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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 5, "There's No 'I' in Team"

Is it too early to say Grey's Anatomy is on a roll? I've said that before and regretted it later, but for the second week in a row, I thought the episode felt like the Grey's I came to know and love. A big ol' dramatic medical story, a whole lot of Bailey being awesome, and a touch too much awkward sex — it's like the olden days! To talk about this episode, just


Growing up, I always hated group projects in school. They just never felt fair. And I think there's a little bit of that feeling going on this week at Seattle Grace: Derek's gotten his face on the cover of a national medical journal for his clinical trial and procedure — "The Shepherd Method" — without even a mention of Meredith, who came up with the whole idea. Sure, I understand the thought that it's just not time for Mere to get credit for something like that yet. But it's also a shame that Derek needs Bailey to tell him that Mere's not just being all emotional about it and at least deserves a "thank you."

Meanwhile, the 12-patient kidney swap is my favorite kind of surgery, because it brings everyone together. Naturally, there's drama with the donors, but that just gives Bailey a chance to be awesome and coerce-without-coercing the reluctant donor to save other lives, even if she doesn't care about her husband's. Alex and Izzie get patients whose story touches a little close to Alex's heart: an estranged son who agrees to give his father a kidney only because he'll get cash for doing it, who finally realizes (with the help of some screaming from Alex) that he should talk to his father before it's too late. And Meredith drops a kidney ("and don't say 'It happens," cause it doesn't"). I mean, I'm guessing this was unrealistic — but Bailey screaming "Five-second rule!" is classic.

Over in subplot-land, Cristina wants a man, decides to seek out an intern, and then realizes (after a cattle-call scene in which the residents try to pick which interns to pawn off to George) that none of them are worth her time. Good thing Owen Hunt turns up at the bar, huh? And Callie and Erica have bad sex — well, only bad for Callie — that leads to such an awkward plot (Callie begging Mark for oral sex advice) that I'll just drop it.

Some other thoughts:

  • I'm glad Alex and Izzie kiss, but I don't expect things to be all fine and dandy for them after this, because Alex still can't talk about his feelings, and Izzie is all about feelings.
  • Meredith's still reading her mom's diary and feeling inadequate. And yet, it doesn't seem to be getting her down the way it would have a couple of years ago. Progress?
  • Also, Meredith and Derek drifting off to sleep by the light of a kidney in a jar is hilarious. Kidneys glow?
  • Lexie (sorta) grows a backbone and tells George she's tired of being ignored. The girl does go over the top (balloons on the locker? Yeah, that's going to get him respect from his new interns), but she so desperately wants George to notice her.
  • I loved Bailey's snide remark to Izzie: "Well, as someone who stole an organ herself not that long ago, you should know . . . "
  • Your thoughts? Glad to see McArmy back in the picture, about to start work and raise hell in Seattle? And did anyone else think this episode's soundtrack rocked?

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