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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Invasion"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Invasion"

Seattle Grace has been invaded, and this time it's with new doctors in addition to fresh patients and injuries. It doesn't take very long for the surgeons to butt heads with the Mercy West newbies — in fact, Izzie is ready to throw down after one of the doctors takes George's locker in the locker room. Eventually, Izzie is the only one who warms up to the Mercy Westers, only to get burned first by a new friend and then by the chief.

Ready to talk about all of the drama with the new kids on the block? Just


  • The docs are on the defensive from the minute they are "invaded" by Mercy West. New guy Jackson (aka hot guy from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2) immediately gets on Owen's good side by suggesting a new method of appointing patients. Throughout the episode, Jackson proves to be most likable of the new doctors, which makes Cristina hate him even more.
  • For the second week in a row, Cristina has beef with Owen because he doesn't play favorites. Her self-assurance continues to plummet, and by the end of the episode she has a breakdown in Meredith's hospital room about how much she misses heart surgeries. It was interesting that she mentions Burke after all these seasons of silence (though at this point it feels like he's been gone forever), and I loved that she jumps right into Mere's bed even though they are both in a "dark and twisty" place.
  • Callie's father returns, though it's not exactly the joyful reunion she's been hoping for. He brings a priest along for the trip, prompting Callie to protest that you can't "pray away the gay." Later they square off again, citing religious quotes, but ultimately he begins to accept his daughter for who she is. This is a major breakthrough for Callie's relationship with Arizona, as she's the one who gets through to Callie's dad, even admitting that she loves Callie. Aww.
  • Lexie tries to be welcoming to the new doc she's working with, though it doesn't take long for her to see that the newbie is one-upping her photographic memory. Prompted by the patient she's working with (who happens to be a thief), Lexie turns the tables and uses the newbie's diary to get the upper hand. In true Lexie fashion, she feels bad in the end and apologizes. Am I the only one who thinks the new doctor is kind of like Lexie 2.0? Their dynamic reminded me of when Lexie first started and tries really hard to make nice with Mere, but gets the cold shoulder in return. Maybe Lexie and Meredith are growing more alike as they get to know each other.
  • The most dramatic moments of the night are wrapped up in Izzie. Though wary at first, Izzie quickly bonds with and embraces her new friend Charles — until she overhears him referring to her as his "own surgical bitch." (Ouch). It obviously gets to her, and Izzie lets her emotions get in the way of her work, nearly killing a patient waiting for a transplant. It's clear that the other doctors aren't willing to give her a free pass because she's a cancer survivor; Bailey hands her a heavy reprimand and ultimately the Chief lets her go.
  • Alex continues to try to defend Izzie to the chief, though this week his pleas are starting to sound desperate. He gets so fiercely competitive with newbie Reid that a patient's family member is forced to step in. At the end of his stressful day, he gets the biggest bomb of all — Izzie breaks the news that she's leaving him a note. We all knew the firing was coming, but I didn't think her relationship with Alex would end so quickly. He has a rare emotional moment breaking the news to Mere and Cristina, and even they don't know how to comfort the usually cocky Karev. (Gotta love the moment of comic relief when Meredith is trying to prompt Cristina to give him a hug).

Now that Izzie's gone, what do you think will happen when she gets back? Is it really over for her and Karev? Did you like seeing the fresh meat at Seattle Grace or were you just as irritated as the doctors?

For more on everything Grey's, check out the Grey's Anatomy Junkies group in the BuzzSugar Community!

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demarco11 demarco11 7 years
Finally got a chance to watch this! So tired of Arizona's speeches. She always has a story that makes people see the light. it's really obnoxious. Give her more dimension or show her less, just let her be Callie's g/f. Also, I agree with whoever said Callie's story didn't fit in the episode. It was SO out of place with the craziness that was happening for everyone else. And I just didn't care. We've had this fight before, done. Reid is also from Everwood... she's not all that dynamic, though I kinda liked her on Heroes. Enjoyed the Christina/Meredith scenes, well done.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
i CANNOT stand the actress who plays reid. she was annoying on heroes and more annoying on grey's. her beady lil eyes make me want to punch her. and i'm sorry, i'm SO confused on wtf is going on w/katherine heigl. i'm not a fan, but her leaving seemed so abrupt? (at least the breakup w/alex... :() is she forever gone from the show? mere/cristina = love.
dioraddict dioraddict 7 years
The look on Christina's face after the hot new doc from Mercy West tackled the guy to the floor was hilarious! And I love how she blatantly pointed out to the patient that she was still saving his life after he said he wanted to thank the doc for saving his life. It was so wrong of the Chief to name-drop when he said people were concerned about Izzie's skills as of yet. Why didn't the HR lady stop him as he was listing names? I kind of assumed that its part of her job. I feel so bad for Alex!! :( Hes just concerned about Izzie spreading herself too thin, and he ends up getting dumped! How cute was he when he interrupted her in the middle of surgery a few episodes ago to make her take her meds and eat something?! His vulnerability at the end of the episode was so endearing as he broke the news to Meredith and Christina. Speaking of the "dark and twisty" girls--it was so cute to see Mer comfort her in her bed after Christina had a emotional Cardio-deprived meltdown.
Fellora Fellora 7 years
Pianoteacher- the girl Reid (pixie haircut) played on Heroes...I personally can't stand her and didn't like her on Heroes either. I thought the episode was entertaining, but if they start treating the regulars like they did George and barely give them air time...then I will stop watching. I pretty much don't care for the new people except the Jackson guy. Also I can't stand the Callie/AZ storyline.
zeze zeze 7 years
I don't like the new doctors, the hot one is hot, but even from Sisterhood I thought there was something wrong with his face...can't point it out though. And like Cristina, what was the big deal...woohoo he jumped someone. Doesn't deserve a standing O when there are people cutting up brains in the building. Callie and AZ don't fit into the show, their parts felt like I flipped the channel, and the whole thing about her dad being understandable in the end after a pep talk from AZ (who comes off as an annoying, perky, know-it-all) is sooo unrealistic. You don't fly across country with the family priest to cure the gay and then go home happy that your daughter's lesbian lover is at least not a vegetarian. Wayyyy too big of a stretch. And Charles' forehead/eyebrows looks like those people with an extra y chromosome. gross. And I miss Burke too Cristina.
vewewev vewewev 7 years
I looooooved Arizona's speech to Callie's dad!
pinkmystic pinkmystic 7 years
Please bring back PP recaps :( I really liked this episode. I couldn't keep my eyes off the doctor overshadowing Christina. Cannot wait to see what else happens with the new doctors and Izzie next.
mndmay mndmay 7 years
I miss the Private Practice recaps, too. If they intend to bring on more characters like ER, then I believe that the show is lost. It will jump the shark this season if something doesnt happen soon.
pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 7 years
I think this is their best episode so far! I like bringing in new characters because this fired up everyone and they get all competitive (although not everyone wins). I really don't like the pixie one, but I swear to god I saw her in something before, almost the exact some character (though she reminds me of Audrey Tatou). the highlight is when Arizona talks to Calie's dad, that was very touching and relates to me a lot. I can see why someone would not care about their storyline when they are in a heterosexual relationship without having to deal with bigotry and homophobia. I know Izzie's probably over reacted, but I think she thought Alex also doubted her as well, that' why she needs to leave for a while, think about her future and her abilities. Christina's breakdown is soooo good, I already predicted she might be nominated for Emmy again next year, just submit that clip! Hate the new people, yeah, the guy is hot, but i don't get why he is so likable. He's like an asshole version of Alex.
SL56 SL56 7 years
Ugh! I hated that speech that Arizona gave, that patriotic bullshit, it's so cheap..easiest way to reel in some praise for the show..o they are so american! I just wished they would stop with this religious army-loving theme!
nikkiblue nikkiblue 7 years
Anyone else wondering where McSteamy was this episode? Did I blink and miss him?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I looooooved Arizona's speech to Callie's dad!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I'd read that they wanted to bring in the other doctors so they could have a large ensemble of characters and rotate people in and out, allowing them to stay on the air a long time, like ER. But, if that is their plan, they need to make the new doctors likable! It's ridiculous. Ugh. Overall, I was just so underwhelmed by the whole episode. There was not nearly enough Hunt or Sloan and I could have used more Cristina, too!
alesimas alesimas 7 years
I can't stand Chief's character these days. Every time he's on screen I consider giving up on the show. And the whole Izzie being fired and having nothing else... Excuse me miss... You got a husband! You got a clinic! I know she's leaving for a couple of episodes, but let's be loyal to the character and make her exit realistic. She would never leave Alex with a note. If it was a post it, I'd say she was suffering from Burger syndrome, but cmon. Other than that... I miss Burke too. I miss Christina and all her awesomeness. And a whole episode Steamy-less? Cruel. It's sad to see that Greys became my last show to watch. I rather watch Community these days than seeing my favorite characters completely lost for 42 minutes.
care0531 care0531 7 years
Nomerz- I thought the same thing about the name dropping. It would be more general but it is Hollywood and they did need an out for Izzie. She and Alex have always had ups and downs so I would think they would work it out or she comes back when he has started to move on. Christina needs to move forward. There has to be someone taking over cardio that she could work with. I am enjoying the merger since my company is going through a merger currently too. I find it hard to believe that they will be able to keep all of our favorite Greys doctors without bringing in Mercy West doctors. So with that I am wondering if Bailey might leave and join Private Practice since on that show she is starting a relationship with Mr. Diggs. She just seems like too good of a doctor to be fired I would only see her leaving on her own for a change.
mndmay mndmay 7 years
I was "eh" about this episode. Sloan did not get fired; there are just way to many people featured on this show now, so some main characters are on the sidelines each episode (Derek didnt even get that much screen time, either). Izzie needed to go; she and KH get on my nerves and have since around the Gizzie stage. Who in their right mind would give the obviously cut throat competition the passcode to the research library so quickly?? I agree with you, nomerz; no one in administration would name drop. He probably just wanted lay the "blame" elsewhere. Ok, this may completely be crazy, but did anyone else recognize the HR lady as Claudia Kishi's mother from the BSC show oh so long ago??
The-New-Black The-New-Black 7 years
It still feels like the Callie/Arizona storyline is completely irrelevant and boring. Also, where was Sloane?
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
oh and poor alex :(
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
its weird seeing Mer so happy and positive. i loved her little pep talk to everone at the beginning. arizona really impressed me this week and i'm now rooting for callie/arizona to work out! i can understand where christina is coming from, but...quit bitching and DO SOMETHING about it. if you aren't happy, look for another job (eek-i know!). christina isn't a whiny person...she kicks ass, so this side of her is getting old for
nomerz nomerz 7 years
wow, guess I didn't proofread my sentences. I meant to say she will resent "them" and that it made no sense to "me"...
nomerz nomerz 7 years
The hot guy from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is soooo hot. That's basically the only comment I have for the Mercy West doctors. The only thing that I could think of when The Chief was firing Izzie was what professional thinks it's ok to namedrop people? Why didn't he just tell Izzie that the hospital has concerns about her instead of putting it on Derek, Dr. Hunt, and Alex? Obviously that will just make Izzie resent then when she comes back from wherever, so that made no sense to be whatsoever. I loved Arizona standing up to Callie's father. And the Meredith/Christina cuddling together. Loved it.
smileyface smileyface 7 years
When they new doctor tackled the guy with the hammer and everyone in the ER started clapping the look on Cristina's face was priceless. It was the same way I was feeling, like really, come on. Lol. I love her. I hope she gets it together and doesn't leave...
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