really cute together when given the chance. I hope they resolve whats really going on with Izzie soon, but right now they are giving her the material she said she was lacking last season. Whether you hate her or not she can act and I love her and Alex's relationship. His character has really grown on me again after hating him through the whole rebecca fiasco.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
Sloan - sweet and sexy! Christina- angry cause Meredith didnt talk to chief about it? How bout, you did know, and you didnt say anything, even to Meredith. Izzie- You are insane. I dont know where your storyline is going but I hope it ends soon! Callie- Poor Callie. At the entrance of the show and it showed her on the floor bleeding, I was like, holy crap! and then it was pretty anticlimactic. The little girl and her epileptic father thing was sad. Poop girl could have been edited out. Lets be honest, that was just dumb. Although I did like her little speech at the end. The whole intern surgery, the Chief would have his own little speech to give to them I'm sure. I doubt he would expect the group to know exactly what to do with that situation. They should have let Sadie die. She is annoying as shit. Here, cut me open. It's fun. Vast improvement over last weeks, if only cause Izzie wasn't in it for 52 minutes this time talking to the ghost.
bluestar bluestar 8 years
I like Izzie, I don't really want her to die. I want her and Alex to be togther. The Denny thing is so stupid!!!! End it already. I don't like Sadie either. Oh, look at me, cut me open! So it was just okay.
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